Saturday January 26, 2013 Day 30 Finished Fratton Park

Portsmouth 1 - 3 Hartlepool United

  • Wallace 67’
  • Baldwin 17’
  • Poole 52’
  • Rutherford 90’

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  1. Andrew I never said anything about a recovery having­ started already it is going to take a very long time­ but in the long term Portsmouth will be OK. If the­ Supporters Trust buy the club they must have a­ sustainable plan to pay players wages and to finance­ transfers because if they do not have a plan a few­ years from now the club could be in exactly the same­ position again

    From Mark, on Sun 27 Jan 15:19
  2. Dosn't look good, but we have a game in hand. ­ I'm confident we can turn the corner and look back­ in May and say "phew that was close!" I­ trust the PST have got a plan - haven't they?

    From Piers 657, on Sun 27 Jan 12:01
  3. As a matter of interest I would be interested to know­ how many clubs in League(s) One and Two are not losing­ money and are actually solvent

    From Raymond, on Sat 26 Jan 23:34
  4. The great escape started in Portsmouth, Ambrose­ forgery, Ernie Pythian we will remember.

    From Van, on Sat 26 Jan 18:13
  5. If Portsmouth go out of business and I do not think­ they will they would be the most famous club in England­ to come to an end in that way. In the city of Leeds­ they had a club doing quite well called Leeds City but­ I understand when they went out of business there was a­ case of financial irregularities to answer

    From Raymond, on Sat 26 Jan 17:09
  6. wow,pools win

    From James kenneth Waddington, on Sat 26 Jan 17:05
  7. I didn't even know we had a player called Wallace. ­ I wonder how many weeks he will stay for?

    From Ace, on Sat 26 Jan 16:36
  8. Pompey in terminal decline. A warning to other­ club's fans.....beware the gun-running, money­ launderers.

    From J, on Sat 26 Jan 16:35
  9. No money, no players and no to admit these­ are worrying times Resigned to playing league two next­ season but Andrew Stockport still exist as a football­ club and they were in administration for two seasons­ albeit Stockport are in the Conference the Court case­ is going on too long now but a sale will go through. ­ Not so long ago we played Semi Finals and Cup Finals at­ Wembley this is unbelievable what is happening

    From Raymond, on Sat 26 Jan 16:32
  10. Mark the Skate is a little deluded if he thinks pompey­ are on the way back. Yes you have won five same as­ Southampton but you have lost five games more and­ losing to the one team beneath you! You will be­ relegated this season and if you do not come out of­ administration by the the summer then it's bye bye.

    From andrew, on Sat 26 Jan 16:18
  11. The South shall rise again.

    From Piers 657, on Sat 26 Jan 12:44
  12. Portsmouth are in a bad way financially and recovery­ will be a lengthy process but will be alright in the­ long term. We played well under Appleton but not since­ hardly supprising really with no money and the need to­ sell players. As a matter of interest I see the­ Southampton 'World Beaters' have won five the­ same number of games as Portsmouth. Sacking Adkins­ could really come back to haunt the Saints we will pass­ Southampton in the league as they are on the way down

    From Mark, on Fri 25 Jan 17:45
  13. I understand Members of Parliament are being asked to­ attend a meeting in early February on Changing the Face­ of Football which will allow supporters more of a say­ in the running of their football club. As a Portsmouth­ fan we may need to move back before we go forward but­ we WILL NOT go out of business. I must admit I was­ sorry to see McLeod et al (and others) leave we have­ released some very good players

    From Raymond, on Wed 23 Jan 17:03
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