Monday May 28, 2012 Friendlies Finished

Ukraine 4 - 0 Estonia

  • Yarmolenko 9’
  • Husyev 34’ (pen.)
  • Voronin 41’
  • Milevsky 50’

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  1. Ukraine knock four past Estonia

    Ukraine knock four past Estonia

    Euro 2012 co-hosts Ukraine sauntered to a 4-0 win over a makeshift Estonia side at the Kufstein Arena in Austria. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Ukraine
    • Estonia
    • 90' The referee calls a halt on the 90th minute. No more than a training session for Ukraine. They win 4-0.
    • 89' Not going to be much time added to this match.
    • 86' Ukraine have a match against Austria on Friday night before playing Turkey next Tuesday in their final warm-up games for the finals.
    • 84' Yevhen Seleznyov nods over the bar from Butko's cross. Was a chance, but falls narowly over.
    • 82' Ukraine keeping the ball without too much hassle. Have lost their shape somewhat since the raft of changes at half-time which is perhaps understandable.
    • 81' Vassilijev tries to find a consolation goal, but his shot spins well wide of target from Kink's pass.
    • 78' Estonia look like they will be content to get out of town having lost the four goals. Could have been a lot worse for them.
    • 77' Ukraine begin their Euro 2012 campaign against Sweden on June 11 in Group D.
    • 75' Ukraine continue to keep the ball with some ease. Moving it from side to side. Klavan clears the danger from Butko's cross.
    • 73' Estonia with a makeshift side out tonight, and this has looked every bit that sort of occasion. Just a training session.
    • 72' Tymoschuk sees a shot deflect into the arms of Aksalu. Ukraine continue to pile bodies forward.
    • 71' Selin on the deck clutching his knee here. He is needing a spot of treatment. Not sure what happened there. Nobody seemed to be near him.
    • 69' Ukraine with a 22 shots at goal compared to three from Estonia. A minotr miracle Ukraine have not helped themselves to more this evening.
    • 68' The small, but hardy band of locals continue to give some support. At least they have witnessed a few goals.
    • 66' Probably no bad thing Estonia lost to Ireland in the play-offs. Would have been well out of their depth at the finals.
    • 65' Seleznyov somehow manages to nod wide of goal from five yards out. Lovely cross from Butko, but no finish. An astonishing miss. Ukraine continue to lead 4-0.
    • 63' Tymoschuk fires a shot wide of goal from outside of the area. Well wide of the goal.
    • 61' Ukraine seem set to pick up a fourth win from their past five outings. Not a bad return for the co-hosts ahead of the tournament.
    • 59' Gusev departs to be replaced by Butko for Ukraine. A decent contribution from him this evening.
    • 57' Gusev chips the ball into the path of Shechenko, who sends a shot spinning wide of goal. The legend almost in on the act.
    • 56' Yevhen Seleznyov replaces Serhiy Nazarenko for Ukraine. Nazarenko set up Yarmolenko for his opening goal on nine minutes. A healthy contribution from him.
    • 54' Kink gallops away from a couple of yellow shirts only to see a shot fly wide of goal from 25 yards.
    • 52' Oper smashes a shot at goal that is tipped over by Pyatov. Decent stop. First real chance of the match for Estonia.
    • 50' GOAL! Milevskiy slides home the fourth goal from close range. Fine cross by Shevchenko. A 4-0 lead now for Ukraine. So one-sided.
    • 48' Nazarenko drives a shot of goal from inside the box. Ukraine so close to a fourth goal as the Estonians were cut wide open again.
    • 47' Surely a few more goals in this second half for Ukraine. They seem to be a class above the visitors.
    • 46' Looks like Shevchenko is going to arrive here to replace Yarmolenko. Let us see what he can come up with in the second period.
    • 45' There goes the whistle for the break. A 3-0 lead for Ukraine. All very comfortable it must be said for the Euro 2012 co-host. England, France and Sweden beware.
    • 44' Ukraine so comfortable in possession. This has almost been like a training session so far. Keeping the ball under little or no threat.
    • 43' Devic smashes a shot wide of goal from the edge of the box. Was worth a bash, but just wide of the target.
    • 42' Yarmolenko causing all sorts of problems out wide for the visitors. Estonia don't seem to have a way to nullify his threat.
    • 41' Voronin seemed to take a bit of knock in going for the loose ball, but he was brave and gets his rewards with the goal. Ukraine will surely freshen things up in the second period.
    • 40' GOAL! Voronin gets in on the scoring act as he heads home from close range after a fine run by Devic. A brave finish and suddenly Ukraine hold a 3-0 lead.
    • 39' Remember Shevchenko starts on the bench this evening for the home side. Goodness knows how Estonia managed to reach the play-offs for Euro 2012. Look a poor, poor side.
    • 38' Yarmolenko working well to backheel the ball into the path of Devic. Superb little move there, but his team-mate just failed to pick up the loose ball.
    • 36' Aksalu manages to tip the shot by Devic past his post. A really dominant display this by Ukraine. That Estonian goal leading a charmed life so far.
    • 35' Konoplyanka drives a shot inches over the bar from 35 yards out! Almost a third goal for Ukraine. This is all one-way traffic.
    • 34' Yarmolenko has been a real threat in this opening 35 minutes or so. Has really impressed with his movement.
    • 33' GOAL! Gusev drives the ball down the middle as Aksalu dived to his right. So easy for Ukraine as they move two goals clear.
    • 32' PENALTY TO UKRAINE! Yarmolenko taken out of the game late by Klavan. Clear foul by the Estonia skipper.
    • 30' Ukraine now up to seven shots at goal in this first half. All Ukraine really so far. Estonia have managed a miserable one at goal.
    • 28' Another chance for Voronin, but he drives an effort wide of the goal. Ukraine really buzzing around that Estonian goal.
    • 26' Glorious chance for Voronin to add to the Ukraine's lead after Aksalu spills a shot in the Estonian goal., but Voronin lifts the rebound over the bar. Great chance gone for Ukraine to move two clear. Not taken. What a miss that is.
    • 11' Great ball into his path by Nazarenko and there is the opening goal.
    • 9' GOAL! Yarmolenko finishes for the Ukraine. The home side have looked the sharper side going forward and they have the lead. Fine finish from the Dynamo Kiev man.
    • 6' Estonia win their first corner of the match, but it comes to nothing. Not exactly a full house in for this one tonight.
    • 1' We are off and running in this friendly match between Ukraine and Estonia.
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Team Line-up & Ratings

  • Ukraine

    Manager: Oleg Blokhin

  • Estonia

    Manager: Tarmo Rüütli

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      Substitution In54′ 6.4 -
      Substitution In45′ 8.3 -
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      Substitution In63′ 6 -
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      5.2 -
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      Substitution Out45′ 6.5 -
      Substitution In45′ 3 -
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      Substitution In45′ 6 -
      Substitution In61′ 3.3 -

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    From Jane, on Mon 28 May 20:37
  2. They look a poor side because they have a bunch of­ scrubs not the actual A team playing this game.

    From The Flying Potato, on Mon 28 May 20:01
  3. Shevchenko is still around?? o.0

    From ian, on Mon 28 May 19:26
  4. ВПЕРЕ­ Д­ ,УКРА&#1031­ ;НА !

    From Bryan, on Mon 28 May 18:50
  5. Cmon Estonia!

    From Siim, on Mon 28 May 14:51
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