Saturday January 7, 2012 Day 18 Finished Bernabéu

Real Madrid 5 - 1 Granada CF

  • Benzema 19’, 50’
  • Ramos 34’
  • Higuaín 47’
  • Cristiano Ronaldo 89’
  • Mikel Rico 22’

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  1. Real extend lead over Barcelona

    Real extend lead over Barcelona

    Real Madrid went six points clear of Barcelona at the top of La Liga with a 5-1 win at home to Granada. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Real Madrid
    • Granada CF
    • - Thanks for joining me tonight folks - catch me on Twitter @Reda_Maher Follow here!
    • 90+2 No time to take it though - the whistle goes and that is that! Madrid six points clear of Barca, who visit local rivals Espanyol tomorrow.
    • 90+1 Callejon with a low drive tipped behind by Roberto. Another good save.
    • 90' Granada do have a corner after Benitez does well wide left - but Real clear.
    • 89' RONALDO MAKES IT FIVE! A booming shot, no chance the keeper after good work from Kaka on the right, final touch into C-Ron's path from a defender.
    • 88' It was deflected apparently so a corner but Geija heads away. Real keep the ball though.
    • 87' Nervy for Roberto who punches Altintop's cross away but Callejon shoots well over.
    • 86' Ronaldo tries an audacious effort from the right that almost sneaks in at the near post, so quick that Roberto was nowhere near it!
    • 85' Benitez gives it away and Ronaldo could be away here but Lopez with a good interception.
    • 84' Flashing cross across the face of goal by Geijo but no-one is able to get a touch and it flies out.
    • 83' REAL SUB: Higuain comes off for Altintop.
    • 82' STAT: 64% possession Real.
    • 81' Ach a good move from Real loses impetus after a poor pass by Callejon. Marcelo keeps it in and Kaka feeds Callejon but easy for Roberto to gather the low shot.
    • 80' Granada move forward but Kaka is able to race on to a clearance down the left, nice low ball but just behind Higuain and Callejon - Khedira keeps it in.
    • 79' That Granada move fizzles out and Real come again - cleared from Higuain though.
    • 78' Diarra gives it away and Granda could be in - but again he excellent Varane drifts across to clear.
    • 76' Kaka swings it in and headed beheind by Lopez for another corner.
    • 75' Corner Real after good work from Kaka down the left, super skills and an attempted cut-back kept out by a brave Roberto.
    • 74' Callejon strays offside. A Granada player is down, I think it's Martins but I can't see for sure.
    • 73' Callejon gets a header, his first half-chance, but wide of goal.
    • 72' Kaka finds Ronaldo who tries a long-range drive but deflected wide. Corner. Kaka takes but headed back out to him. Another good cross AND RONALDO but he heads over!
    • 71' Casillas gets a good punch on the Martins corner and Real clear - Higuain runs at Benitez but the Granada man tackles well.
    • 70' Siqueira on the rampage down the left and his pull-back is hacked behind for a corner.
    • 69' Just wide from Lopez! Good assist from Rico but the defender could only hammer it wide!
    • 68' Corner to Granada on the left and met by a flashing header from Diakhate but well wide.
    • 67' REAL SUB: Ozil is rewarded for his hat-trick of assists with a rest; Kaka on in his place. Yikes!
    • 67' C-Ron on the edge of the box... but too much elevation and it dips too late to land over.
    • 66' Free-kick to Real which Ronaldo will take but a sub for the visitors first - Ighalo off for Geijo.
    • 65' Madrid knocking it about well again now. I can see a couple more going in...
    • 63' So free-kick Granada on the left side of the box... Cleared by Ramos.
    • 62' Varane looked to have tackled Benitez cleanly, but the ref decides it's a foul. Poor reffing - he didn't even follow through on the man, clean as a whistle.
    • 61' GRANADA SUB: Rico (Fran) comes on for Granada, Yebda off.
    • 60' Martins with a lovely pass and Benitez hits it on the volley but off target. Should have taken it down.
    • 59' Higuain is booked for a late challenge in midfield. A striker's tackle.
    • 58' Brandon - thanks but no need to shout ;) I didn't get to see a replay, thus assumed it was Alonso as he loves those passes. That's three assists for Ozil - stop giving him low marks fans!
    • 57' Khedira plays in Higuain, who dribbles round a few players but overruns it into Roberto's arms.
    • 56' Alonso with a super knock-down for Ozil on the volley but it's blocked this time.
    • 54' More Real subs wamring up - I think Kaka will come on at some point.
    • 53' REAL MADRID SUB: Benzema is able to walk but he wants to come off - Callejon warming up will come on.
    • 52' Benzema seems to be hurt, he's down holding his inner thigh.
    • 51' Ronaldo runs at the defence and drills a wicked low drive but it's well wide.
    • 50' 4-1! Benzema with a second, drilling a low finish through the legs of a culpable Siquera - who didn't close him down - and inside the far post. Nice long pass to find Benzema (I think Alonso?), who controlled and cut inside nicely.
    • 49' Real fancy some more now as Khedira finds Benema, who fires well over. Khedira could have shot but he's not the best at that so looked for his fellow Euro-Arab.
    • 48' Deary me. Marcelo had lost the ball, but Sequira, Diakhate and Lopez all stood about ball-watching as Higuain gobbled up the loose ball, low to the right. Game over.
    • 47' GOAL MADRID! Oh well, we were having fun for a while but Higuain rolls it in after a comedy of errors in the Granada box.
    • 46' Second half underway in Madrid.
    • - What do you think of this game so far? Are Real doing enough or in danger of a shock? I must say I have been impressed with Granada's balls. Can I say that? Follow me on Twitter @Reda_Maher LINK HERE
    • 45' Half-time and a very entertaining 45 finishes 2-1 to Madrid.
    • 44' Benitez seems to want a shot from here, a long way out... But he puts in a clever chip that Yebda attacks but just over his head! Well that was smart but slightly off target.
    • 43' Headed clear but Benzema is drawn into a foul on Benitez, free-kick right-centre 30+ yards out...
    • 42' Martins plays in Nyom, who runs at Ramos and it's a corner to the visitors. Verbals between the pair as that row continues.
    • 41' Benzema with a long-range effort now that stings the gloves of Roberto, who gathers the rebound immediately.
    • 40' Benitez has a pop from range this time but, despite having good power and height, it is too close to Casillas.
    • 39' Well over from C-Ron on the left trying a shot.
    • 38' Marcelo with a daisy-cutter but it takes a big deflection so a very good save from Roberto to readjust!
    • 37' Ronaldo finds Benzema out wide, decent cross but Diakhate clears.
    • 36' Uche cuts in from the right and tries one from range but a few yards wide in the end.
    • 35' Benitez robs Khedira and he races away but Varane shows great acceleration to come across and nick it away for a throw.
    • 34' GOAL MADRID! Ramos, who Granada feel just aimed at a sneaky punch at Nyom, heads the corner powerfully into the bottom right from Ozil's corner. Poor marking mind.
    • 33' Ronaldo tangles with Nyom but the Granada man gets away, Ramos then tackles and appears to take a swing at Nyom as they hit the deck! Nyom is annoyed but I don't think it was a punch, more a flail as they fell.
    • 32' Higuain is convinced he was pulled back by Lopez but play-on says the ref, who is too far from play to make a call.
    • 31' ALMOST A SECOND FOR GRANADA! Ramos just about getting it away sliding in with Benitez set to tap in Siquera's superb cross! Granada taking it to Real!
    • 30' Martins takes the corner, half-cleared to Rico who volleys but well over.
    • 29' Alonso gives it away and here come Granada, pass to Ighalo who could be in but it's too heavy, he plays it to Rico, a one-two with Benitez AND RICO FINISHES LOW BUT PALMED AWAY BY CASILLAS!
    • 28' STAT: 11 shots from Real, two from Granada.
    • 27' C-Ron with a long-range shot but a yard or so wide from the diving Roberto's post.
    • 26' Martins is left in a heap by a late slide from Khedira. Surprised he wasn't booked, this being La Liga and all.
    • 25' Granada clear and Ighalo sends Benitez away but Ramos gets there first and draws a foul.
    • 24' Ozil's shot is deflected wide for a corner. Roberto is booked, I think for backchat.
    • 23' Poor cross from Ozil on the right, sailing out for a goal kick. Back to the goal, poor defending from Marcelo to let Uche cross and similarly from Ramos, no marking at all, spatial or to man, just standing there.
    • 22' GOAL GRANADA! Madness! Look at their faces! Rico can barely contain his delight and the visiting fans go nuts! Lovely header but totally unmarked as he meets a sweet cross by Uche! Game on!
    • 21' Khedira fires straight at Roberto after more silky (silly?) skills from Ronaldo and Ozil.
    • 20' REALLY GOOD GOAL REAL MADRID! Oooh some lovely one-touch passing, Ozil to Ronaldo who scoops an outrageous ball back to the onrushing Ozil, who backheels it on the spin for Benzema to roll the finish home. Harlem Globetrotters stuff.
    • 19' Quick free-kick from Alonso, backheel by Higuain, lovely interplay with Benzema but Marcelo fails to cross in the end and the Brazilian wing-back gives away a free-kick as Granada try to break.
    • 18' The clearance lands to Alonso, who lofts in a super ball AND RAMOS FLIES IN but the header is just over!
    • 17' Ronaldo again runs down the left but Diakhate slides in. Corner. Ozil puts it on to the penalty spot and players from both sides attack it but cleared.
    • 16' Real back in their groove but Alonso can't find the right pass. Could be a long night for Granada.
    • 15' Ronaldo on the left now but he gives it straight to Rico and Granada break. Ighalo wide to Benitez and he cuts inside but shoots straight at Casillas! Not a great finish in the end but the 5,000 travelling fans delighted at that - and making more noise than the home support. Their first shot on goal against Real in the league for 36 years. Something to celebrate.
    • 14' Real hogging the ball but Khedira gets his shot all wrong after setting himself up with a neat flick. Not a scorer.
    • 13' Madrid use the width of the pitch nicely and Alonso almost releases Higuain but for a sliding interception by Lopez.
    • 12' Granada venture forward but the ball flies out for a throw deep on their left wing. Madrid keep it short and work it from the back.
    • 11' Real battering Granada now, who are hanging on already. Lass on the right now finds Ozil, he tries a through ball but outside Benzema and to the keeper. Bad pass.
    • 10' Real keep coming but Khedira's ball is stolen by Uche, now Ighalo runs away but he can't reach it.
    • 9' Ronaldo with a super dipping cross but hacked away from Benzema by Siquera, who did very well this time.
    • 8' Siquera with a bizarre backpass that almost lobs his own keeper but goes out for a corner. I can't work out if that was a mis-hit clearance or a backpass. Alonso's ball in doesn't cause any problems.
    • 7' JUST WIDE BY VARANE! The young French defender rose above everyone but was perhaps impeded by his team-mate Ramos as the flick bounced wide!
    • 6' Neat feet by Ronaldo on the left and he earns a corner, which Alonso goes across to take.
    • 5' Long ball from Alonso taken down wonderfully by Benzema, super touch, skill to go in and out of the defender and he's in but his drag-back - while good - misses everyone bar a slipping Ronaldo, who doesn't connect!
    • 4' Real now stroking it abo8t nicely. Granada barely left their half.
    • 3' Slick play from Real as a sweeping move sees Benzema able to shoot - blocked by Benitez, who is fouled by Diarra.
    • 2' As you'd expect Real are taking the game to Granada but the visitors counter attack down the left - Lass brings it clear. Someone should tell him that's Geordie for 'girl'.
    • 2' You can interact with me on Twitter if you like - I'm on @Reda_Maher. FOLLOW HERE!
    • 1' The first half is underway!
    • 18:59 FACT: Real Madrid are the top scorers in the second half of LigaBBVA matches this season (32); Granada are the lowest-scoring side in LigaBBVA this season (10), but only two sides have conceded fewer (16).
    • 18:58 FACT: The Whites have won 14 of their 17 league games at home to Granada (W14 D2 L1). Madrid have won their first home game of the new year in each of the last 20 seasons (since 0-3 defeat vs Atlético in 1991).
    • 18:57 Fabriciano 'Fabri' Gonzalez: "Real are one of the best teams in the world, if not the best. Barcelona are different - neither better nor worse, just different. Madrid is a team with high tactical, technical and physical qualities. They have individual quality, with some of the best players in the world. The counter-attack is crucial against Real because offensively you cannot manage them otherwise."
    • 18:56 Jose Mourinho: "The Champions League is the most coveted, everyone wants to win it and have it on their CV. But it has been won several times without merit, because it is a Cup competition, with one-off games that can be decided by decisions, injuries and the rest. Without exception, La Liga is the competition I would most like to win."
    • 18:55 Granada are doing just fine after their promotion. Unsurprisingly given how nice the place is, they have managed to atrract some decent names - including Hassan Yebda, Ike Uche, Roberto, Carlos Martins and Carlos Martins, all of whom start tonight. Only one absence - the suspended winger Franco Jara.
    • 18:50 So a very strong starting XI for Real, with Lass surprisingly continuing at right-back - we thought Arbeloa would return tonight. Ozil-Ronaldo-Bezema-Higuain - Real are going for goals. Pepe banned, Carvalho injured, Angel Di Maria recovering from a thigh problem and Kaka rotated with Ozil.
    • 18:45 TEAMS - Real Madrid: Casillas, Ramos, Varane, Diarra, Marcelo, Khedira, Xabi Alonso, Ozil, Ronaldo, Benzema, Higuain /// Granada: Roberto, Nyom, Lopez, Diakhate, Siqueira, Míkel Rico, Yebda, Uche, Benítez, Martins, Ighalo
    • - Hello and welcome to our LIVE coverage of Real Madrid's Liga clash with minnows Granada, kicking off at 7pm.
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