Saturday September 1, 2012 Day 4 Finished Vale Park

Port Vale 1 - 1 Torquay United

  • Saah 69’ (o.g.)
  • Morris 39’

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  1. Well said Fairplay, and I drive 80 miles each way to­ watch the Vale, so it isn't just local support. I­ also share your feelings about 'glory hunters',­ though surprised to hear you claim Stoke have got some!

    From Pete Morgan, on Tue 4 Sep 9:06
  2. THE ROTS­ STARTED...............................................C­ REAM.

    From Michael, on Mon 3 Sep 10:05
  3. Pete your right usual rubbish from Yahoo I­ wholeheartedly withdraw my comment. I also admire your­ durability watching the Vale I was in discussion with­ an Exeter fan last week and we agreed that when you see­ all the glory hunters that abound these days (yes we at­ Stoke have some as well) its good that local people­ support their local team. I know I give you lot loads­ of ribbing about the council but I would rather see a­ Vale top around these parts anyday then whoever the­ glory hunters are following at the time. Looks like we­ will be seeing Chelsea tops for a while yet

    From Achtung Spitfuer!, on Mon 3 Sep 9:13
  4. Fairplay, I've got 3 cats and not one of them has­ got my tongue: I posted a comment last night which has­ got lost in the ether. Delboy is half right - the ref­ and one of the linesmen were rubbish, but we were all­ over them. Apart from their goal, they produced very­ little; they are an experienced and well-organised side­ and we out-played them, hitting the bar, the post­ twice, the roof of the net and the side-netting. On­ another day, we could've scored 4. On the other­ hand, if you don't take your chances, you don't­ really deserve to win. The way we are playing, though,­ someone is in for a good stuffing. TWOY

    From Pete Morgan, on Sun 2 Sep 21:38
  5. Well stone me where are all you TWOY fans today cat got­ your tongues???? Oh dear how sad never mind!!!!!!!

    From Achtung Spitfuer!, on Sun 2 Sep 20:35
  6. We should have won this one the ref and linesmen were­ rubbish,at least we did,nt looooooze Daz played well­ the Valiants TWOY

    From Delboy, on Sat 1 Sep 17:22
  7. Diz am da big daft Daz making stupid remarks agen innit­ where iz da Palarze in da league daft Daz???? down you­ iz goin and up we iz goin it means the mighty Vale will­ be givin it right up the Palarze next season boyzee­ yahoooo TWOY all de way

    From Bernard Evans, on Sat 1 Sep 7:17
  8. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show


    From Daz, on Fri 31 Aug 22:33
  9. Total #$%$ yahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    From John, on Fri 31 Aug 21:27
  10. Come on you Valiants 3 more points and shut up the­ plonkers we are the VALE and TWOY all the way

    From John, on Fri 31 Aug 16:37
  11. Hahaha tricky sicky thicky Micky down you go­ spermites,where are you in the league down down you go­ and no manager sCream hahaha kep it going you Valiants­ TWOY

    From Bernard Evans, on Thu 30 Aug 6:39
  12. Should be a good game on Saturday; Torquay haven't­ got off to the start they'd have liked and­ would've been expected to get, but will doubtless­ be well organised and hard to break down. If we play as­ we can, we should produce enough chances to take all 3­ points. Understandably, we are still missing Griffiths,­ his ball-winning ability and hard running are hard to­ replace, but Morsy hasn't done a bad job so far.­ Richards hasn't been missed and his going gives the­ Pope more space to lead the front-line and hold the­ ball up - and he has scored twice already. Can't be­ bad. Still no news about getting out of administration,­ but that will come together in time. TWOY

    From Pete Morgan, on Wed 29 Aug 21:26
  13. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    SHOULD BE A WHOPPING BIG CROWD FOR THIS­ ONE...............3000 MAYBE LOL...............make­ sure you bring your buckets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­ CREAM.

    From Michael, on Wed 29 Aug 14:23
  14. Looking forward to this game guys great to see the­ plonkettas being proved wrong,lets get behing MA and­ the team TWOY

    From John, on Sun 26 Aug 7:06
  15. In 5th position and the chance to go higher with 3 ­ points on Saturday. We sound to be playing good­ football but need to be taking our chances better.­ Hopefully 2 goals in 3 games will boost the Pope's­ confidence and we can build on the performances to­ date. TWOY!

    From Pete Morgan, on Sat 25 Aug 23:28
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