Saturday August 18, 2012 Day 1 Finished Vale Park

Port Vale 3 - 0 Barnet

  • Dodds 8’
  • Myrie-Williams 20’ (pen.)
  • Pope 75’

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  1. Great day,great result yahoooooo cant hear Mickey­ scream cream oh dear the Spermites lost and the Sjokies­ pathetic haha and sCrewe oo TWOY the VLE

    From John, on Sun 19 Aug 4:10
  2. Great performance today; could and should've had­ more goals, but it is the first game of the season and­ it is understandable if the forwards are a bit rusty.­ We took the foot of the pedal at the beginning of the­ second half - it looked like we'd watched too many­ videos of England at the Euros - we gave them too much­ room in midfield by sitting too deep - but the­ substitutions perked things up. In all honesty, Barnet­ didn't really threaten our goal. If only the rest­ of the season could be this easy. TWOY!

    From PETER MORGAN, on Sat 18 Aug 20:33
  3. Away in France for 3 weeks and come back to the usual­ tripe from Stoke supporters and other mental­ incompetents! At least John and Bernard are still­ posting some common sense. Poor first half last night,­ but we were the better team in the second and, against­ a League 2 goalkeeper would've scored at leat 2­ goals. Good to see Burge back on the pitch and Dodds­ looking likely to score. Lofts is wasted at left-back,­ we need him further forward to provide quality service­ for the Pope and Dodds. Pity Joe Davis committed that­ howler and a good move by Mickey to substitute him at­ half-term. All in all, a pity we are out of a cup, but­ if we play as we did in the second half, against a team­ with some quality players and the class of a­ Championship side, we should be in for promotion at the­ end of the season. TWOY!

    From Pete Morgan, on Wed 15 Aug 22:13
  4. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    easy 3 points for Barnet hopefully they will not be­ taken off them during the season when the fail go out­ of business????????????????????? CREAM.

    From Michael, on Wed 15 Aug 9:01
  5. Why doesn't the local council bulldoze Fail Park­ and turn it into a Park and Ride for Stoke fans?

    From Proper Man, on Tue 14 Aug 11:12
  6. Fairplay did,nt hear you Sjokies complain when you were­ bailed out at the Britt oh and its DELILAH plonker,and­ good job Coates stuck it out and you got our Rudge,so­ get back in your closet...TWOY

    From John, on Tue 14 Aug 7:45
  7. Wheres my council tax gone wheres my council tax gone??­ Dont let one of you jam strangling wasters ever have­ the nerve to say Stoke Council is biast towards the­ mighty potters ever again. GET IT????????????????? ­ Deliliah

    From Achtung Spitfuer!, on Mon 13 Aug 19:35
  8. Proper man is Daz,he,s been posting on the Palarze page­ and others too,so sad lets just keep thumbing him down­ guys must be not being at school VTID_TWOY

    From John, on Mon 13 Aug 10:14
  9. Easy win for Barnet against this Part Fail outfit!

    From Proper Man, on Tue 7 Aug 19:41
  10. Diz am de end of plonketta Daz even his home team­ Palarze delete him thumbs down please TWOY

    From John, on Sun 15 Jul 19:15
  11. Come on the FL what are you playing at ??oh I know DAZ­ must be in charge lol TWOY

    From Bernard Evans, on Wed 11 Jul 14:02
  12. Still no new left back; has Micky got a plan? Sure he­ has, perhaps he could find a solution to Daz - would­ need to involve plastic surgery and a brain implant! If­ Keith Ryder has purchased the club, when do the FA have­ to make a decision as to his being fit to do so? If­ Micky can sign new players, why are we still in­ administration? Alternatively, if we are still in­ administration, how can he sign new players? Bring on­ Barnet - if you love the Vale, stand up!

    From PETER MORGAN, on Tue 10 Jul 21:38
  13. De Dozy Daz iz back from iz Palarze do da thumbz down­ on da Raz guyz innit come on da Valiantz

    From Delboy, on Sat 7 Jul 5:43
  14. Interesting new signings, but where is the left back?­ Rob Taylor isn't a good defender and is better­ further forward and while Doug Loft will do a shift­ there, he is better in midfield. Joe Davis provides­ some pace and brain in the middle of the back four and­ Yates can do a job on the right but we need a left back­ to keep the defence tight. Still looks good for the­ coming season though. TWOY!

    From Pete Morgan, on Wed 4 Jul 21:08
  15. YAHOOOOOOOOOOOO we are now a loaded club thanks to­ Keith Ryder TWOY

    From John, on Fri 29 Jun 17:48
  16. Great postings already from us Valiants but once again­ that not sure who he supports(sCrewe) tricky micky back­ on our pages passing his wetdream cream comments,he,s­ put nowt on the spermites page TWOY

    From Bernard Evans, on Wed 27 Jun 16:26
  17. Looking forward to sending the Spermites right down­ their bent2 spire just like they did last season tricky­ micky we will be watching with delight

    From john, on Wed 27 Jun 16:13
  18. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    DATE FOR YOUR DIARY : APRIL FOOLS DAY 2013 : THE B2­ NET STADIUM. the richest club in league 2, the home of­ the mighty spireites,who WILL put a football show on­ against the poor mans vale. prediction. 3-0 to the­ cream and a result that will send the fail finally­ where they belong in the poor mans conference.­ MICHAEL/CREAM.

    From Michael, on Wed 27 Jun 14:52
  19. The sooner his take-over is confirmed, the sooner Micky­ can start re-building the squad, particularly­ recruiting a replacement for Ant Griffiths. Richards­ isn't such a loss, given his rubbish first-touch­ and poor disciplinary record. The Pope and Louis Dodds­ should make an effective strike force at this level,­ given support on the flanks from Rob Taylor and Ben­ Williamson. Joe Davis will provide some pace and­ intelligence to the back four. Bring on Barnet! TWOY!

    From Pete Morgan, on Tue 26 Jun 21:39
  20. Lets get the FL to sort out our new owner Keith Ryder­ so we can get promoted come on the Vale TWOY

    From John, on Fri 22 Jun 8:13
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