Saturday November 19, 2011 Day 13 Finished Mestalla

Valencia CF 2 - 3 Real Madrid

  • Soldado 75’, 83’
  • Benzema 20’
  • Ramos 72’
  • Cristiano Ronaldo 79’

  1. Real win thriller in Valencia

    Real win thriller in Valencia

    Real Madrid went back on top of La Liga with a thrilling 3-2 win at fellow title-chasers Valencia. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Valencia CF
    • Real Madrid
    • - Phew! What a game! Real back on top but boy did Valencia make them work for it. That's me done for the night, if you have any comments please Tweet me - but keep it clean. @Reda_Maher
    • 90+6 The corner comes in, it's headed away by Higuain and that's the whistle! Valencia surround the ref but they have no reason - he was excellent tonight and it was NOT a penalty.
    • 90+5 Tino swings it in from the left AND OFF THE BAR!! Don't know who headed it but Soldado flies in and blocked by Ramos I think! Valencia surround the ref! They want a penalty! But no, it hit the chest! Corner!!
    • 90+4 Ozil fouls Tino wide left. Last chance saloon here... Tino to take, Alves comes up!!
    • 90+3 A late free-kick for Valencia but Pepe heads Tino's centre clear.
    • 90+2 Higuain gets in but is offside again.
    • 90+1 More nonsense as Aduritz has a pop at Ramos after a hand-off from him. All gets a bit naughty but nothing happens as the ref tells them to stop horsing about. Miguel had run the ball out.
    • 90' Four added minutes being played...
    • 89' Madrid have everyone back now. Soldado races on to a long ball and he flicks a wonderful finish, first time over Casillas, but the flag is up! Oh what a finish. He's the top poacher at the moment.
    • 88' Albiol hacks it out for a throw after Ramos stooped to head clear. A bit of a crazed finish this.
    • 87' Good strength by Aduriz, he wriggles away and he could be in and Mathieu is free but the sub shoots - straight at Casillas! Mathieu is apoplectic!
    • 86' Valencia are throwing everything at Real now, Miguel is tackled though and Ronaldo gets hold of it but is well tackled by Albelda.
    • 85' REAL SUB: Granero on for Diarra. All hands to the pump now.
    • 84' Miguel crosses and Casillas flaps but Jonas can't get on it, Albiol hacking away!
    • 83' SOLDADO AGAIN! Oh my word. He flicks home another impossible finish from Pablo's great low cross after Real thought the ball was set to drift out of play. 3-2!
    • 81' Madrid get in behind again but Ronaldo's low ball fails to reach Higuain.
    • 80' Mourinho got all excited by that, leaping on Adan's back for a ride in celebration.
    • 79' GOAL RONALDO! Oooh he's evil but boy is he good! Alves came rushing out to clear, making a mess of it, and Ronaldo got hold of the ball at a very tight angle but he just drilled the perfect finish across the goal and in. 3-1.
    • 78' Tino puts the corner in but Casillas punches away. Mad finish this...
    • 77' WHAT A BLOCK BY MARCELO! Not sure he knew anything about it as Pablo volleyed Mathieu's cross towards an empty net! Corner.
    • 75' The second half had passed us by a bit until that burst of life. This could be an interesting finish...
    • 74' GOAL VALENCIA! Soldado with a wonderful finish from a tight angle through a sea of players after Pablo's finish was kept out by Casillas. Game on again!
    • 73' Real make the chance as Higuain replaces Benzema, while Valencia chuck on Pablo for Feghouli.
    • 72' GOAL MADRID! Ramos with an imperious leap to power in the header off the far post! Game set and match!
    • 71' Great injection of pace from Ronaldo but Miguel comes across and it's a corner. Higuain about to come on for Real...
    • 70' In between all the diving and flouncing Jonas has come on for Valencia. Parejo is off.
    • 69' Feghloui tangles with Ramos and everyone piles in... a definite foul from the Valencia midfielder but no need for people to get involved. All a bit fractious.
    • 68' Soldado is down after diving over Diarra's challenge. Bah.
    • 67' Down the other end Ronaldo gets in down the left but a good challenge from Miguel before he can put the cross in.
    • 66' Mathieu has a pop from range but well over, Casillas covering.
    • 65' Raul Albiol is trending on Twitter. Weird. Eight yellow cards so far. Dirty.
    • 64' Alonso slides in late on Albelda and gets a yellow card. Poor tackle.
    • 63' Ozil challenges Alba who again throws himself in the air theatrically but the ref is not up for this kind of nonsense tonight and tells the Spain defender to get up.
    • 62' Alba goes down like a tonne of bricks after colliding with Ozil, Alba makes a meal of it, was a minor foul. Play on initially but no advantage so play is pulled back. No way was that a second yellow, looked a dive from Alba to me. Oh grow up girls.
    • 61' Rami gets in a pickle off a long ball and Benzema almost gets in behind him but his friend recovers.
    • 60' This episode of handbags is carrying on and on as they all come together around the ref, no idea what they're moaning about. Casillas jogs to them and tells everyone to give over.
    • 59' Was has the ref not shown a second yellow to Tino? Now Ramos and Albelda are booked for shoving each other. All very silly.
    • 59' Valencia have the momentum now as they move forward quickly, but Madrid get everyone back in packs and win the throw. Weirdly Tino loses his rag and kicks the ball at Diarra, who was lying on the turf, and he could get sent off here!
    • 58' Parejo's ball causes problems this time as Rami and Tino fly in but Madrid get it clear.
    • 57' Corner to Valencia after a good ball by Parejo.
    • 56' Great ball in but Ramos nicks it away, a hairband in that.
    • 56' Tino to take from the right then... But a yellow card for Ozil for refusing to move back 10 yards.
    • 55' After rolling about clutching his ankle, Soldado bounces straight up and goes for Marcelo, who runs away and is booked. It was a bad tackle but Soldado was tarting about there and should have been booked too.
    • 54' Soldado gives it away to Marcelo but he wins it back and is hacked down by Marcelo... Soldado is rolling about...
    • 53' Albelda is caught by Ronaldo, making a massive meal of it and getting the Portuguese booked.
    • 52' GREAT LOW CROSS BY MATHIEU BUT SOLDADO CAN'T REACH IT! Feghloui picks it up and crosses, again over Soldado's head and Real clear. Great chance.
    • 51' Tino floats in the free-kick, met by Rami I think and Soldado flies in but Casillas reads it and punches well clear.
    • 50' Valencia have a free-kick but Real need to make a change - Arbeloa is struggling with a knock he picked up in the first half so Albiol, ex-Valencia of course, comes on.
    • 49' Soldado's header almost puts Parejo in but Pepe marshals it back to Casillas.
    • 47' No changes for Valencia, even though much of their talent is on the bench. I thought Unai wanted to win this match?
    • 46' The second half is underway!
    • - That was an impressive half from Real, who withstood an early onslaught and deserve to be ahead. What do you think? Let me know on Twitter!
    • 45+1 Miguel fouls Benzema just inside the Valencia half. Alonso barely has time to take it as the ref blows for half-time - Real lead 1-0.
    • 45' Marcelo flicks it over Miguel and runs away with it, cheeky, and it rolls out of play. Free-kick Madrid though as Marcelo is fouled by Feghloui.
    • 44' Miguel almost touches the ball into Ronaldo's pass but he gets it just right, the keeper clearing.
    • 43' Alba gets in down the left but can only play it against Arbeloa for a throw.
    • 42' Alba now on the ball, over the top for Mathieu but far too heavy for him and out for a goal kick.
    • 41' GREAT SAVE ALVES! Lovely through ball by Benzema to release Ronaldo, who tried to flick it over the advancing Brazilian but was denied at his feet.
    • 40' Some of the fizz has gone out of this match, the first real lull since the whistle.
    • 38' Alonso tries to find Benzema as he did for the goal but the ref calls play back as he wasn't ready.
    • 37' Soldado on the ball but he gives it to Alonso, who tries to get away but is hauled down by Tino, who has to watch it.
    • 36' Parejo's ball strikes Marcelo and it's a corner. Big Adil Rami comes up for it... Parejo to take... Poor, low and weak, pointless if you have a unit like Rami knocking about.
    • 34' Miguel slips it in for Feghloui but Ramos hacks it clear like a 1970s English centre-half.
    • 33' Arbeloa is booked for cumulative offences, a trip on Alba this time.
    • 32' Ozil takes it, Ramos can't meet the corner but Alonso with the loose ball and he strikes it well off target.
    • 31' Marcelo on the left plays a one-two with C-Ron, wide from the Brazilian to Ozil, he tries to find Benzema, it drops for Ronaldo whose shot is deflected off Albedla and hits the post and wide! Corner.
    • 30' Phew, this is a cracker as Real come again, Ronaldo crossing but cleared by Tino.
    • 29' Soldado goes down like a tonne of bricks when Pepe didn't touch him. The ref correctly ignores him - I predict a difficult night for the man in black.
    • 28' Appeals for a penalty as the ball appears to hit a Madrid arm after that free-kick! Waved away and Real break but Benzema is offside as he fires against Alves. Not a penalty though as Mathieu's header hit Arbeloa in the chest. Good reffing under pressure.
    • 27' Great cross by Mathieu again and Parejo flies in but his denied by Pepe diving to head behind. Corner.
    • 26' This is manic - Ronaldo goes down but no foul, Valencia clear and counter to boot but Pepe is able to get hold of the ball.
    • 26' Soldado races away and he has Parejo to his left but he delays the pass too long and the winger is offside. Poor from Soldado, he wanted to weave in and out of Ramos.
    • 25' Madrid hunt down Valencia in packs as Marcelo brings it away and draws a foul off Feghloui. This is great from Madrid after a tough start - and we've still not seen much from Ronaldo.
    • 24' Just before that disallowed goal Tino was booked for a challenge on Diarra - hence the retribution.
    • 23' This could be a problem for Diarra after he clobbers Tino... nope, no card.
    • 22' Great finish from Khedira into the roof of the net but alas he was offside. This is superb from Real Madrid.
    • 20' GOAL REAL MADRDI! And Benzema breaks his away duck after a quick, clever, quite brilliant free-kick from Alonso sends him clear. A great first touch flicks the ball up and sets up a savage low volley past the keeper. 1-0!
    • 19' Mathieu bombs in down the left but his cross evades Soldado and Costa and Casillas claims.
    • 18' This is the problem with Khedira playing as an AM - he lacks the touch to succeed up there, you'd want Ozil getting hold of it.
    • 17' Great clipped ball into Khedira but he miscontrols and the chance goes! Out for a goal kick, well closed by Miguel. I think Alonso played the pass in.
    • 16' Benzema drags a low effort well wide after good play by Ozil on the right.
    • 15' Mathieu almost combines with Alba to get in but it rolls out for a goal kick. Mathieu is better-known as a left-back but has become an all-action winger recently, with the smaller Alba - who started life as an attacking wide player - dropping back into defence. They like to overlap.
    • 14' Miguel on space wide right but his cross swerved out of play before landing at the feet of Mathieu.
    • 13' Valencia come forward now as Miguel aims a cross for Parejo but Pepe booms a header away for a throw.
    • 12' Ozil to Benzema, now Khedira is forward again - very advanced tonight - but Alba gets the right side of him and it's a goal kick.
    • 11' Ozil on the right puts a low ball in for Ronaldo but Tino clears. Now Diarra on the left, wicked low ball and Ronaldo dives in but his header is blocked! But it falls for BENZEMA but he drills it just wide! Vicious effort!
    • 10' Benzema on the right but he can't get past Alba. Throw to Real on the right. Enthralling start to this game.
    • 9' Alonso lofts it into the box, Valencia are all over the place and Benzema heads it across for Khedira who half-volleys into the ground but it bounces wide!
    • 8' Ronaldo, sporting a slicked-back hairdo with an 80s-style step, wins a free-kick on the left.
    • 7' Great run by Alba, somehow keeping it in on the left and putting over a good cross, but Parejo's flying header is blocked by Pepe.
    • 6' Ozil on the right finds fellow German Khedira, back to Ozil but his ball for Benzema is intercepted by Rami.
    • 5' Back with Valencia as they stroke it about in their own half. A throw on the right wing now but Marcelo intercepts. Now Ronaldo gets forward, good ball inside for Benzema but he dithers a bit and is tackled by his France mate Mathieu.
    • 4' Madrid finally get a touch of the ball as Khedira brings it forward, a three-man central midfield that is geared more towards protection than attack.
    • 3' By the way you can tell me what you think about this game, or Barca's earlier win, by contacting me on Twitter @Reda_Maher
    • 2' Real, by the way, are wearing a rare red kit today. They look like Bayern. Valencia, meanwhile, come at Madrid again but Casillas kicks clear.
    • 1' Poor pass from Ramos that Feghloui gets on to. Real clear but Valencia come again as Tino smacks one wide! Valencia start with serious intent!
    • 1' The first half is underway at the Mestalla!
    • 21:00 Late with the kick-off, not unusual in Spain. If Real win, they go three points clear of Barca at the top - but if Valencia win, they go a point behind the joint-leaders.
    • 20:59 Aitor Karanka (Real Madrid assistant manager): "We expect a battle. Last year's game was not normal. Great teams do not usually have that result. It will be different, there will not be six goals. And this year is proving Valencia is behind us, and will battle for the points."
    • 20:58 Unai Emery (Valencia): "I have said in the locker room that those who feel inferior to your opponent should stay home. The problem is not motivating the players, but trying to control the anxiety that can make them stumble."
    • 20:57 No major surprises for Real but Benzema - who doesn't fare too well away from home, with no goals on his travels this season - gets the nod over Higuain.
    • 20:56 Valencia are without the injured Sergio Canales, Ever Banega and Hedwiges Maduro. Pablo Piatti is benched despite being tipped to start playing behind Roberto Soldado as Unai Emery opts for a defensively-minded line-up.
    • 20:55 TEAMS - Valencia: Alves, Miguel, Alba, Rami, Ruiz, Albelda, Tino, Feghloui, Parejo, Mathieu, Soldado; Subs: Guaita, Barragan, Pablo, Jonas, Piatti, Aduriz, Topal /// Real Madrid: Casillas, Arbeloa, Marcelo, Ramos, Pepe, Alonso, Khedira, Diarra, Ozil, Ronaldo, Benzema; Subs: Adan, Albiol, Callejon, Altintop, Sahin, Granero, Higuain
    • 20:50 Hello and welcome to our LIVE coverage of Real Madrid's match at Valencia, with Los Merengues needing a point to go back on top of La Liga after Barca's win a minute ago.
  • Summary

    • 89' Madrid have everyone back now. Soldado races on to a long ball and he flicks a wonderful finish, first time over Casillas, but the flag is up! Oh what a finish. He's the top poacher at the moment.
    • 22' Great finish from Khedira into the roof of the net but alas he was offside. This is superb from Real Madrid.

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