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  1. england don t bother turning up for the world cup save­ us all from seeing #$%$ like this

    From Mark, on Tue 19 Nov 21:58
  2. Ronaldo just destroyed Sweden but Ibra played too deep­ as usual and scored 2wice when he played in the box,­ how do teams play without a penalty box striker these­ days?

    From Merton Bengali, on Tue 19 Nov 21:50
  3. England have once again played rubbish.

    From Mazzie, on Tue 19 Nov 21:48
  4. Ibrahimovic and Cristiano Ronaldo 5 goals between them­ wish i'd watched that instead of england

    From Jamie, on Tue 19 Nov 21:40
  5. England are still #$%$!!! Smalling is a dope!!!!

    From Eric, on Tue 19 Nov 21:31
  6. Well done England

    From Barry, on Wed 16 Oct 0:19
  7. Why has yahoo not screened the England v Poland score?­ 3 times I logged on to live commentary ,all I got was a­ blank scoreline, all the other games scoreline were­ shown?

    From BRIAN, on Tue 15 Oct 21:56
  8. I see your point, but Hungary is not playing San­ Marino, so it would be a great performance to score­ against them.

    From Cecilia, on Tue 15 Oct 20:55
  9. Anything outside club matches is a travesty. Nowadays­ youngsters of innate talent are being plucked from the­ most remote corners of the earth . They are­ subsequently trained by the best coaches in soccer rich­ countries and come back to bite those who nurtured them­ under "national flags". How hypocritical. Add­ to it "phantom " teams not belonging to­ Countries "per se" - Scotland, Wales, etc..-­ and phantom citizenships and you complete the political­ correctness sham.

    From Jean, on Tue 15 Oct 19:30
  10. would anyone investigate the game Dennmark - Italy. It­ was clear that Italy will give that game without­ fighting. What a disgrace !.....

    From Bobby Jourdan, on Fri 11 Oct 20:25
  11. Good Luck lads #England

    From Emy, on Fri 11 Oct 19:47
  12. 2222.all matches in streaming on premlershlpaltervlsta

    From , on Fri 11 Oct 19:26
  13. Imagine spending taxpayers money on soccer? We need­ bread not circuses.

    From Jean, on Tue 10 Sep 19:32
  14. Yes, Russia takes top spot in group F. Better win the­ next two matches, you inconsistent b******s!

    From John, on Tue 10 Sep 17:39
  15. iwannacracker (3) - good point...but in the end­ it's David that got the job done - looks like­ we'll have a mixed bag today so it's­ interesting

    From Chris, on Fri 6 Sep 20:55
  16. Serbia and Croatia game is sort of balanced and­ competitive

    From iwannacracker, on Fri 6 Sep 20:37
  17. Lewandowski scores for his native country at last! (And­ probably should say "native" ... since most­ of his talent he should thank German trainers) ... I­ see that Ukraine decided to go for goal records! ...

    From Shamick, on Fri 6 Sep 20:34
  18. Is there really any game competitive enough to watch ­ They all look like David vs Goliath games and the more­ even match-ups don't count for much.

    From iwannacracker, on Fri 6 Sep 20:12
  19. Phenomenal goal by Lewandowski. One on two, and a­ rocket past the goalie. He's one of the best in­ Europe today.

    From Chris, on Fri 6 Sep 20:08
  20. How Mr.Gudmunsson managed to score for Israel,when­ Switzerland and Iceland are not even in the same­ Preliminary Group!?

    From George, on Fri 6 Sep 19:46
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