Saturday August 24, 2013 Day 4 Finished Boundary Park

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  1. Top of League 2? That'll be Oxford, Michael.­ Should've gone to Specsavers, you might've been­ able to read the newspaper! Hughes should've scored­ the penalty, its not as if the keeper made a great­ save. If we play as we did against Bradford, we can­ take 3 points on Saturday; if we play like it sounds we­ did in the second half against Oldham, we won't.­ Still puzzled that Mickey isn't playing Griff, but­ he gets more decisions right than wrong. TOOMA! TWOY!

    From Pete Morgan, on Mon 26 Aug 21:41
  2. Oh dear oh dear, forget the racism problems on the­ terraces,poor of SUPER Micky's cpcked up again LOL­ all back in sunday for training LOL. Old ex con misses­ a pen and one paced Pope cant buty a goal LOL. It dont­ get much worse than that does it ?????????languishing­ at the bottom , and coming straight back down!!!SIMPLES­ who's that at the top of league 2­ ?????????????????????????????????? CREAM.

    From Michael, on Mon 26 Aug 17:31
  3. Fail for the play ­ offs???????????????????????????????????????????????????­ ?????????????????????? Like my *** Barbara like my­ **** Long ball to the dope your only tactic it seems;­ enjoy your brief sojourn in league 1 tactics like that­ belong in League 2.

    From Achtung Spitfuer!, on Sun 25 Aug 10:13
  4. Time for another equaliser! Feed the Pope!

    From Pete Morgan, on Sat 24 Aug 16:25
  5. Had me worried for a minute - or perhaps 15 - but back­ on terms and looking to take the lead! Feed the Pope!­ TOOMA! TWOY!

    From Pete Morgan, on Sat 24 Aug 15:45
  6. Looking forward to todays game loads going on the buses­ 3 points on the way lets feed the Pope and cruise with­ Hughes TWOY

    From John, on Sat 24 Aug 8:17
  7. We are the Vale not the Chesterfail oooooo it rhymes­ haha on my way today toldem lets beat Oldham,TWOY and­ TOOMA

    From Bernard Evans, on Sat 24 Aug 8:03
  8. I may be deluded, Michael, but we are playing in League­ 1 having won promotion last season - what did­ Chesterfailed manage? Bradford were lucky to only lose­ by the one goal last Saturday; Hughes was superb; even­ if I do have my doubts about him as an individual, he­ has been a quality professional at the Vale despite­ your predictions he'd poison the changing room.­ Puzzled that Griff didn't play from the start as we­ need to compete more in midfield, but we played some­ great football and as for a relegation battle - no­ chance! Bring on Oldham - another 3 points for the­ taking. TOOMA! TWOY!

    From Pete Morgan, on Fri 23 Aug 22:12
  9. We certainly have a good squad John,defence looks sound­ just wait for the rest of the lads to gel an we'll­ be alright this season.Sadly i conna make it tomorrow­ but i'll listen on radio..........abuse the Hughes­ and he will score!!!!!!!

    From Key, on Fri 23 Aug 11:18
  10. Dead right Key getting ready for Oldham tomorrow,great­ 3 points we have the squad to do the job thanks to MA­ and of course Smurf should be another great away­ support again like last season TWOY

    From John, on Thu 22 Aug 21:09
  11. Watching Lee Hughes play last saturday he has to start­ every game from now on.Lee Hughes is a­ legend........UTV!!!!!!!

    From Key, on Thu 22 Aug 13:44
  12. Just take no notice of this Loser follower we are the­ Vale and we got promoted unlike his Predicktions haha­ down you are going Chesterfailed/Sjokie fan come on the­ Palarse........................TWOY and TOOMA

    From John, on Thu 22 Aug 8:36
  13. your more deluded than i thought Mr Morgan !!!! Morsy­ and Richards doing fine at the Proact. But seriously­ has Pope been out injured since the start of the season­ ????????????????????????????????????????????? You­ see the one paced is catching up with him in league one­ ???? why do you think no- one put an offer in for him­ in the close season ????????? RELEGATION DOG­ FIGHT FOR THE FAIL, once they've cleared up the­ racism problems that is !!!! CREAM.

    From Michael, on Tue 20 Aug 15:39
  14. You call the Pope one-paced? At least he can run and­ not fall over his own feet - more than Richards can do!­ Jumped ship and missed out on promotion! Couldn't­ happy to a nicer player. How are the rest of the Vale­ rejects doing? I see the slump has started already for­ Chesterfield, the only way is down! Bring on Oldham!­ TWOY! TOOMA!

    From Pete Morgan, on Mon 19 Aug 22:01
  15. One paced Pope YOUR AVIN A GIRAFFE ???????????????? ­ GET YOUR MONEY ON THE SPIREITES TO WIN THE LEAGUE­ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!cream.

    From Michael, on Sun 18 Aug 17:25
  16. Hearing voices again, Michael? Forgotten to take your­ medication? Three points against Bradford and another­ three on the way on Saturday. The Pope is going to­ score and the defence is looking tighter. Just need­ midfield to get some bite and retain possession better­ and we'll be moving up the table. TOOMA! TWOY!

    From Pete Morgan, on Sat 17 Aug 22:12
  17. THEY TELL ME ........super Micky's just gonna phone up­ Oldham and give them the points ????????????? save­ him making another #$%$ up with team selection . LOL /­ CREAM.

    From Michael, on Thu 15 Aug 9:54
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