Friday May 17, 2013 Day 37 Parc des Princes

Paris Saint-Germain v Stade Brest

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  1. Beckam... I miss you...

    From Huon, on Sat 18 May 23:17
  2. david have you picked up POSH from a shopping trip in­ PARIS spending your dosh good look kid a rip off to­ world football

    From PAUL, on Sat 18 May 22:43
  3. Arriverderci Maestro. Signor Beckham e magnifico

    From Antonio, on Sat 18 May 22:14
  4. Good luck to the family that have stayed together where­ others of their kind could not. It takes sense to live­ at the top

    From Lesly, on Sat 18 May 22:12
  5. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    please put ugly beckham and hi ugly wife off screens­ amd media completely and give us all peacenot what you­ would cll a happy couple goodbye

    From JESSIE, on Sat 18 May 21:55
  6. Farewell David. Never saw you play but felt you were a­ nice boy , a good example to all those youngsters who­ admire you so much, God bless you and your lovely­ family

    From Nora, on Sat 18 May 21:54
  7. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    it was already a top class team without beckham thats­ why he sign up to get another title

    From GI, on Sat 18 May 21:54
  8. ......david the­ great.............................buster ...gut

    From buster gut, on Sat 18 May 21:54
  9. was he better than my hero eric the gaul

    From CRAWFORD GILLIES, on Sat 18 May 21:50
  10. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    I hope that one day I'll be able to understand why­ David Beckham was (is) so popular.

    From Marco Selvaggio, on Sat 18 May 21:49
  11. David Beckham good luck in your future activities!

    From Bonny, on Sat 18 May 21:44
  12. Beckham! Beckham! Beckham!!!!!

    From Bonny, on Sat 18 May 21:43
  13. Bye bye Becks! One of the best!

    From Bonny, on Sat 18 May 21:42
  14. Legend Beckham! One of the greats! Golden balls good on­ yer fella!

    From Bonny, on Sat 18 May 21:41
  15. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    A rubbish player who has achieved nothing in the­ game................................FACT.

    From Abu Qatada TopContributor, on Sat 18 May 21:35
  16. Enjoyed watching Becks over the years. Master of the­ free kicksGood luck in whatever you do.

    From LAURA, on Sat 18 May 21:33
  17. Areola? Brest? this match is too rude for me :p

    From Richard, on Sat 18 May 21:31
  18. Can Ibrahim just step away n let Beckham take the free­ kick?!?!?! It's his last game for fxxk sake!!!!!

    From toby, on Sat 18 May 21:21
  19. Beckham will be missed xx

    From Zoe, on Sat 18 May 21:11
  20. Some sad pathetic low live son here. Rather than work­ and improve their lives, they come on here and stew in­ their own juices. Becks has made it

    From Mr Burns, on Sat 18 May 21:05
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