Monday October 29, 2012 Day 15 Finished Bramall Lane

  1. League One - Blades edge Portsmouth to go level at top

    League One - Blades edge Portsmouth to go level at top

    Nick Blackman's penalty midway through the second half gave Sheffield United a 1-0 victory over Portsmouth to move level on points with leaders Tranmere. More

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  1. In what is a final comment because I didn't want to­ fall out.....watching football and rugby I have been to­ Wembley 18 times.....Can you count that high without­ removing your shoes and socks to count your toes?

    From Raymond, on Wed 31 Oct 20:09
  2. I only ever remember The Blades playing once at Wembley­ not counting Playoffs an FA Cup Semi Final versus your­ City rivals and who won that day?..... I'll give­ you a clue they were wearing blue and white HaHaHa

    From Raymond, on Tue 30 Oct 23:26
  3. Lardarse.....I guarantee I have been to more matches­ than you and I haven't got SKY Sports

    From Raymond, on Tue 30 Oct 22:11
  4. No, he thinks a turnstile is a fence,he's never­ been through one.

    From Anon, on Tue 30 Oct 17:10
  5. Justapiggypieater.....Lardarse I think you are neither­ very happy nor very bright On what is essentially a­ football site I think it would be a nice idea if from­ time to time you talked football instead of insulting­ people.....Something like the Goalkeeper is a good­ player or we need to score more goals.... I don't­ support United but they defend quite well.....As a­ point of interest I also watch Rugby League for my sins­ and the friend of a friend who lives in Yorkshire will­ not fit through the Turnstiles they have to open the­ main gates for him NOT YOU IS IT?

    From Raymond, on Tue 30 Oct 11:26
  6. I've got a long way to catch you up though.

    From Anon, on Tue 30 Oct 9:29
  7. Struggled against last seasons Championship whipping­ boys,future doesn't look bright does it?

    From Anon, on Tue 30 Oct 8:35
  8. I thought that this site was a platform to comment on­ Soccer, now it appears to be a site where people do­ nothing but slag off real soccer fans so Jer, please­ restrict your comments to the games that are being­ played. you say that you played "small time for­ Fleetwood. Ok no big deal there then. If you must make­ comment then there is no need to be disrespecful to our­ lovely English Girls. Get a life Jer!

    From Dave H, on Mon 29 Oct 22:55
  9. Pigs vs Pig rejects hardly gripping stuff is it,if it­ wasn't for a dive in the penalty area neither would­ have scored in a month of Sundays

    From Anon, on Mon 29 Oct 22:42
  10. pompy can win this

    From Connor, on Mon 29 Oct 21:18
  11. If u think insulting people on the internet is fun then­ comment 80. is right!

    From , on Mon 29 Oct 20:56
  12. played for Fleetwood Twn

    From jer, on Mon 29 Oct 20:52
  13. Im actually a huge fan..played small time over in your­ land for a while..was watching gm ..lost my sattv­ signal..keeping up on gm via yahoo..was bored and­ wanted to liven up the msg board..for fun

    From jer, on Mon 29 Oct 20:47
  14. JER Why do you come on to yahoo on the game of the­ night if you dislike football dont you think thats a­ bit backward you dont see me on the snooker on yahoo­ having a go at that sport each to your own I Think­ maybe your not that bright are you

    From , on Mon 29 Oct 20:42
  15. Exactly..French/Canadien society is so backwards #$%$­ its pathetic! Alright you Limey wacko's...ill talk­ w/you all soon..GO SHEFFIELD

    From jer, on Mon 29 Oct 20:38
  16. Bottom of the barrel stuff, hate this brand of footy...­ Should just get rid!!!

    From Michael, on Mon 29 Oct 20:38
  17. I don't thing sorry cuts it do u Jer?

    From , on Mon 29 Oct 20:36
  18. Im sorry jer being french canadian kind of explains you­ mental handicap its not your fault

    From , on Mon 29 Oct 20:33
  19. Im disrespect to anyone...Im­ French/Canadien so having ancestors that were English­ &French have screwed me up..those 2 countries are­ craaaazzeee..enjoy the game! :)

    From jer, on Mon 29 Oct 20:31
  20. This Jer guy is really stupid!

    From , on Mon 29 Oct 20:28
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