Saturday April 20, 2013 Day 33 Juventus Stadium

Countdown: -360 Days

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  1. Mboy looks stupid once again. well d one Juve! True­ champions..

    From Half A Brain, on Sun 21 Apr 22:07
  2. Great win, and we can be champions next week if we win­ and Napoli fail to win. Campeone !

    From Antonio, on Sun 21 Apr 21:50
  3. I love Italian footballers, they are soo adorably sexy,­ don't you think?

    From Patsy, on Sun 21 Apr 21:44
  4. Nowt to do with this match but Sunderland v Newcastle­ Sing it to the tune of thats Amore------Ifff you teams­ a disgrace punch a horse in the face --Thats a geordie­ --If you can't score a gole take a swing at a­ foal--Thats a geordie --When your smacking a nag then­ it;s clear your a mag---That's a geordie --When you­ go 3-0 down then smash up your town---That's a­ geordie--Nowww their in the horse muck and they're­ thick as f''u;;c;;k---That's a geordieeee­ LOL LOL LOL

    From A.Wo.L, on Sun 21 Apr 21:33
  5. I know Milan will lose, but come on milan at least get­ a draw.

    From The Football Guru, on Sun 21 Apr 21:22
  6. Steed Malbranque

    From , on Sun 21 Apr 21:14
  7. JuPENtus

    From W, on Sun 21 Apr 21:09
  8. A lot of subs?

    From Anthony, on Sun 21 Apr 21:03
  9. can't yahoo co-ordinate the time.match says 42mins­ gone yahoo say 33mins gone. Who pays these dummies

    From Barry, on Sun 21 Apr 20:48
  10. How was Suarez doing a Mike Tyson tonight. LOL What a­ nutter.

    From The Football Guru, on Sun 21 Apr 20:48
  11. AC Millan up up please!

    From Sunday, on Sun 21 Apr 20:18
  12. w

    From Matthew Torrens, on Sun 21 Apr 20:10
  13. Really Yahoo, no live comments for a game like this,­ really hitting the #$%$ now.

    From Daniel, on Sun 21 Apr 19:56
  14. Couldn't find a better picture?

    From 12, on Sun 21 Apr 19:53
  15. Forzaaa Milano!! The one and only legends in Italy!!­ Even without Balo we will fuark them up!!!

    From Mboy, on Sun 21 Apr 19:29
  16. force Milan

    From Mahamat saleh, on Sun 21 Apr 11:40
  17. Andiamo Rossonerri!! 1-2!

    From Bsun, on Sun 21 Apr 10:06
  18. Should be a piece of cake for juve except if milanelty­ divers were awarded some strange penalties. Depends on­ the 2 mafioso Galliani and berlusconi if they paid­ their bills.

    From Buster, on Sun 21 Apr 4:13
  19. I hope Milan wins this game. Better for them.

    From Emmanuel, on Sat 20 Apr 16:55
  20. AC Milan set to upset Juventus. Juventus - AC Milan­ (1-3). Montolivo, Nocerino and Robinho for AC Milan and­ Vidal for Juve.

    From Emmanuel, on Wed 17 Apr 17:23
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