Tuesday August 21, 2012 Day 2 Finished Interlink Express Stadium

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  1. Isn't it a pity how p***s can write bilge without­ mentioning football at all? A football fan wouldn't­ snipe about irrelevancies. Match reports would suggest­ that Vale had a lot of pressure - which we couldn't­ convert into goals, admittedly - and gave away a second­ goal as we pushed for an equaliser. As Mickey said,­ any team that can go to Southend and win are a side to­ reckon with. By the way, I see the 'Cream' have­ one point and a negative goal difference. Marc Richards­ was obviously a good buy, or should that be a goodbye?

    From Pete Morgan, on Wed 22 Aug 23:45
  2. nice comments from fairplay, the rots started­ already!!!!!!!!!!!!! CREAM

    From Michael, on Wed 22 Aug 11:49
  3. Hello Failites how are we tonite and hows TWOY ??? Just­ think if you keep drawing capacity crowds like­ saturdays gate buster the administrator will be pulling­ the plug on you and your sad little little club before­ christmas. Then we can watch the council turn Fail Park­ into something useful (anythings got to be better than­ its current use) how about a Port Fail TWOY (sorry toy)­ musuem where all the dummies and toys that have been­ spat or thrown out of numerious prams over the years by­ deluded Failites could be put on show. After tonites­ game I hear that Mickey Adams is going for a world­ record breaking attempt on how many times the words­ "you know" can be said in a Radio Stoke Port­ Fail post match jokeathon (sorry meant interview) Have­ you heard this as well? Didnt stay top for long did you­ your fall from graceland has already begun!

    From Achtung Spitfuer!, on Tue 21 Aug 21:37
  4. Hmmm, a draw would look a good result now, but 6­ minutes is still long enough to score twice - TWOY!

    From PETER MORGAN, on Tue 21 Aug 21:30
  5. Pity we couldn't get to half-time with a clean­ sheet, but all to play for in the second half. If we­ can play as we did in the second half against Burnley­ and against Barnet, 3 points are still a real­ possibility. TWOY

    From Pete Morgan, on Tue 21 Aug 20:37
  6. Accrington Stanley who are they lol come on the Vale­ they will give us a good game,lets do the biz like you­ did on Saturday and we stay on top TWOY

    From John, on Tue 21 Aug 16:07
  7. Well said Pete really enjoyed the match looking forward­ to the lads doing the biz this season considering what­ they have had to put up with,come on the Vale with you­ all the way TWOY

    From Bernard Evans, on Tue 21 Aug 7:05
  8. Great result today; the Pope deserved the Man of the­ Match award even if he did miss golden chance. He took­ his goal superbly and led the line well. We­ should've scored more, but at least we created­ chances. Should be a good game as the Stanley beat­ Southend away. TWOY

    From PETER MORGAN, on Sat 18 Aug 20:38
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