Tuesday November 20, 2012 Day 19 Finished Vale Park

Port Vale 4 - 0 Bristol Rovers

  • Pope 19’, 22’, 67’
  • Williamson 34’

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  1. Great result, a hat-trick for the Pope and new owners -­ what a day! For once in my life, I was pleased to see­ Chesterfield win as it puts some space between us and­ Cheltenham. There were a few other results that helped­ us too, but we helped ourselves most of all. Lets see­ who Micky can get into the squad so we can really push­ on and put more pressure on Gillingham. TWOY!

    From Pete Morgan, on Wed 21 Nov 7:24
  2. Thats right Key TWOY The Wonder Of You and boy am I­ changing my religion thanks to the Pope lol fantastic­ result all round for us Valiants great future ahead­ great night TWOY

    From John, on Wed 21 Nov 6:46
  3. Cracking result, i knew the lads wouldnt let us down­ tonight ;) A up Geoff i cant wait to see us back in the­ championship meself,i just hope we get out of this­ division this season we certainly dont belong here. I­ believe TWOY stands for "the wonder of­ you"....take care mucka :)

    From Key, on Tue 20 Nov 23:44
  4. Rovers asking for advise on NEW ground !!!! we are­ gonna be out of the football league at this rate,­ changes needed, over rated manager / over rated­ exspensive players & the board feels sure to get­ rid of Hollie,Trollop & Lambert - HELLO !!!! my­ poor old Dad will be turning in his grave & I will­ watch footie at the downs ..... see you there soon GAS

    From mark, on Tue 20 Nov 22:26
  5. Great win again. Have been a supporter for 65 years and­ hoping we can get back to where we belong in The­ Championship. I can still remember those days in the­ old Div 2. Sorry to be ignorant but what does TWOY­ stand for? Geoffers

    From GEOFFREY, on Tue 20 Nov 22:24
  6. What a result fantastic from the Pope a hat trick 20­ goals so far and 3 points yahooooooo and new owners­ TWOY

    From Bernard Evans, on Tue 20 Nov 21:55
  7. Surely cant mess this one up now,go on John sing yer­ heart out for the lads!!! we ate sjoke

    From Key, on Tue 20 Nov 20:35
  8. 2-0 make that 30 million now ;)

    From Key, on Tue 20 Nov 20:14
  9. Go on Popey lad!! hes got to be worth about 20 mil now

    From Key, on Tue 20 Nov 20:11
  10. On my way to the Vale come on lads lets get 3 points­ TWOY

    From John, on Tue 20 Nov 17:57
  11. Well said Pete lets get 3 points tonight and give our­ new owners a big welcome,should shut that not too sure­ who I support Micky up,think he,s a Sjoke fan­ really,come on the VALE TWOY

    From John, on Tue 20 Nov 10:35
  12. Michael, I'm not sure who enjoys it most, you­ winding Bernard and John up or them being wound up.­ Personally, I'm not too concerned, a dip in form­ was bound to happen at some stage of the season,­ particularly with a squad as small as ours, and while­ we continue to score goals as we are, the points will­ come. Once Micky has got some money to spend, he will,­ hopefully, get the left back and holding midfielder we­ need. I don't think there should be a problem­ getting players to the club as he is a good manager and­ we should be well placed to push for promotion. Another­ 3 points tonight will keep us in the mix and should put­ some space between us and Cheltenham and the others.­ The gap to Chesterfield isn't worth commenting on!­ TWOY!

    From Pete Morgan, on Tue 20 Nov 9:46
  13. We are going up guys and the spermites are going down­ all the way looking forward to the game tonight great 3­ points and yes John feed the Pope as Pete says Vale all­ the way TWOY

    From Delboy, on Tue 20 Nov 6:37
  14. Looking forward to tonights game and the Pope to shove­ it up thicky Mickys jitty great day at last for us­ Valeites new owners to be announced yahoooooo TWOY

    From Bernard Evans, on Tue 20 Nov 6:21
  15. Thicko sicko Micko at it again we only lost 2 so far­ and spermites lost 6 we are 2nd and they are 16th­ hahaha maths are,nt his subject come on the Vale we are­ doing the biz and new owners announced it was great on­ Saturday Pete and Key proud to be a Vale fan TWOY

    From John, on Mon 19 Nov 20:13
  16. Alright Pete,well we messed saturday up conceding the­ late equaliser was hard to take.But as you say we have­ been in admin way too long now and apparently the deal­ will be done tomorrow.If it isnt im going to be one­ worried Vale fan! we need a left back and a new striker­ imo.I cant make the game either bloody working but im­ sure we will beat Bristol they are a poor side just­ like spunkfield ;)

    From Key, on Mon 19 Nov 13:58
  17. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Fair comment Pete, but concerns are starting to dig in­ ?????????????, hardly the form of a top 2 team ???? ­ seriously keep your eyes firmly fixed on the spireites,­ were on the move.!!!!!!!! p.s have a word with­ the cretins John boy and Bernard ,dont they realise how­ easy it is to wind them up ????????????? CREAM.

    From Michael, on Mon 19 Nov 9:28
  18. Put it another way, Michael, when did we last lose one?­ 5 games ago, which is better than Chesterfield, Crewe­ Stoke or whoever it is you support.Doesn't look­ like a slide to me, or at least, not yet. We are­ drawing games we ought to be winning if we are going to­ get promotion; dropping 4 points from being 2-0 up at­ home is not good enough, but at least we were 2 goals­ up to begin with. We are suffering from being in­ administration too long; the sooner the takeover is­ agreed the better and Micky can start strengthening the­ squad. Rovers shouldn't be too hard to beat; feed­ the Pope and he will score! Sad to say, this is another­ home game I can't make but will follow on line­ again. TWOY!

    From Pete Morgan, on Sun 18 Nov 17:50
  19. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Oh dear oh dear when did the fail last win a match­ ??????????????????????????????????????????? ­ THE CREAM ARE MARCHING UPWARDS­ ...................................................

    From Michael, on Sat 17 Nov 19:29
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