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  1. Please correct the Hibs' score. Although we­ didn't play particularly well yesterday, Sparky­ scored a delightful free-kick to equalise and share the­ points at 1-1.

    From WILLIAM, on Sun 20 Jan 14:17
  2. why do celtic have there badge next to there score and­ no other team have

    From CHRISTINE, on Sat 19 Jan 15:45
  3. Danny Lennon get it sorted... 26 goals leaked @ home­ and your looking for strikers???

    From MARTIN, on Sat 19 Jan 15:02
  4. @delazzuro,,,ya wee BURGER,,ye,,:):)

    From , on Sat 19 Jan 14:10
  5. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    A friend of mine wants to get back into football he is­ in his 5o`s overweight and hasn`t kicked a ball in 30­ years...i recommended he join an SPl club he would fit­ right in.

    From delazzuro, on Sat 19 Jan 12:56
  6. Ross Co, running like water of the hills in Derby :)

    From Colin, on Wed 2 Jan 17:14
  7. Ross Co running from derby

    From Colin, on Wed 2 Jan 17:11
  8. But you sure miss the revenue ya­ muppet..............WATP

    From John, on Wed 2 Jan 16:35
  9. Moaner:):):) wit time dis your pubs open like,,,we ur­ 24oor perty people HERE!!!!!lmao,,,:):):)):)xx

    From , on Wed 2 Jan 16:25
  10. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    I see a few comments re the SPL is doing well and not­ missing the Rangers !!!.. yet according to reports­ there is a few teams in the SPL who could go to the­ wall by the end of the season Dundee , St Mirren ­ ...and look at Dunfermline only getting 6000 at a home­ gate ??...... Scottish football is in BIG trouble ,,,,­ i can see there will only be 2 x twelve team leagues­ soon ....and Iam sure Rangers with their fan base will­ be one of them ..

    From ian, on Wed 2 Jan 16:24
  11. sunday league football before the pub opens

    From moaner, on Wed 2 Jan 16:16
  12. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Com on Mother well!!! Show Celtic who their Daddy is!

    From Uncle Quid, on Wed 2 Jan 16:07
  13. Come on wee stuarty,,,,get intae that­ mob!!!!!,,,:):):)anybidy want a pie!!!!:):):)xx

    From , on Wed 2 Jan 15:14
  14. Too bad no Rangers News but the wonders of the interweb­ are not exclusive to yahoo!!

    From Jack, on Wed 2 Jan 14:35
  15. Go the buddies

    From Alan, on Sun 30 Dec 16:45
  16. Sometimes your beloved celtic don't look too classy­ either.

    From Alan, on Sun 30 Dec 15:53
  17. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    It's a shame only Dundee FC gets relegated cause­ sometimes Ross County and St Mirren don't look too­ classy

    From Risto, on Sun 30 Dec 15:41
  18. your reasoning is very poor .. I hate your club and­ fans for all that orange p!sh and the rule br!tsh!t you­ sing about ... Killie and proud of it !!

    From Lucifer, on Sat 29 Dec 17:22
  19. Some comments on here about Rangers having a bigger­ attendance than the whole of today's premier league put­ together......think if you added all the home teams­ capacities together they won't add up to Ibrox's­ capacity so it makes it a #$%$ argument about 'gers­ having the bigger attendance today!!!! So many­ comments on here not allowed to be shown because of­ they're content, see the Festive Spirit is not Dead!!!

    From Charles, on Wed 26 Dec 21:26
  20. haw prince ktid = Kilmarnock so leave yer bigotry out­ of it ... you are hated throughout Scotland

    From Lucifer, on Wed 26 Dec 20:39
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