Saturday April 20, 2013 Day 45 Finished Vale Park

Port Vale 2 - 2 Northampton Town

  • Chilvers 38’
  • Collins 86’ (o.g.)
  • Carlisle 2’
  • O'Donovan 69’

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  1. Comments gone missing again! At least it means we­ don't have to read Michael's predictable­ drivel. Up we go, League 1 here we come! Not the best­ result but good enough; their first goal was scrappy,­ their second very well-taken and Neal had no chance. We­ should've had at least 1 penalty in the first half,­ but we didn't play to our best. Don't­ understand why Micky played Dodds instead of Birchall,­ we were out-numbered and out-muscled in midfield, but­ it came good in the end. Great to see Vale Park so full­ and with such a good atmosphere. Great club going back­ towards where we belong. TOOMA! TWOY!

    From PETER MORGAN, on Sun 21 Apr 21:28
  2. Our gate was over 12000 tickets sold season tickets not­ counted thats 3500 plus almost 1000 kids under nine in­ for nothing so not bad thicky looks like all your sick­ predicktions were totally wrong we are UP and the­ biggest gate in the league biggest scorers in the­ league and top goal scorer in the league the one and­ only Pope well well well looks like we owe the­ Chesterfailed Sjokie a pint because no doubt he will be­ slagging us off Championship here we come and playing­ Sjoke more points there then...guaranteed TWOY and­ TOOMA

    From John, on Sun 21 Apr 20:00
  3. Fantastic day got a hangover and well deserved lol bye­ bye thicky we are UP yahooooooooooo TWOY

    From John, on Sun 21 Apr 10:40
  4. Micky its "small club in Burslem", were­ nowhere near "stoke". Idiot can't even­ insult right lol

    From David, on Sat 20 Apr 23:11
  5. Michael, the important thing you said was that the Vale­ 'are up', the table doesn't lie, points on­ the board are what count and we've got more than­ all the other teams bar 1. The facts are that Vale are­ going up because we deserve to, and Chesterfailed­ aren't, because, over the season as a whole, you­ don't deserve to. Accept it and grow up. Don't­ see the Pope going anywhere, but we do need to­ strengthen the team: Hughes and Purse will need­ replacing and hopefully Griff will come back­ permanently. The basis of good team is there, though­ why Micky played Dodds rather than Birchall, I­ don't know. We should've beaten the Cobblers,­ but lost too many second balls because the midfield was­ out-fought.. The main thing is that, despite starting­ the season in administration and no owner, we've­ come good in the end. TOOMA! TWOY!

    From Pete Morgan, on Sat 20 Apr 21:58
  6. the mighty Stoke win !!!!!! the mighty spireites win­ with ease!!!!!!! mathematically the poor failites are­ up , but what a pathetic way to do it ???????????????­ pathetic, will finish in 3rd, scraping over the­ line,and lets face it without Pope THE FAILITES would­ be languishing near the relegation spots.Whats gonna­ happen next year when he's off to Blackburn­ ?????????????????? SIMPLES..................STRAIGHT­ BACK DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! little club in­ Stoke / THE CREAMS OFF TO SPAIN FOR 3 MONTHS.

    From Michael, on Sat 20 Apr 20:13
  7. Vale win promotion, Festerfail miss out on the­ playoffs. Feel like singing "ITS SUCH A PERFECT­ DAY"

    From David, on Sat 20 Apr 19:30
  8. We are in the play offs!

    From Eleanor, on Sat 20 Apr 17:38
  9. We are UP UP UP that will shut you UP thicky TWOY­ yahooooooooooo TOOMA

    From John, on Sat 20 Apr 17:25
  10. North Stand Army! Come on The Cobblers!!

    From Callum, on Sat 20 Apr 15:23
  11. Come on Cobblers!

    From Eleanor, on Sat 20 Apr 15:14
  12. Getting my brekkie then off to meet my mates in town­ really looking forward to today big win and shove it UP­ the thicky big style we are the Vale TWOY

    From John, on Sat 20 Apr 8:21
  13. Going UP UP UP thicky enjoy your continued spell in div­ 2 or will it be the championship for the Sjokies DOWN­ they are going hahaha TWOY

    From Bernard Evans, on Sat 20 Apr 3:21
  14. Got my tickets almost sold out,cops won,t let us use­ Hamil end only for away fans,small town in Sjoke haha­ Sjoke is a small town the council are leaving for that­ reason sicky we are the Vale and going UP and yes as­ you say Peter Chesterfailed staying DOWN yahoooooooooo­ scream Micky TWOY and TOOMA

    From John, on Fri 19 Apr 16:02
  15. That'll be #$%$ that is 7 places and 15 points­ above you then, Michael? Looks like your definition of­ '#$%$' is as accurate as your definition of­ 'a slide'! We may be a small town in the­ Potteries but we produce class, unlike Chesterfailed or­ the other club around here. The Pope will feed tomorrow­ and we will go up in style, shouted on by a crowd that­ Chesterfailed can only dream of. Pity we won't be­ playing you next season, but we'll enjoy watching­ your struggle against relegation. TOOMA! TWOY!

    From Pete Morgan, on Fri 19 Apr 9:06
  16. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    some treat John boy, tickets to watch #$%$ !!!!!!!!!!!!­ ,av a word with Bernard about his poor schooling, his­ spelling is atrocious!!!!LOL. i'M SURE THE­ NORTHAMPTON TEA-PARTY WILL END IN TEARS. small town­ in Stoke,and always will be. ­ CREAM. make sure your comments come flying in 4.50­ sat. LMFAO.

    From Michael, on Fri 19 Apr 8:53
  17. Thanks Bernard going up the Vale tomorrow to get mine­ for a couple of mates who want to go to the game they­ are Burton fans haha but are looking forward to a great­ atmosphere and crowd they hate Chesterfailed and Sjoke­ as well hehehe just good mates who like to watch a good­ game and my treat because they are getting the ale in­ to celebrate yahoooooooooooooooooooooooo TWOY and of­ course TOOMA bye thicky enjoy div2 scream

    From John, on Thu 18 Apr 18:15
  18. Over 11000 tickets so far and over 1000 expected from­ Northampton apparently no tickets will be available on­ the gates what a suprise thicky we are the Vale and­ going UP UP UP predicktions wrong again by the one and­ only Sjokie Chesterfailed so called keyboard fan TWOY­ and TOOMA

    From Bernard Evans, on Thu 18 Apr 17:55
  19. Finally admitted defeat, Michael, can't find­ anything to say about the Vale and are left with just­ the town to criticise. Don't care where we come­ from - in my case, North East London - we just support­ a great club. Great club, great supporters, great­ manager and, at long last, we seem to have great­ owners. Whats not to like? TOOMA! TWOY!

    From Pete Morgan, on Wed 17 Apr 21:38
  20. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    small town in Stoke Pete AND ALWAYS WILL­ BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Michael, on Wed 17 Apr 20:39
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