Sunday November 25, 2012 Kick off: 19:45 Day 14 Stadio Giuseppe Meazza

Countdown: -509 Days

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  1. It is the JUVEEEEE, the only GIANT in Italy.

    From Sojol, on Tue 6 Aug 23:09
  2. Forza Allegri and Milan. Scodeto can turn back to San­ Siro if Milan and inter appreciate the sporadic scopes.

    From Tooraj, on Mon 26 Nov 6:41
  3. OPERAH team can not beat THE GREAT TEAM ,,, FORZA MILAN

    From Allosh, on Mon 26 Nov 0:13
  4. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Once again it was shown that the referees in Italy­ support Inter and Milan. In both of the games the­ referees give penalty against Juve which are not a­ penalty. Therefore, shut down the Milan and Inter fans.­ After that game how you are saying Milan won? The­ referee won over Juventus, not Milan. In any way the­ only giant in Italy is JUVE

    From Nurlan, on Sun 25 Nov 22:49
  5. A great win for hosts. the referee surprised me by­ blowing his whistle for a penalty against bianconeri !

    From Siavosh, on Sun 25 Nov 22:02
  6. o e o milano forza milan

    From , on Sun 25 Nov 21:41
  7. Haha Istina Boli you were saying?

    From Spandzbab, on Sun 25 Nov 21:38
  8. Damn. we are looking at our 2nd loss of the season...

    From Half A Brain, on Sun 25 Nov 21:33
  9. well here we go

    From Bob, on Sun 25 Nov 20:21
  10. well here we go

    From Bob, on Sun 25 Nov 20:21
  11. No contest here , Juve will destroy and demolish sorry­ milan

    From Ronaldinho, on Sun 25 Nov 19:58
  12. Milan 2-1 or 2-2 nice game in prospect:)

    From Jurek, on Sun 25 Nov 19:09
  13. only milan, forza,forza,forza milan 2-1 milan win the­ game

    From , on Sun 25 Nov 18:31
  14. Andiamo Ragazzi!Avanti Milan!!

    From Bsun, on Sun 25 Nov 14:55
  15. 3-1 juve,vidal quagliarela,pirlo,milan el sharaarawy

    From Oliver Cesar, on Sun 25 Nov 13:00
  16. Forza Juve!

    From Lasha, on Sat 24 Nov 19:25
  17. It is true that all the football lovers don't­ appreciate the type of scandal that happened in 2006 in­ Serie A. But it was not only JUVE, it was also Milan,­ Lazio and others. Only JUVE blamed for it, and they­ paid for it. But Milan still hidden behind of someones.­ Death to AC Milan. Certainly JUVE will crash them on­ Sunday. Only JUVEEE!!!

    From Nurlan, on Fri 23 Nov 23:40
  18. @1 keep dreamin and last that i remembered milan was­ also punished in 2006...usually u make excuses when u­ leave the field with a lost against juve...but im glad­ ur evolving and making excuses even before the game­ starts..... a confident clean sheet if juve manages to­ shut shaarawi... juve 4-1 milan

    From Elias, on Fri 23 Nov 13:20
  19. Another loss for AC Milan

    From Peter, on Wed 21 Nov 13:57
  20. It is the JUVEEEEE, the only GIANT in Italy.

    From Nurlan, on Tue 20 Nov 23:45
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