Tuesday September 18, 2012 Day 7 Finished Prostar Stadium

Shrewsbury Town 4 - 1 Coventry City

  • Jones 3’
  • Parry 21’
  • Richards 62’ (pen.)
  • Morgan 64’
  • Fleck 75’ (pen.)

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  1. If Shaw wont go now we are going down down down he has­ not got a kin clue look at his track record as a pro­ the best defender who would always put his arms out and­ would say it wasnt me get him out b4 its too late .I­ have supported ccfc since i was a kid at highfeild road­ and this has been the worst spell i haVE SEEN EVER IN­ 46 YEARS !!! IT MAKE ME SO SO SAD FOR MY LIFELONG TEAM

    From Barry, on Tue 18 Sep 21:19
  2. #$%$ and so is mr shaw

    From L, on Tue 18 Sep 21:16
  3. down down ssts out

    From L, on Tue 18 Sep 21:14
  4. Up up mr shaw go back under your big #$%$ ROCK you­ could not play football whan you was here last time so­ go and get under your #$%$ rock

    From L, on Tue 18 Sep 20:42
  5. #$%$

    From L, on Tue 18 Sep 20:36
  6. Coventry League two next year and then league three .­ You can see better football down the park or at a­ school at diner time. This is a load of S..T and i will­ not go to work so i can put my car on the road to come­ and watch this S...T .S o it not up the sky blues it­ here we go down down down no stoping you .

    From L, on Tue 18 Sep 20:25
  7. get shaw packing and get a manager in with some know­ how on football !1 not a has been average defender from­ Milwall

    From Barry, on Tue 18 Sep 20:24
  8. Shaw should go back to London now and pack his bags,he­ was average as a player and even worse as a sit in­ manager.Get a manager with some now how on board !!

    From Barry, on Tue 18 Sep 20:21
  9. Need three points tonight SHREWS!!!!!! GOGOGO

    From Anthony, on Tue 18 Sep 20:09
  10. Come on the Town!

    From Mervyn, on Tue 18 Sep 19:53
  11. Oh poor Coventry. I believe you are heading to the­ league you deserve to be in. HaHaHaHa The only team­ you can beat is Birmingham #$%$ HaHaHa You Are Going­ Down....AGAIN

    From Emma Roids, on Tue 18 Sep 12:11
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