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    From lee, on Tue 11 Dec 21:22
  2. Bunch of overpaid ponces who fall over when someone­ looks at them

    From STEPHEN SINGLETON, on Tue 11 Dec 21:05
  3. Oh very good, yahoo (not) - Live? commentary on Chelsea­ v Man. Utd. League Cup - I'm sure that was a few­ weeks ago. Get your act together.

    From EDWARD, on Tue 11 Dec 21:02
  4. come on bradford. beat the #$%$ arsenal. 3-0 should do­ it!

    From Jay, on Tue 11 Dec 20:53
  5. If Arsenal lose to bradford wenger should be­ sacked,wish i put a bet on bradford now.

    From Lee, on Tue 11 Dec 20:25
  6. our reserves team is better than their reserves....cfc­ 4ever..

    From Kura, on Thu 1 Nov 2:34
  7. Well done Chelsea FC...not the end of the road for Man­ U...

    From Wan, on Thu 1 Nov 1:54
  8. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Haha Chelsea's first team beat United's third­ string team 5-4 in extra time lol Chelsea like Citeh­ have no promising young players coming through their­ academy lol plastic club. United were the real winners­ tonight playing local lads from their academy.

    From Josh Davis, on Wed 31 Oct 22:38
  9. great result for swansea i think they will be hard to­ beat and they can hold their own in the league

    From IAN, on Wed 31 Oct 22:35
  10. united second string not good enough very poor

    From anthony, on Wed 31 Oct 22:31
  11. great win for chelsea tonight chelsea got what they­ deserved tonight allthough utd were lucky to finish the­ night with all there players still on the pitch unlike­ sunday for chelsea wich was a joke

    From Michael, on Wed 31 Oct 22:30
  12. Welll done Chelsea you rested Cashley Cole, Terry,­ Ivanovic and Torres tonight oh sorry the last three­ are suspended so basically you rested one player and we­ rested whom RVP, Rooney, De Gea, Ferdinand, Scholes,­ Evra, Evans, Cleverley, Carrick, Young, Valencia...(is­ that a first team eleven?) Good preparation for away­ trip to Swansea but you enjoy that Capital One Cup...­ We just beat you when it counts in the league...

    From Roland, on Wed 31 Oct 22:28
  13. rather have 3 points than be in training cup lol

    From Peter, on Wed 31 Oct 22:24
  14. lol, manSHITSter united put were they belong, lol,­ losers

    From Kanayo, on Wed 31 Oct 22:23
  15. how is wooton still on pitch? how did he get in utd­ squad? he is dire

    From Craig blue, on Wed 31 Oct 22:23
  16. united should of had 3 players sent off!!!

    From captain blue!,, on Wed 31 Oct 22:22
  17. briliant theswans

    From IAN, on Wed 31 Oct 22:19
  18. chelsea mafia buy another win

    From bfcbob, on Wed 31 Oct 22:17
  19. Time for Bodgers to go Liverpool are going backwards­ under his command, never looked like winning tonight­ and don't look like a winning side this season

    From GEORGE, on Wed 31 Oct 22:04
  20. how much did this ref cost because you couldn't buy­ Saturdays one. What a bunch of wasters you are

    From bfcbob, on Wed 31 Oct 22:04
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