Tuesday August 6, 2013 1st Round Finished New York Stadium

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    • Rotherham United
    • Sheffield Wednesday

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  1. I didn't say we were massive, it was piggy ( the­ Bacon Blades supporter ) that said that.

    From Always Right, on Fri 9 Aug 19:15
  2. Always right ,no your not MASSIVE my a**e UTM

    From Phil, on Fri 9 Aug 8:41
  3. and the Piggy Bacon Blades got Burtond

    From Always Right, on Wed 7 Aug 19:18
  4. LOL the ' massives' got Millered !

    From justapiggypieater, on Wed 7 Aug 18:24
  5. Yes as predicted EASY home win, now off to the bookies­ to collect my winnings ;-)

    From HEISENBERG, on Wed 7 Aug 17:34
  6. I agree two matches two losses another year of very­ poor results. When are we going to get rid of Mr.­ Jones. Geoff

    From G, on Wed 7 Aug 17:26
  7. Ha all these cocky Wednesday fans thinking it was going­ to be a walk over! Shows who's having the last­ laugh now haha, go back to Sheffield with your tails­ between your legs, there's only 1 team in south­ Yorkshire (R.U.F.C) and to be honest there's only­ one team in sheff, thanks for the training session­ anyway!

    From Rik, on Tue 6 Aug 22:30
  8. Are the Owls fans in cuckoo land. More relegation­ fodder than promotion candidates. Six points for ­ the super Spireites go up and you come down next­ season. Looks like two poor teams in Sheffield this­ season as on Friday the blunt Blades struggled to win­ against a team who had 10 men for 75 minutes and lost­ to Burton tonight

    From Max and Pat, on Tue 6 Aug 22:06
  9. last sec pls draw wensday

    From Christopher, on Tue 6 Aug 21:54
  10. Wednesday are playing rubbish cm on madine

    From Christopher, on Tue 6 Aug 21:41
  11. Where is Nardiello?

    From MICHAEL, on Tue 6 Aug 21:33
  12. Wonder what Jones wil find to cry about tonite? LOLZ

    From justapiggypieater, on Tue 6 Aug 19:38
  13. OmO you dont care if you lose ANY game. You NEVER go!­ LOLZ

    From justapiggypieater, on Tue 6 Aug 19:37
  14. Come on Millers you'll be eatin pukka piggies­ tonite instead of pukka pies ! LOLZ

    From justapiggypieater, on Tue 6 Aug 19:36
  15. This is gonna be probably one of the best games of the­ season ... Swfc 4-1 rotherham

    From Alexander, on Tue 6 Aug 13:34
  16. I don't care if we lose,it's just an­ unnecessary fixture.

    From Anon, on Mon 5 Aug 17:41
  17. The Owls will crush the lesser lights in this one.­ Promotion contenders for the top flight this year the­ Owls are.

    From Keith, on Thu 1 Aug 14:28
  18. HOME WIN! EZ AS!

    From HEISENBERG, on Sat 20 Jul 14:12
  19. Rotherham 0 - Wednesday 2

    From Always Right, on Sat 29 Jun 11:55
  20. For who?

    From Always Right, on Fri 28 Jun 20:22
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