Saturday October 13, 2012 Day 12 Finished Bramall Lane

Sheffield United 1 - 1 Oldham Athletic

  • Blackman 52’ (pen.)
  • Smith 90’

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  1. You are aren't you,you brought up the subject,not­ me.

    From Anon, on Tue 16 Oct 20:33
  2. Piggy condoms children

    From Anon, on Tue 16 Oct 15:30
  3. Bet you took it up the &$e

    From Anon, on Mon 15 Oct 20:18
  4. Yes you big cheat.

    From Anon, on Mon 15 Oct 15:18
  5. I suppose you support a team that gets kids to cheat­ for them

    From Anon, on Mon 15 Oct 0:05
  6. You're thicker than I thought.

    From Anon, on Sun 14 Oct 21:28
  7. We hammered Oldham so how bad does that make you?

    From Anon, on Sun 14 Oct 9:50
  8. Hahahahahahaha 97th minute,bet you choked on you're­ pie.

    From Anon, on Sun 14 Oct 0:08
  9. some of these sheffield muppets,rate there team very­ highly.they are #$%$ .OLDHAM OUT PLAYED OUTPASSED THEM­ 70% of the game,we will prob finish higher than them­ this season.

    From stephen, on Sat 13 Oct 17:42
  10. Obviously the ref didnt think oldham was dirty. How­ many bookings were there?

    From Chris, on Sat 13 Oct 17:39
  11. Good afternoon everybody from tomarse down here in­ cornwall. I am ready as always for the usual sabre­ rattling and an enjoyable afternoon as we slaughter­ oldham. Looking forward to the filth playing leeds­ though think old warnie has something up his sleeve.

    From Thomas, on Sat 13 Oct 13:56
  12. What a load of childish idiots, the lot of you. Get­ behind both sides, and lets get back among the big­ boys.

    From jonjo, on Fri 12 Oct 23:20
  13. Yes & we'll all be laughing at you cos­ you'll be the only 2 there.

    From Anon, on Fri 12 Oct 23:01
  14. i'll be avin a gallon o magnet & a greasy chip­ butty tommora when leeds batter the piggies.

    From bam bam, on Fri 12 Oct 19:07
  15. You won't be laughing much then

    From Anon, on Thu 11 Oct 13:59
  16. You're so lacking in imagination piggy,we call you­ pigs so you call us pigs to teach us a­ lesson,you're even copying my sh** on the pitch­ comment.

    From Anon, on Wed 10 Oct 23:38
  17. No he wanted to live as far away from Bramall Lane cess­ pit as possible

    From Anon, on Wed 10 Oct 20:04
  18. Makes me laugh when Nottingham people claim Robin Hood­ as theirs.He was called Robin of Loxley which is near­ Hillsborough.Like all good Sheffielders he lived in­ Sheffield & took the pi$$ out of Nottingham

    From Anon, on Wed 10 Oct 12:50
  19. Wednesday 3 United 2 looooooooooooooooooooooosers­ Wilson out hahahaha

    From Anon, on Tue 9 Oct 23:21
  20. @ ensemble, I,ve been to nottingham and what i saw­ could not be called women, and as for the little­ scroats you call kids, i would'nt waste a cup of­ scabby nott's #$%$ on em.

    From bam bam, on Tue 9 Oct 18:46
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