Tuesday December 11, 2012 Kick off: 19:45 5th Round Coral Windows Stadium

Countdown: -498 Days

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  1. How come all the media focus is on Arsenal losing? What­ about some credit to Bradford for winning? Well done­ Phil Parkinson and squad. From a Charlton fan.

    From GLEN C, on Thu 13 Dec 19:31
  2. If all you so-called Arsenal "Fans", really­ want to have Arsene Wenger removed from his post--you­ have to show that...talk with your feet!! Stay away­ from the matches!! You won't of course---because­ you are all TALK--and don't have the bollks to do­ the obvious! That said --STOP MOANING!!!

    From Bob P, on Wed 12 Dec 19:07
  3. Boring, boring sadford, play for pens is their motto­ and then fluke it, Just a 4th division team, ha

    From MADE IN YORKSHIRE, on Wed 12 Dec 17:36
  4. @ Charbel if you are not a die hard supporter that will­ follow Arsenal wether they win or loose the GTFO you­ are just one of those fake fans that will end up­ supporting Barca just cause they win everything ... We­ don't need you

    From Tancredi, on Wed 12 Dec 9:22
  5. Fail aresenel they didn't deseve to win they­ didn't

    From PAUL, on Wed 12 Dec 7:40
  6. I said 2-2 and Bradford to win on pens, not a bad­ prediction

    From MICHAEL, on Wed 12 Dec 7:29
  7. Arsenal! We were fans from abroad! we defended Arsenal­ always.. but now??? Bradford?? 4th division? it's a­ shame.... Sorry we quit... now there is in England only­ 3 top teams.... so far!

    From Charbel, on Wed 12 Dec 6:41
  8. I just think Arsene should have given a chance for­ Arshavin to demonstrate his abilities... oh well...

    From Gan-Erdene S, on Wed 12 Dec 6:20
  9. There was no Arshavin and thats why the've lost.­ Because he was poised to play this game and it was­ special one for him 'when he started his pro.­ career long time ago against this team. Wenger made­ wrong decision as usual and that's cost them­ because of " experience" ....

    From Mirzokayum, on Wed 12 Dec 6:03
  10. This is the dilemma.....There's no one at the club­ with the balls to sack Wenger, whose been living off­ past glories for years. The fans are being conned.­ Gazidis out, Wenger out. The club is bigger than­ individuals.

    From freddie, on Wed 12 Dec 5:57
  11. Time to go Wenger - you've 100% lost it - and­ dragging this wonderful team down with you - an­ absolute disgrace to put out a virtual first team­ against such lower opposition and not even look up for­ the fight!

    From DAVID S, on Wed 12 Dec 0:21
  12. good job Bradford...........

    From Cikgu JAZZ, on Tue 11 Dec 23:50
  13. good job Bradford...........

    From Cikgu JAZZ, on Tue 11 Dec 23:49
  14. Well done Bradford City. Are you the first League 2 or­ 4th Division team to qualify for the semi-finals?. It­ is about time cheating Arsenal reliased that they­ actually have to turn up to attempt to win a match!.­ hahaha

    From John, on Tue 11 Dec 23:06
  15. Berbatov becomes available,Arsenal miss the boat,again­ same thing with Adam Johnson,2 proven goalscorers in­ the EPL.No Wenger knows best.Podolski and Gervinho­ instead,one well past his best and the other­ championship standard:Rest my case!!!!

    From David Simpson, on Tue 11 Dec 23:05
  16. @David 165 Norwich 1 Aston Villa 4 so my team of half­ #$%$'d muppets are still in the compitition

    From OPTIMUS Baggy.....In His PRIME..!!, on Tue 11 Dec 22:55
  17. To the fans who are saying we need to sign 30-50k­ household name players, tonight's game just shows­ otherwise.. We can have Ronaldos, Messis, Puyols of­ this earth in the whole team, if the coaching staff and­ managers are inept the team fail. Mourinho must known­ something which the fans and the Arsenal board­ don't know when he said Arsene Wenger will never­ win the champions league trophy .

    From Patrick, on Tue 11 Dec 22:53
  18. the problem with wenger and board members is that they­ are running arsenal football club like a wholesale shop­ period..... they might as well call it ARSENAL­ WHOLESALE FOOTBALL CLUB it will be nice go on shortgun!

    From , on Tue 11 Dec 22:48
  19. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    I feel that people should have some empathy with­ Arsenal's demise .The joy Wenger's­ "invisibles "entertained all us neutrals in­ the past.

    From Andrew, on Tue 11 Dec 22:45
  20. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Dont get why everyone is writing off Arsenals chances­ of getting Silver this season. Still in FA Cup &­ Champions League unlike current holders Chelsea &­ Big Spenders Man City. Still plenty time left to get to­ the top of the premier league table, we are only in­ December folks its not like theres only 1 week of­ premier league football left. Dont forget, Bradford­ got booted out of the FA cup for fielding an ineligible­ player.

    From Chrissi, on Tue 11 Dec 22:44
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