Saturday February 9, 2013 Day 32 Finished Underhill Stadium

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  1. #$%$ michaels back?oh well,i didnt get me 4-1 result­ not a bad point though.If we keep drawing away and win­ most of our home games(cant see us losing at home at­ all to tell ye the truth)promotion is ours!!!!!the­ mighty Vale keep marching on........UP THE VALE!!

    From Key, on Sun 10 Feb 11:30
  2. Great to be a NLV keep it going Vale champions all the­ way had a few pints with some of the lads from­ Burslem,now then MA keep being WISE when we meet­ MORECOMBE next week lol thought our goalie was­ brilliant and we are TOP keep it going guys TWOY oh and­ TOOMA

    From Delboy, on Sun 10 Feb 9:13
  3. OOOOOOOOOOO must have filled some buckets thicky­ strange you dont post on the spermites page must be­ banned haha oh forgot you,re a Sjokie............we are­ TOP and yes TWOY

    From John, on Sun 10 Feb 7:39
  4. Pathetic comments again from the spewrite hahaha we are­ TOP thicky we are TOP TWOY

    From Bernard Evans, on Sun 10 Feb 7:31
  5. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    OH YES GET IN THE CREAM IS WELL AND TRULY BACK WITH­ THIS ONE !!!!!!! the #$%$ only manage a draw away at­ pathetic barnet !!!!!! the gills win and the super­ spireites win!!!!!!! 3500 travelling to Rotherham next­ week for another 3 points !!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE SLIDE­ BEGINS SMALL TOWN IN­ STOKE AND ALWAYS WILL BE .

    From Michael, on Sat 9 Feb 19:24
  6. Michael remember that we get just over 5000 but were­ debt free and top. Says it all how your clubs run, mid­ table and millions in debt lol. Richards must be a­ "lucky talisman" hahahaha

    From David, on Sat 9 Feb 18:35
  7. Whats up thicky no money in your bucket just your­ spew.............we are top unlucky today guys should­ have had 3 points but we are still TOP TWOY

    From John, on Sat 9 Feb 17:18
  8. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Ten quid to get in at FAIL PARK and another whopping­ 5156 gate ..................says it­ all.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR JUST A­ SMALL TOWN IN STOKE. we get that many in our Kop. ­ CREAM

    From Michael, on Sat 9 Feb 13:58
  9. Up early got to be in Boslem for 8 to have a quick pint­ and on the bus at 9 then on my way to the match come on­ the Vale Top top top and yes Pete TOOMA and TWOY

    From John, on Fri 8 Feb 21:41
  10. Hope Purse and Chilvers are fit; they've been a­ strong combination and helped keep the last 2 clean­ sheets. Time for the Pope to hit the back of the net­ again, but while defences are keeping tight on him,­ others are getting the chances. Agree about Burge, he­ has been a revelation in the past 3 or 4 games. Not­ sure about 4-1, but a win by 2 goals sounds about right­ to me. Top of the league and going up! TOOMA! TWOY!

    From PETER MORGAN, on Fri 8 Feb 20:32
  11. 4-1 to the Vale im going for this weekend,Pope x3 and­ Burge to get on the score sheet for the form he's­ currently in.......UP THE VALE!!!!!!!!

    From Key, on Fri 8 Feb 13:26
  12. Ha ha great posts Key and Bernard,thicky Micky has­ probably slipped on his cream and broke his keyboard­ fingers lol we are the Vale and I am looking forward to­ going to Barnet should be a lot of away fans especially­ our NLV mates lets get behind the team and feed the­ Pope,3 more points yahoooo TWOY

    From John, on Thu 7 Feb 8:22
  13. Prefer R.I.D. Key lol (rest in dreams) agree really­ hope the Pope gets to 30 we are TOP and deserve to­ be....just thought how about R.I.B for the thicky rest­ in buckets,come on the Vale we are TOP TWOY

    From Bernard Evans, on Thu 7 Feb 7:24
  14. Glad Popey signed the new contract,now lets see yer get­ to 30 goals this weekend otherwise i'll be really­ dissapointed :)....michael has gone very quiet ant ee­ lads.......R.I.P michael were gonna miss yer

    From Key, on Wed 6 Feb 22:25
  15. Great atmosphere last night proud to be a Vale fan our­ new owners have made us proud after 10 years of lying­ and cheating by the previous owners great news about­ the Pope 6 points and 6 goals from 2 games that is some­ slide predicted by thicky lol he must be a psychicy lol­ we are where we deserve to be TOP and TWOY

    From John, on Wed 6 Feb 8:30
  16. Yes we are the Vale and we are TOP of the league and­ looks like thicky is too busy filling his buckets lol­ what goes round comes round and thanks for signing the­ 2 year deal the Pope loves being fed TWOY

    From Bernard Evans, on Wed 6 Feb 8:17
  17. The Pope has signed a new contract! Keep feeding him­ and he will score! Great result last night, sang all­ the way home down the M6! Burge is playing really well,­ the defence is looking good apart from the odd wobble­ at set-pieces and we've scored 6 goals in our last­ 2 games. Still top of the League and going up in style­ - are you watching Michael? We are really enjoying that­ slide you predicted! TOOMA! TWOY!

    From Pete Morgan, on Wed 6 Feb 8:07
  18. Watch out Barnet the Vale are on fire!!!!!

    From Key, on Tue 5 Feb 22:25
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