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  1. Carzola did not dive.He was kicked in the tibia.

    From julius, on Sat 8 Dec 17:22
  2. Same old story top ref could not spot a dive if he­ was in a swimming pool.hope he as a good xmas present­ of the arsh##es

    From R DAVIES, on Sat 8 Dec 17:06
  3. Seriously, are Arsenal the jammiest team EVER!!!!??

    From beachmama, on Sat 8 Dec 17:06
  4. Perhaps the no history Chelsea fans will shut up­ now.The ground used to be empty until the Russian­ arrived.Get real you fairweather fans.

    From Liverpool lass, on Sat 8 Dec 16:59
  5. so QPR to win the 1st match of the season

    From , on Sat 8 Dec 16:33
  6. like the scores

    From , on Sat 8 Dec 16:23
  7. Look at Swansea 3 nil down first half to Norwich.

    From Farid, on Sat 8 Dec 15:48
  8. Well done you hammers good goals and an amazing win.

    From , on Sat 1 Dec 22:48
  9. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show


    From WILLIAMEDWIN, on Sat 1 Dec 18:26
  10. OMG , What's happening Swans beat us in the last­ few minutes.........gutted

    From anne, on Sat 1 Dec 17:01
  11. Get rid of Jol from Fulham. None of the players seem to­ like him. Otherwise we will be slipping into the­ championship.

    From JOHN TAYLOR, on Sat 1 Dec 16:37
  12. wearing claret and blue tonight!

    From anne, on Sat 1 Dec 16:24
  13. hi commentary

    From patrick, on Sat 1 Dec 16:23
  14. Liverpool NEED to win, 12th in the league - only 2­ games away from the big drop ?? Bet there are a few­ ars*s twitching lol

    From Truth, on Sat 1 Dec 16:04
  15. Chelsea lose again ! So much money, so little­ performance. Simply very vey poor - yet another Manager­ soon ???

    From Truth, on Sat 1 Dec 16:02

    From William, on Sat 1 Dec 16:01
  17. Hi

    From Steve, on Sat 1 Dec 16:01
  18. ddddddxxxxxxxxG00GLE MY NAME FOR THE­ STREAMxxxxxxxxxxxddddd

    From , on Sat 1 Dec 14:52
  19. Shame Southampton could only manage a draw against­ Norwich - my son was at the match and thought Saints­ were the better team. But it's goals that count.­ COYR!

    From Sue, on Wed 28 Nov 22:40
  20. i think the best result tonight must be the swans well­ done swansea my team it looks that the magpies is going­ the wrong way

    From IAN, on Wed 28 Nov 22:15
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