Tuesday September 25, 2012 Day 5 Finished Stadio Artemio Franchi

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    • Fiorentina
    • Juventus
    • 90+3' FULL TIME: Fiorentina 0-0 Juventus. Thanks for joining us.
    • 90+2' Nice turn by Vucinic but he’s dispossessed. Looks like a draw now.
    • 90+1' Fiorentina sub: Migliaccio on for Romulo.
    • 90' Three added minutes.
    • 90' Toni wins a throw. One last chance perhaps.
    • 89' Pasqual streams forward but his pass can’t quite find Toni.
    • 88' Pasqual takes but Asamoah hacks it away.
    • 87' Pasqual crosses in and Buffon turns it over the bar for a corner.
    • 87' Fiorentina sub: Jovetic off for Toni.
    • 86' Vucinic takes but Rodriguez is fouled. Free kick.
    • 85' Tomovic concedes a dangerous free kick. Surely they won’t lose it now after all their efforts?
    • 84' Poor pass from Giovinco out for a Fiorentina throw.
    • 83' Still Fiorentina in possession, pressing for the winner. Jovetic keeps it in but Juve have a throw.
    • 82' It’s been a scrappy half but Fiorentina have again had the better chances. Maybe Juve would settle for the draw now.
    • 81' Another great chance as Cuadrado finds Pasqual steaming in on the far post and he heads it wide across the face of goal. Great effort.
    • 80' Cuadrado finds Romulo who blasts over from the second time of asking. Good chance.
    • 79' Matias takes but Roncaglia penalised for hand ball.
    • 78' Pasqual caught by Vidal. Dangerous free kick.
    • 76' Marchisio looks for Lichtsteiner but Viviano has it.
    • 76' Fiorentina sub: Matias on for Ljajic.
    • 75' Roncaglia clears under pressure from Asamoah. It’s about the time that Juve step things up.
    • 74' Great challenge from Pogba saves a corner.
    • 73' Juve sub: Giaccherini off for Marchisio.
    • 72' So close again from Cuadrado! It flashes past a sprawling Buffon.
    • 71' Giovinco takes and then has a shot cleared by Roncaglia on the far post.
    • 71' Vidal wins a free kick. It looked like another dive and he has already been booked! Lucky.
    • 70' Still Fiorentina press. Can they dent that 43 match unbeaten run?
    • 69' A group of Torino fans are in cheering on Fiorentina.
    • 68' Giaccherini looks for a free kick off Roncaglia. Nothing given.
    • 68' Juve sub: Pogba on for Pirlo.
    • 67' Drilled across from Pasqual and missed by Bonucci. Obody there.
    • 66' Cross from Pizzaro overhit and Lichtsteiner clears.
    • 65' A bit of a lull now. The game needs a spark to set it alight and even the Florence crowd has gone a little quiet.
    • 63' Shot from distance from Jovetic but easy for Buffon.
    • 62' The tempo has slowed and you would think that would favour Juve.
    • 61' Good build-up play from Juve but it bounces back to Viviano.
    • 60' Half an hour to go and this one remains evenly poised although Fiorentina have had the better of it.
    • 59' Chiellini caught just offside.
    • 58' Juventus sub: Vucinic on for Quagliarella.
    • 57' Good challenge from Pasqual prevents the ball getting to Quagliarella.
    • 56' Ljajic takes and Buffon punches comfortably away.
    • 55' Back come Fiorentina and Jovetic is pulled down on the edge of the box. Free kick and yellow card for Vidal.
    • 54' Header from Jovetic from Pasqual’s ball flashes over the bar. Good effort!
    • 52' Right foot drive from Roncaglia just wide of Buffon’s post. That was close!
    • 52' Shot from Valero blocked. Back come La Viola.
    • 51' Roncaglia wins a free kick for Fiorentina.
    • 50' Pirlo overhits his pass for Giovinco. Goal kick.
    • 49' Pirlo goes down under a challenge from Jovetic and also looks for a foul. Nothing given.
    • 48' Ljajic goes down on the edge of the box and is booked for a dive. Looked a free kick!
    • 47' Juventus usually come on stronger in the second half and they have started with most of the possession.
    • 46' Romulo fouls Chiellini free kick Juve.
    • 45' No changes as yet.
    • 45' We’re back underway here.
    • HALF TIME: Fiorentina 0-0 Juventus
    • 45+1' Quagliarella hits it but it’s deflected behind.
    • 45+1' Yellow card for Rodriguez for fouling Giovinco.
    • 45' Swept forward by Pirlo to Vidal but headed clear. One added minute.
    • 44' Jovetic lifts it in but only into the hands of Buffon.
    • 43' The home side really should be ahead. They’ve bossed this against the league’s form side.
    • 42' Asamoah fouled by Romulo and he asks for a yellow to be shown. Juve win a corner.
    • 41' And what a chance for Ljajic clean through behind the defence from Cuadrado's long ball with just Buffon to beat but he slides it wide!
    • 40' Swung in by Pizzaro and off the crossbar from Jovetic! So close and Buffon was definitely beaten.
    • 40' Lichtsteiner fouls Pasqual. Free kick in a dangerous area but no card shown.
    • 39' Pirlo takes and it flashes just wide! Brilliant effort.
    • 38' Pizzaro robbed near the edge of his own box and he then deliberately handles on the floor. Definite yellow but danger looms.
    • 37' Quagliarella receives attention and there will be a short break. It was a swinging right boot from Pizzaro. He’s up again and play continues.
    • 36' Ten minutes to the break and the home side have created the better of the openings. Quagliarella goes down holding his groin.
    • 35' Great turn from Giovinco but his shot is blocked.
    • 34' Pirlo takes but it cannons into the two man wall.
    • 33' Free kick for Juve conceded by Pasqual and the home fans don’t like it.
    • 32' Lichtsteiner steams forward but Giovinco flagged offside.
    • 31' Roncaglia bombs forward and nearly finds Romulo. Good defending from juve.
    • 30' Cross from Pasqual and it nearly falls to Romulo. Pasqual catches an arm in the face for his troubles.
    • 28' Ljajic runs out of room. Throw in Juve.
    • 27' Great play from Fiorentina and Ljajic has a chance inside the box it deflects of Cuadrado for a goal kick.
    • 26' Fiorentina have just about edged this so far but Juventus have scored late recently.
    • 25' Great challenge by Rodriguez on Giovinco. Back come Fiorentina.
    • 24' Shot from Quagliarella from the edge of the box but saved comfortably by Viviano.
    • 23' Great touch from Jovetic to Pasqual who goes down in the box from a challenge from Vidal. Screams for a penalty but it’s a great tackle! What a moment and great refereeing.
    • 22' First corner of the game taken by Pizzaro and Pasqual drives it over the bar. Good effort.
    • 21' Shot from Romulo well over the bar.
    • 21' First shot of the game from Jovetic cannons off the Juve defence but they have it back.
    • 19' Good spell of possession from Juve but it comes to nothing.
    • 18' Cross goes straight to Buffon.
    • 17' Juve press forward though Asamoah but Fiorentina win it back.
    • 16' Good interception by Cuadrado but Juve win it back.
    • 15' STAT: Juve have scored in each of their last 14 games and are unbeaten in 43 Serie A games.
    • 14' Some crisp passing from Fiorentina early on. Pizzaro’s shot is wasted and out for a goal kick.
    • 13' Poor ball from Giaccherini trying to find Vidal. Goal kick Fiorentina.
    • 12' Pasqual breaks down the left and nearly finds Jovetic but the final pass goes astray.
    • 11' Giovinco fouled. Free kick.
    • 10' Quagliarella tries a cheeky dummy but it doesn’t come off and the Viola have it back.
    • 9' Free kick conceded by Pirlo.
    • 8' Run and shot from Giovinco as Fiorentina back off. Just wide!
    • 7' Great run by Cuadrado but his shot is blocked. Valero’s pass goes out. Great start from Fiorentina.
    • 6' Good step over by Ljajic. He goes down and there are screams for a penalty as Lichtsteiner challenges. Nothing given.
    • 5' Free kick Fiorentina Vidal intercepts but Juve concede a throw.
    • 4' A first touch for Jovetic. Shot from Giovinco comfortable save.
    • 3' Romulo fails to keep it in. Throw to Juve.
    • 2' The whistles have started. That’s normal here when Juve are in possession. Asamoah fouled by Romulo.
    • 1' We’re off here and the atmosphere is electric. These sides have a history and really don’t like one another.
    • 19:42 Fiorentina: Viviano; Roncaglia, Rodriguez, Tomovic; Pasqual, Valero, Pizarro, Romulo, Cuadrado; Ljajic, Jovetic.
    • 19:40 In the last meeting between the teams, Juventus won 5-0 but Fiorentina have only lost once this season, away at Napoli and have won both of their home games so far.
    • 19:35 Juventus have won all of their four matches in the league so far and will be full of confidence after coming from two goals down to beat Chelsea in the Champions League at Stamford Bridge.
    • 19:30 Juventus: Buffon, Barzagli, Bonucci, Chiellini, Lichtsteiner, Vidal, Pirlo, Giaccherini, Asamoah, Giovinco, Quagliarella.
    • 19:25 Stevan Jovetic is the league’s leading scorer with four goals and Fiorantina will be looking for more from him tonight.
    • 19:20 Fiorentina coach Vincenzo Montella has confirmed a 23 man squad for the trip to Turin but Aquilani, Della Rocca, El Hamdaoui are all unavailable.
    • 19:15 Hello and welcome to our LIVE coverage of the Serie A clash between league leaders Juventus and fifth placed Fiorentina from the Stadio Artemio Franchi. Kick off 19.45 BST.
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  1. Juve escaped with a draw this match ... happy they can­ extend their ubeaten run to 44 matches ... parma was­ the last team beating Juve in the league ... ironically­ it was giovinco who scored the goal

    From Tarek, on Wed 26 Sep 10:30
  2. We were lucky to come out with a tie. Fiorentina­ actually outplayed us. Frankly, we looked tired. No one­ was making runs, and Vucinic has been useless for 3­ straight games now. I don't think that any of the­ penalty shouts was really valid, although another­ referee may have given one of those. Overall,­ Fiorentina deserved to win, but Juve did what champions­ do... get the point on the road when not playing well. ­ Forza Juve!!

    From Juventino68, on Tue 25 Sep 21:55
  3. You guys are lucky to be watching this match. Here in­ Canada can't get Serie A so I have RAI­ International. Of all the games RAI is NOT showing­ this one - I'm as frikin angry as hell. Been­ searching for the last 1 1/2 hours to stream it but­ don't know how - any help for the future. ­ Thanks. Enjoy the game - I'm having a heart attack­ here.

    From JC S, on Tue 25 Sep 21:39
  4. #5... I'm actually a Fiorentina supporter. I­ don't like Juventus, or Milan. The play in the area­ wasn't a dive, because there was contact, so then­ what was it? I'm sick of northern fans who­ don't talk football but just say­ "Milan/Juve/Inter is great and everyone else sucks­ we're the best we're number 1". It gets­ old quick.

    From , on Tue 25 Sep 21:04
  5. leeds united are MAGIC

    From ---, on Tue 25 Sep 21:02
  6. Come on Pirlo you should have took that 45+1mins free­ kick instead.

    From , on Tue 25 Sep 20:37
  7. Fiorentina had the better chances so far in the first­ half... a crossbar hit and a non call on what should­ have been a penalty given in the area are what's­ keeping the scoresheet clean on both sides. Pirlo has­ shown his finesse but the referee has been showing­ obvious favouritism when it comes to bookings so far in­ this match. 2 to Fiorentina and none given to Juve, but­ really what else can you expect?

    From , on Tue 25 Sep 20:36
  8. Juventus are the favroutes to win Look at these players­ Vidal Pirlo Lucio(not playing) Buffon Bouncci Chiellini­ and lot more great players.

    From , on Tue 25 Sep 20:35
  9. Viva juve !

    From Russel, on Tue 25 Sep 19:16
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