Saturday March 9, 2013 Day 37 Finished Vale Park

Port Vale 1 - 2 Southend United

  • Hughes 64’
  • Clohessy 19’ (pen.)
  • Assombalonga 31’

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  1. well at least its a reply Key??????? otherwise a poor­ turn out from a little club from Stoke LOL.

    From Michael, on Mon 11 Mar 20:52
  2. #$%$

    From Key, on Sun 10 Mar 21:39
  3. cummon crass,cocky,we are going up­ comments ???????????? where are you john boy ??? and­ you bernard ???? key LOL ????? OR EVEN YOU armchair­ pete morgan ?????? whats up with you all ????? ANOTHER­ DEFEAT lol ............what do you expect ?????? 2­ points from 18 and couldn;t score in a brothel­ ?????????? ALL PREDICTED. Your away sat to Bristol­ Rovers and guess what ????? this will be another­ defeat!!!!!!! THE CREAM beat em 2-0, but you wont get a­ sniff there ,and the drop into the play offs is just­ around the corner. cAN YOU HOLD ON TO THE PLAY OFFS­ ?????????????????????? ­ THE CREAM PREDICTION IS­ HAPPENING.

    From Michael, on Sun 10 Mar 18:58
  4. Having seen the past 2 games,Darren Purse is very­ poor.JMW is also the same.When boom came on for Purse­ 2nd half with JMW off the pitch too we were a much­ better team.1st half i just couldnt recognise our­ team,get the ball and they dont know what to do?sort it­ out MA because if we keep playing like this we aint­ going up this season.I want stay positive but i do fear­ for our automatic place now.

    From Key, on Sun 10 Mar 15:06
  5. Whoops...thats not good

    From thebear1968, on Sat 9 Mar 19:24
  6. Thats one goal back, now for the second! C'mon­ Vale, the draw is definitely on and a win not­ impossible! Feed the Pope! TWOY!

    From Pete Morgan, on Sat 9 Mar 16:36
  7. Port Fail on the slippery slope out of automatic­ promotion.

    From Phil, on Sat 9 Mar 16:14
  8. A draw is starting to look like a good result if we­ could get one. Not sure what is worse, sitting at home­ with flu following the game on the 'net or being at­ the grouns and actually witnessing it. Things have got­ to get better in the second half, haven't they? ­ C'mon Vale, we need a goal and quick.TOOMA! TWOY!

    From Pete Morgan, on Sat 9 Mar 15:52
  9. If we get these 3 points,the bradford game will turn­ out to be a good point.Im sure if Pope can get on the­ scoresheet and we do a good performance the confidence­ in some of the players will come back.Just hope Purse­ stops booting the ball up field every time he gets the­ ball he was #$%$ against bradford.

    From Key, on Fri 8 Mar 8:41
  10. Michael, I'm not sure which I admire most - your­ ability to keep your finger on a punctuation mark key­ or your inability to get facts right. Our attendances­ are invariably higher than you say, not sure how­ anybody can tread water AND sink at the same time and 3­ points against Southend and we'll be pulling away­ from the crowd again. Its not just our results that are­ showing a lack of consistency at the moment, but just­ abpout everybody's. Should be an interesting few­ weeks, but we are going up. What we do need is a goal­ and a result to put confidence back where it belongs.­ The defence is looking tight, provided we don't­ play McCombe and Purse at the same time, midfield has­ been strengthened by the return of Griff tho'­ we'll miss Lofts and the Pope will score of he gets­ half-decent service. TOOMA! TWOY!

    From PETER MORGAN, on Thu 7 Mar 16:57
  11. On yer bike Thicko you are now 14th hahahaha Down you­ slide on your thick sick sour cream,oh and what a­ complete failure at the Britt should be changing their­ badge to a diamond shape because thats got 3 points lol­ we are the Vale and we are going UP yahooooooooooooo­ TWOY and TOOMA !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From John, on Thu 7 Mar 14:54
  12. i love it !!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing comments from the­ failites LOL keep feeding the Pope ?????????? your­ having a giraffe Bernard i'm afraid the bubbles­ well and truly burst my friend,,(AS PREDICTED) the­ goals have dried up,and your treading water AN starting­ to sink LOL. with small pitifull gates of 4000­ even when you went top says it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­ teams are starting to real you in,and as the CREAMS­ stated its play off at best IF you can arrest the­ slump. ­ CREAM.

    From Michael, on Thu 7 Mar 14:11
  13. Well said guys UP we are going lets keep behind the­ Vale and just ignore the thicky Sjokie comments should­ be a good game especially if we feed our Pope !!! TOOMA­ and of course TWOY

    From Bernard Evans, on Thu 7 Mar 6:54
  14. At least we didn't lose against Bradford, though­ whether we deserved a draw depends on which report you­ read. A s you say, John, Chesterfield are doing a good­ impression of a dying swan, though they should be safe­ from relegation - just! Good to see Griff back and­ biting legs, him and Burge in midfield should be a­ strong combination. Just need the Pope to get one goal­ and more will follow. It looks like nerves are playing­ a big part in our not getting the results we need and­ deserve. 'Squeeky bum time' indeed! Will be­ there Saturday to see us pick up 3 points and push on­ for an automatic promotion place. TOOMA! TWOY!

    From Pete Morgan, on Wed 6 Mar 8:31
  15. Ready for this one guys we should get our 3 points and­ wow the cream keep sliding thicky Micky we are the Vale­ TWOY

    From John, on Wed 6 Mar 8:06
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