Saturday December 22, 2012 Kick off: 15:00 Day 23 Victoria Park

Countdown: -484 Days

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  1. Ace I don't know what you ean........shome mshtake­ shurely

    From bryan, on Wed 13 Feb 0:46
  2. A long way to travel Hartlepool and in view of the fact­ the first game was postponed I know the Director of a­ League 2 football club who will remain nameless suffice­ to say they are doing well near the top of the league­ this season and this (nameless) club can not afford to­ stay over night in a hotel

    From Raymond, on Tue 12 Feb 23:26
  3. bryan is a Scummer Scummer Scummer. Get back to Stains­ site and your Gasworks ground.

    From Ace, on Tue 12 Feb 20:48
  4. come on POMPEY lets have a good display & a win ­ PLAY UP POMPEY

    From Ricky, on Tue 12 Feb 18:12
  5. In a last comment for a while I said in an earlier­ comment.....What if Portsmouth had any money?.....With­ all due respect to the other clubs in League One­ Portsmouth's recent history prior to financial­ trouble was good two FA Cup Finals and Pompey with­ money would not be in this position bottom of League­ One

    From Raymond, on Mon 11 Feb 12:14
  6. A re-arranged game and Hartlepool are playing much­ better of late but it seems to me they have just given­ themselves too much to do and both of these sides will­ probably be playing in League 2 next season.....From a­ Portsmouth point of view it is important that we give­ credit where it is due Guy Whittingham is Pompey­ through and through and as a player for the club he­ scored a lot of goals but at this stage you find­ yourself asking questions..... what if we had some­ money to spend?.....What if the Court case was resolved­ before now?..... as I understand it Fratton Park­ belongs to Mr Chainrai he still owns Fratton Park and ­ if he does not regain ownership of the Club he will­ want Top Dollar for the ground.....What if Michael­ Appleton was still Manager? and while we will never­ know with Appleton in charge Portsmouth to me anyway­ might have stood a chance of possibly even a top half­ finish.....If PST buy the club we may not be out of the­ woods we then need to finance transfers and pay wages­ both of staff and players.....I would like to see the­ supporters own the club it goes on in other countries­ and in Germany for example the Schalke supporters are­ greatly involved in the running of the club and they­ are successful both domestically and in Europe

    From Raymond, on Mon 11 Feb 12:03
  7. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Pompey can survive although it won't be easy and­ while we haven't won for a while there would not be­ an issue if it was not for the point deduction and if­ there was only three teams relegated I would be quite­ confident. Writing after the match was postponed it is­ a long way to travel and quite expensive. When we do­ play I hope Portsmouth win but my heart goes out to­ Pools themselves in a bad way

    From Raymond, on Sun 23 Dec 2:41
  8. Doomed, Pompey, doomed, doomed, doomed

    From bryan, on Sat 22 Dec 8:34
  9. Well done 'ricky' nice to see you are still­ behind Pompey. If the weather holds out today, an away­ draw atleast would be something. Desperately needing­ wins though as we al know. The scummers stil not out of­ the woods.

    From ......, on Sat 22 Dec 3:58
  10. The sale of Portsmouth seems imminent now and with two­ prospective buyers it is (highly) unlikely the Football­ Club will go out of business, however, there are two­ points that interest me….. Point One. What a shame­ things got so bad: and Point Two. With Mr Chainrai and­ The Pompey Supporters Trust both interested in­ purchasing the club would there be no chance of the­ two ‘parties’ working together for the good of the­ club?

    From David, on Thu 20 Dec 22:57
  11. keep the faith TCit's gotta change for us PLAY UP­ POMPEY

    From Ricky, on Thu 20 Dec 18:53
  12. This has a 'GOALESS DRAW ALL OVER IT' !

    From Tom Cat, on Tue 18 Dec 8:55
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