Friday August 2, 2013 Day 1 Finished Bramall Lane

Sheffield United 2 - 1 Notts County

  • McDonald 30’
  • Maguire 67’
  • Showunmi 59’

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  1. No I think it was a high voltage cable while he was­ trying to nick it.

    From Anon, on Sun 4 Aug 18:45
  2. Nice one GEOF. touched a nerve there me thinks!

    From justapiggypieater, on Sun 4 Aug 10:57
  3. GEOF have you always been a d**khead or have you been­ having lessons?

    From Anon, on Sun 4 Aug 8:13
  4. Doubt you'll be seeing us next year ENSEMBLE snotts­ county have gotta be relegation favourites after what I­ saw last night. BTW no one in Yorkshire thinks yer­ miners were "brave" at all. And also its nice­ to see one of yer former wonderful UDM leaders Neil­ Greatex got 4 years for ripping off an elderly miners­ charity for 150,000. Such lovely folk from­ Nottingham eh? LOL

    From justapiggypieater, on Sat 3 Aug 17:48
  5. ENSEMBLE- crawled back under yer lump of coal? you was­ lucky it wasnt 8- 1 with the chances we had. Maybe try­ vollying the ball next time instead of our players. Yer­ still underhand and dirty, bit like yer miners eh LOL

    From justapiggypieater, on Sat 3 Aug 9:02
  6. The Wolves must be howling as we are CHAMPIONS :-)

    From roger smith, on Sat 3 Aug 7:37
  7. if they play like that for rest of season they'll­ walk the league well done

    From TATTS, on Sat 3 Aug 6:59
  8. Well done Blades!!!

    From Leigh, on Sat 3 Aug 1:59
  9. nothern puddings top of the league! reight good!

    From Paul, on Sat 3 Aug 1:44
  10. rivalry between fans of the same city is ok if it's­ friendly banter and all smiles and hugs after. If you­ seriously hate people you never even met then that­ makes you a first class plonker and every1 around you­ will think of you this way even if they don't tell­ you. Humans......don't be a c***, be nice. costs­ nothing to be nice.

    From Keegans Pubes, on Sat 3 Aug 0:09
  11. Just keep going, United. At least your Ground is a­ Licenced Venue !!

    From GEOF, on Fri 2 Aug 21:54
  12. So many adverts, so little time for Yahoo to cover the­ football!

    From Rob, on Fri 2 Aug 21:40
  13. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Enjoy being top of the league tonight Blunts....its the­ only time this season it will happen.

    From Assassin, on Fri 2 Aug 21:17
  14. All yahpoo is bothered about is cramming as many ads­ onto their web pages as possible. I didn't think it­ possible but its actually got WORSE since last season­ !!!!!!!

    From justapiggypieater, on Wed 31 Jul 20:16
  15. They must have realised & let you on.

    From Anon, on Wed 31 Jul 16:53
  16. FYI OmO I posted on here several times but yahpoo­ deleted my posts. It would appear that yahpoo just want­ morons like rodders and yourself posting inane comments­ and stats copied from their own sites.

    From justapiggypieater, on Wed 31 Jul 16:34
  17. Well well,piggy comments on the Owls page before his­ own,it is a lot more interesting though.

    From Anon, on Wed 31 Jul 8:48
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