Friday March 29, 2013 Day 41 Finished Deepdale

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  1. hahaha plastic skates. Now their in league 1 relegation­ zone there's no comments. You were all gobby on the­ message boards when you were in the prem. Losers !

    From roger m, on Sat 30 Mar 19:29
  2. Elena Grosskopf.....Often clubs can really struggle on­ the pitch when they move to a new Stadium just look at­ Coventry and Chester City, Chester lost their League­ status. anyway Fratton Park is not a bad ground and­ Saints play at a new Stadium but they are not really­ competitive in the Premier League are they?

    From Raymond, on Fri 29 Mar 20:36
  3. Went to Southampton a few years ago I remember the­ biggest Public Convenience in the country.....I believe­ it was called The Dell

    From Raymond, on Fri 29 Mar 19:32

    From LOUISE, on Fri 29 Mar 18:41
  5. Elena Grosskopf.....I think I am correct in saying one­ of your family members Jemima who used to subscribe to­ this site and having established that the two of you­ are the Ugly Sisters..... How is Cinderella these­ days?.....Getting to the point of this message I take­ it you are a Scummer but Southampton will never win the­ trophies Pompey have won and while I was happy Saints­ beat Liverpool they will be relegated Next Season by­ which time Ricky Lambert, a player I admire, will have­ a Pension Book ......As for Pompey going Bankrupt I­ honestly think the Supporters can come up with a­ sustainable business plan

    From Raymond, on Fri 29 Mar 18:27
  6. gross kopf cant buy a sensible comment, come on POMPEY­ keep it going

    From Ricky, on Fri 29 Mar 18:23
  7. Elena Grosskopf = plastic Southampton fan, fro the­ passionless St.Mary's Stadium...or should I say­ 'library' lol !

    From J, on Fri 29 Mar 17:54
  8. 1 nil up, c'mon you blues!!

    From Dav, on Fri 29 Mar 17:31
  9. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Go on you Lilywhites, sink the skate shyte !!! Soon­ to bankrupt and be gone forever. Nottarf Krap to be­ a car park for Aldis !!! hahaha !!!

    From Elena Grosskopf, on Fri 29 Mar 17:30
  10. Come on Simon Graysons boys !

    From B4ts, on Fri 29 Mar 15:15
  11. C'mon POMPEY lets get another win under our belts­ and keep this little run going. 1-0 to the Blues. ­ PLAY UP POMPEY !!

    From Blueboy, on Wed 27 Mar 20:53
  12. Ricky.....I understand four teams are relegated but if­ only three teams were relegated I would give Portsmouth­ a real chance of beating the drop.....even with a 10­ point deduction.....With a sale due to go through what­ Portsmouth need to aim for is to start next season in­ good form and they should stand a real chance..... in ­ League One or League Two.....The Spirit within the club­ must be amazing PLAY UP POMPEY

    From Raymond, on Wed 27 Mar 12:10
  13. come on POMPEY lets have another win, lets deny the­ b'tards the automatic drop without the points­ deduction PLAY UP POMPEY coming back stronger­ & better next season with promotion back to div 1,­ hopefully as champions

    From Ricky, on Sun 24 Mar 13:35
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