Monday April 15, 2013 Day 32 Finished Stadio Olimpico

Lazio 0 - 2 Juventus

  • Vidal 8’ (pen.), 28’

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  • Live Commentary

    • Lazio
    • Juventus
    • 90+3' There goes the final whistle! A comfortable 2-0 win for Juventus on the night. They are a step nearer the title with his victory.
    • 90+2' Glorious chance for Klose as he won space in the visiting area. Just Buffon to beat but he wallops the shot wide of goal.
    • 90+1' Kozak knocks the ball wide of goal from inside the Juventus box. Half chance.
    • 89' We are into three minutes of time added on in this match.
    • 88' Marchisio given a huge hug by Conte. Time ticking down now.
    • 87' Emanuele Giaccherini takes over from Marchisio for Juve.
    • 86' Gonzalez slams an effort miles over the bar. And that is going to bring another change for the visitors.
    • 85' Harsh call against Ederson after he clearly won the ball from Pirlo in the middle of the Juventus box.
    • 84' Off goes Vucinic and on comes Fabio Quagliarella.
    • 83' Wasn't the easiest of chances. I suspect Juventus are going to make a change here.
    • 82' Pogba runs into the Lazio area. Gets the shot away, but this time drills the ball wide of goal.
    • 81' Ederson dashes into the Juventus box, but Asamoah is quickly back to deal with the danger. Fine piece of covering defending.
    • 79' Candreva looking for Ciani in the Juve box, but he is deemed to be offside. Good call by the referee.
    • 77' Wins over Milan and Torino could see them play for the title on May 5 against Palermo. But it could be earlier than that.
    • 76' Juventus will move 11 points clear with these three points, and on the brink of another Serie A title.
    • 75' Peluso sent crashing to the deck by Kozak. Juventus will happily take those moments all night long.
    • 74' Antonio Conte continues to make some wild movements on the side of the pitch. He has moved as much as his players this evening.
    • 73' Barzagli wastes no time in thumping the ball out of his box. Juventus almost over the line.
    • 72' An offside flag goes up against Marchisio. Wasn't much in that. But just offside perhaps.
    • 70' Juventus trying to take the sting out of Lazio by playing keeping the ball. Which are not bad tactics at this time.
    • 69' Asamoah felled by Stankevicius out wide. Heading for the final 20 minutes with Juventus well in control of this contest.
    • 68' Lazio trying to inject some pace into their moves as Onazi drills an effort wide from Klose's pass.
    • 67' Luca Crecco takes over from Cristian Ledesma due to injury.
    • 66' Simone Padoin replaces Stephan Lichtsteiner for Juventus.
    • 65' Changes coming here with Conte out and about cajoling his players from the side of the park.
    • 64' Ledesma on the deck here and in need of a spot of treatment.
    • 63' Marchisio almost on the end of a cross at the other end as Juventus broke at speed through Asamoah.
    • 62' This is a lot better from Lazio. They are at least in the game here with Klose and Candreva on the move forward.
    • 61' Candreva with a lovely ball into the middle from the corner. Lazio can't get any joy as Asamoah completes the clearance.
    • 60' Pirlo with a free-kick 40 yards out. Sends the ball in along the ground. Vidal chasing it down, but it makes its way through to Marchetti in the Lazio goal.
    • 59' A warning then for Juve that this match is not yet over here.
    • 58' Astonishing miss by Kozak! Brilliant cross by Ederson, but Kozak heads down into the ground and over. Lazio should have scored there.
    • 57' Juventus almost toying with the home side. Another goal now would surely kill off matters. Not such an unbelievable prospect.
    • 56' Marchisio would have scored if he had gone at that with his head. Meanwhile, Candreva smacks an effort well over at the other end.
    • 55' Pirlo sends the free-kick over the wall. Fine stop by Marchetti, but Marchisio balloons the rebound over the bar. That should have been the third Juve goal.
    • 54' Cana sends Poga crashing to the deck from 25 yards out. Chance then for Juventus here.
    • 53' Ciani picks up a yellow card for pushing Vidal to the deck off the ball.
    • 52' Fine stop by Buffon to make the save from Ciani's header after Gonzalez had thrown over a lovely cross.
    • 51' Juventus once again keeping the ball so well. Not quite Barcelona, but still very comfortable on the ball when they get it down and roll it around.
    • 50' Lovely play by Klose dashing into the Juventus area. Can't come up with the finish. Lazio trying to get on the front foot.
    • 49' Lazio have made two changes here: Libor Kozák has replaced Hernanes with Ederson taking over from Mauri.
    • 48' Lazio now operating with a back three here as they try to engineer a path back into this match against a very slick Juventus side.
    • 47' Klose meets the cross from Ciani, but can only nod the ball wide of goal. Great ball in by Ciani.
    • 46' Off we go then for the second period. Juventus well in control of this one so far.
    • 45+2' There goes the whistle for the break! A 2-0 lead for the Italian champions at the break.
    • 44' We are into two minutes of time added on.
    • 43' Lazio would dearly love one goal back here before the break.
    • 42' Lichtsteiner drags a cross into the area. Lovely ball, but Pogba cannot get on the end of the cross. Juve cutting Lazio open at will.
    • 41' Chance for Pogba from the edge of the area, but he can only knock the shot straight into the arms of Marchetti. Poor finish really.
    • 40' Gonzalez tries to get a shot away, but he knocks the shot well wide of the Juve goal.
    • 39' Peluso has been booked for a late challenge on Mauri a moment ago.
    • 38' Mauri earns a free-kick for Lazio. Candreva sends a dipping free-kick at goal from distance. Buffon across to make a fine diving save.
    • 37' Paul Pogba, Arturo Vidal and Andrea Pirlo are making up the central midfield area. And all of them are enjoying bright games for Juve.
    • 36' Arturo Vidal has scored two doubles in Serie A this term, one vs Lazio and one against Roma.
    • 35' Juventus keeping the ball with so much ease as Asamoah is halted by Gonzalez.
    • 34' Juventus using the treatment to Ciani to get a few messages on the park to their team.
    • 33' Ciani on the deck from a corner. He is in need of some treatment here. Juventus continue to look so, so comfortable.
    • 32' Lovely movement from Marchisio! Got the better of Ciani, but ends up slotting the shot wide of goal. So near yet so far.
    • 31' The Lazio fans trying to encourage some movement from their side. Which is easier said than done against the Italian champions.
    • 30' Mauri and Vidal fly in for a 50-50 ball. Vidal now needing a spot of treatment here. Looks far from comfortable about that tackle.
    • 30' Juventus bossing this game in the midfield area. Lazio can't really get close enough to apply enough pressure.
    • 29' Candreva with a little ball over the top, but straight into the arms of Buffon.
    • 28' Arturo Vidal's goal verus Lazio has been his first one after 15 league games without goals.
    • 27' Juventus warming to this task now in Rome. Pogba takes a tumble inside the Lazio area. No foul awarded.
    • 26' GOAL! Vidal with another goal after Vucinic had played the ball through the middle. Lovely move and superb finish. A 2-0 lead now for the visitors.
    • 25' Ciani with a superb tackle on Vidal as he pulled the trigger from inside the area. Juventus stepping up a gear here.
    • 24' So much stuff going on off the ball whenever Lazio throw in a corner. Candreva with a cross before Hernanes takes a tumble seconds later, but no foul.
    • 23' Plenty of pushing and shoving in that Juventus box, but the referee doesn't see any fouls and Lazio can't get a shot in.
    • 22' Vucinic heads away from the middle of his goal with Buffon in struggling. Fine piece of covering work.
    • 21' Asamoah again onto the pass from Pirlo, but he ends up smashing the ball straight out of play. Poor end product.
    • 20' Pirlo picks out Asamaoh with a lovely ball over the top before Cana does enough to recover and thump the clearance down field.
    • 19' Lichtsteiner taken out of the action late by Mauri before springing back to his feet seconds later.
    • 18' Conte just explaining what he is looking for from Lichtsteiner out wide.
    • 17' Lovely ball in from Pirlo, but Vucinic's effort is blocked by Marchetti in the home goal. Super save.
    • 16' Asamoah sees a cross before Gonzalez brings down Pogba. Juve have the free-kick.
    • 15' Lichtsteiner comes up with a brilliant run and cross. Cracked at goal by Marchisio, but Lazio do enough to make the block.
    • 14' Antonio Conte cutting an animated figure on the touchline. Stankevicius chips the ball over the bar from Onzai's cross ball. Never really threatening.
    • 13' Vidal chasing down Stankevicius, who knocks the ball back to his goalkeeper Marchetti.
    • 12' A booking for Vidal for a cynical late challenge on Ciani, who is needing a spot of treatment here.
    • 11' Lichtsteiner trying to get forward as much as possible. This time Gonzalez deals with the danger. Lazio don't want to ship another goal.
    • 10' Klose trying to challenge Buffon. Without too much success. Buffon collects the ball at the second attempt.
    • 9' Lichtsteiner takes up a good position out wide, but his control eludes him at the key moment. Ball trickles out of play for a home goalkick.
    • 8' An early setback for Juventus. Lazio have won no games vs Juventus in the league since December 2003 – losing 11 and drawing five.
    • 7' GOAL JUVENTUS! Vidal sent the ball to his left as Marchetti dived to his left. The visitors lead 1-0.
    • 6' Cana booked for his efforts. Not too much of a protest coming from the home side. Ill-advised tackle.
    • 5' PENALTY TO JUVENTUS! Mirko Vucinic sent tumbling to the deck by Cana of Lazio. Clear penalty.
    • 4' Plenty of challenges flying in so far as Pogba brings down Onazi in the middle of the park.
    • 3' Hernanes cracks a shot at goal from distance, but easy enough for Buffon to make the stop in the visiting goal.
    • 2' Mirko Vucinic starting up front for the visiting side tonight as a lone forward. Both teams winning early corners, but comes to nothing.
    • 1' We are off and running in this one. Juventus in black, Lazio in traditional light blue.
    • 19:40 Teams: Lazio: Marchetti; Gonzalez, Ciani, Cana, Stankevicius; Ledesma, Onazi, Hernanes; Candreva, Mauri; Klose////Juventus: Buffon, Barzagli, Bonucci, Peluso; Lichtsteiner, Vidal, Pirlo, Pogba, Asamoah, Marchisio; Vucinic
    • 19:35 Good evening and welcome to LIVE coverage of Lazio againsr Juventus from Serie A. A 7.45pm kick-off in this one at the Stadio Olimpico.
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