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  1. Looks like Arsenal's best chance of a trophy has­ just gone up in smoke.

    From Scousegloryhunter, on Tue 29 Oct 22:05
  2. Put Vidic and Ferdinand back in the side and it seems­ to make a difference innit.

    From Scousegloryhunter, on Tue 29 Oct 22:03
  3. Listen, if Liverpool is not included this is a waste of­ time! Let's get back to proper football - THE­ BARCLAYS PREMIERSHIP­ LEAGUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From James, on Tue 29 Oct 21:27
  4. Bad to worse, Fulham need to get rid of that pathetic­ excuse of a manager, before he totally destroys our­ great team.

    From barbara, on Tue 29 Oct 20:37
  5. oh! Whoopee!

    From barbara, on Tue 29 Oct 20:25
  6. ........super blues

    From buster gut, on Wed 25 Sep 22:29
  7. since when did " idicate minutes (live­ commentary). Get your act into gear!!

    From Armitak, on Wed 25 Sep 20:29
  8. Come on you baggies!!!!

    From welly, on Wed 25 Sep 19:56
  9. All matches in streaming on premlershlpaltervlsta

    From , on Wed 25 Sep 15:45
  10. Why enter a competition if not playing your strongest­ team. The season has just started and yet we go out­ again fielding a weakened team. Disappointed Bluenose.

    From Steve Dempsey, on Tue 24 Sep 22:13
  11. People keep telling me -dont worry Lambert knows what­ he is doing. I am yet to be convinced.

    From Bob Page, on Tue 24 Sep 22:05
  12. What is wrong with Jose Mourinho?Just sits there with­ big long face, no wonder the team is playing #$%$ no­ encouragement at all, they need to sort there passing­ out, and should be told to pass the ball not try to go­ through half a dozen, most of them are not that good,­ cannot understand why they are playing so bad

    From pat, on Tue 24 Sep 21:48
  13. Happy days, hammer fans , happy days. C.O.Y.I.

    From Tilermac, on Tue 24 Sep 20:03
  14. Come on you Toffees

    From Josh, on Tue 24 Sep 19:49
  15. Good old Ashley, put your hand in your pocket, what re­ trying to do pull down a great club (Never happen) we­ are bigger than you, and that's saying­ something!!!!!!!!

    From Jackie Hutchinson, on Thu 29 Aug 9:24
  16. haha good fight stevenage, onto glory for u

    From gary, on Wed 28 Aug 22:05
  17. Benteke can't stop scoring. Amazing.

    From Kuiperbelt, on Wed 28 Aug 21:58
  18. One nill

    From G, on Wed 28 Aug 21:32
  19. It looks like most EPL clubs are putting out strong­ teams. Not Newcastle. We can't. We've barely­ got 11 half decent players in the squad. We're­ being asset stripped. Fill your boots everybody. Ashley­ is

    From SHAUN, on Wed 28 Aug 21:13
  20. Forest, Everton, Stoke, Villa, Morecambe, Watford,­ Cardiff.

    From Lawrence, on Wed 28 Aug 20:14
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