Monday April 1, 2013 Kick off: 15:00 Day 42 B2net Stadium

Countdown: -388 Days

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  1. Del boy and John - Every body watch your backs bit of­ back entry skullduggery going on there you dirty beasts­ Wibble and Waylob to the TWOYS.

    From Achtung Spitfuer!, on Wed 3 Apr 16:35
  2. Spot on there Key TOO RIGHT !!!!! spireites totally­ outclassed the fail again and only got a point !!!!!­ done you at fail park and again at creamland!!!!!!!!!! ­ 4pts out of 6 tho aint good enough against #$%$­ opposition simple as that !!!!! You aint over the line­ yet ,and even you know as a team your struggling!!!!!!­ Burton to nick it friday!!!! i can­ smell a drop into the play offs!!!!!!!!!!!!! lose­ friday and its on!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cream.

    From Michael, on Tue 2 Apr 15:21
  3. Did that result hurt you michael ay?come on describe­ your feelings to me i wanna know your pain and anguish­ at your failure LOL you chesterfailures promotion­ favourites LMFAO!!!!

    From Key, on Mon 1 Apr 19:01
  4. Feed the Pope!!!!! haha chesterfailed defo league 2 for­ yer now LOL and the Vale are getting closer now with­ not many games to go.I can almost taste michaels tears­ haha he's gutted with that result,even Purse scored­ and he's poo!! when i saw Purse was in the team i­ was like oh no were fkd!! a good point for us with­ results going our­ way,UTV.......TOOMA......TWOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Key, on Mon 1 Apr 18:39
  5. Michael, if you go to watch Chesterfailed, don't­ complain that you've watched the worst team in­ League 2. Come to Vale Park and watch a class team!­ Sorry about spelling mistakes, at least I don't­ make rubbish predictions. Automatic promotion is­ looking more and more likely, where are Chesterfailed,­ as a matter of interest? To be honest, I expected you­ to be pushing for promotion this season but am happy­ you aren't, just to serve Richards right. So much­ for the loyalty you'd expect from a club captain.­ Wonder who he will sign for this summer? The Pope keeps­ scoring so we don't miss him a bit. I will be there­ against Burton to see us get another 3 points and move­ even closer to League 1. TOOMA! TWOY!

    From Pete Morgan, on Mon 1 Apr 18:00
  6. well well another armchair performance eh Pete ????­ cant spell either !!!! Well just watched the worst side­ in the league totally dominated again and come away­ with a point!!!!! POOR LEAGUE / 2 POOR SIDES I'M­ AFRAID. When Richards can get on the score sheet twice­ what does that tell you ???????? #$%$ POOR. Richards­ will soon be on his way. ­ CREAM.

    From Michael, on Mon 1 Apr 17:50
  7. come on port vail dont let the team you are playing go­ above southend

    From John, on Mon 1 Apr 15:48
  8. What, no good pubs in Chesterfield??­ Yates's???????????????? It's enough to make a­ grown man cry....

    From , on Mon 1 Apr 14:41
  9. Chesterfailed over 2000 Vale fans on there way to cheer­ on our team we are the Vale and we are going­ UP........... keep feeding our Pope TWOY..........TOOMA

    From John, on Mon 1 Apr 7:29
  10. Here we go had my brekkie getting ready for our visit­ to Chesterfailed cant wait TWOY

    From Bernard Evans, on Mon 1 Apr 7:18
  11. Same here Pete i cant make it due to family­ commitments,gonna be a big following though! lets hope­ we get the 3 points and other results go our way,some­ massive games tomorrow.I'll be there on friday­ defo.....sqeeky bum time lads.......UTV!!!!!!!!

    From Key, on Sun 31 Mar 22:18
  12. On my way to the Vine yahoooooooo come on the Vale­ TWOY...........Good luck Villa.........TOOMA

    From Delboy, on Sun 31 Mar 13:47
  13. Afraid I'll be following on-line again due to a­ family commitment, but I'll be there on Friday to­ see us take a another 3 points off Burton, which could­ make promotion almost certain. The Pope is flying­ again, all he needed was propoer feeding! The loan­ signing never materialised, but don't think we need­ any new players this season, though Micky will need to­ strengthen the defence for next season. Wonder if­ Richards will be fit to play and whether Lester will be­ allowed out of his retirement home? Should be 3 points­ in the bag, but like John, although it goes against the­ grain, have to say 'Thanks' to Chesterfailed­ for doing Burton. TOOMA! TWOY!

    From Pete Morgan, on Sun 31 Mar 12:29
  14. Meet you in the Vine Delboy,should be in there about­ 1pm,be great to meet you will be at the corner of the­ bar next to the pool table,great to meet a NLV we are­ the Vale and going UP........TWOY

    From John, on Sun 31 Mar 12:06
  15. Having a great time in the mother town,so looking­ forward to this game,deffo will be in Yates thicky no­ doubt you will be in with your mum and dad haha,looks­ like we are going UP as not predicted by sicky the­ ex-con as he calls himself,lets get behind our team and­ we will win and keep feeding the Pope all the way TWOY­ and yes TOOMA Pete !!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Delboy, on Sun 31 Mar 7:12
  16. We are the Vale and we are going UP thicky all the­ way,loads going to this one and yes Bernard the sicky­ thicky wont be there,just want to say ta to­ Chesterfailed for beating the brewers and getting us­ nearer to our promotion deservedly earned,and next 3­ points off the Scream,we are the Vale number 1 team in­ the potteries TWOY

    From John, on Sun 31 Mar 6:05
  17. We are coming in force Chesterfailed but thicky wont be­ there we are the VALE...........TWOY

    From Bernard Evans, on Sat 30 Mar 14:31
  18. Great result against Cheltenham, though if we defend­ against Chesterfailed like we did today, they'll­ get a couple of goals, no problem. Of course, if the­ Pope carries on as he did on Friday, we'll still­ win! No sign of the slump yet, Michael, and the Pope­ has obviously come out of retirement. You also got the­ size of the crowd wrong, there were almost 6000 at Vale­ Park on Friday and we've sold all our tickets for­ Monday. Still got financial problems at the Pro-act­ Stadium, Michael? There are times is just great to be a­ small club in the Potteries, as opposed to a failing­ club in a town with a bent spire! TOOMA! TWOY!

    From Pete Morgan, on Fri 29 Mar 20:46
  19. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    now now now Key.............dont let the cream wind you­ up this easy ??????????????? LOL. CREAM­ PREDICTION : another easy 3 points again­ i'm afraid.

    From Michael, on Wed 27 Mar 8:43
  20. Games not on yet you #$%$!!!!!

    From Key, on Sat 23 Mar 21:26
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