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  1. well done caley thistle ,i know rangers are only a­ third division team ,sorry i just cant stop laughing­ ,bucking frilliant ,and before some idiot tells me i­ cant spell ,its intentional .hail ,hail .

    From janet, on Thu 1 Nov 0:19
  2. Blink! Blink! Rangers! Rangers! Wherefore art thou!?? ­ I didn't see it but by the scoreline we must have­ been totally rubbish. Can't help thinking given­ the severity of the drubbing that maybe just maybe it­ is time for a mangement change?

    From Karl G, on Wed 31 Oct 21:53
  3. I do not understand why the Rangers logo is marked­ above and the other teams aren't. Mr.F.

    From mr, on Wed 31 Oct 21:37
  4. lol

    From Mister Hewitt, on Wed 31 Oct 21:36
  5. ****** IN SALLYANNE WE TRUST ******

    From John, on Wed 31 Oct 21:36
  6. ****** you know how mutch a ref cost now adays­ ****

    From John, on Wed 31 Oct 21:35
  7. ****** SALLYANN MUST STAY ******

    From John, on Wed 31 Oct 21:34
  8. ****** SALLYANN MUST STAY ******

    From John, on Wed 31 Oct 21:34
  9. Hahaha dirty vile sc,um

    From Dode, on Wed 31 Oct 20:54
  10. How old is this f,ucking thread ?

    From OTRAS, on Tue 30 Oct 22:46
  11. lets get one thing right you say Rangers are getting­ over 30.000 per game and Celtic get only 18.000.ok for­ a start Rangers are in the 3rd div so even the wee­ teams that go to surport there team they all so go to­ see Rangers play it knot every week they would have a­ chace to see the big teams like Celtic and Rangers but­ know they can becouse Rangers are dowm there know thats­ way the getting over 30.000 per game they knot playing­ any body down there. as for Celtic thats diffrent they­ may knot get that many going to watch them thats what­ you said do you know way becouse all the teams know­ that Celtic will win 99% of all there games there just­ too good a team for the otheres.

    From Thomas, on Tue 30 Oct 22:08
  12. nice one celts­ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From anthony, on Tue 30 Oct 22:02
  13. hey lysdickprick #$%$ off back tae yer bog #$%$

    From Malcolm, on Thu 27 Sep 0:38
  14. Well done to The Rangers. Its a tall order to beat a­ team several divisions above you. Also well done to­ Cowdenbeath who did well against an SPL team. It just­ shows what can happen in a cup tie when the lower teams­ get their chance to play against the big boys.

    From Mr Pastry, on Wed 26 Sep 21:25
  15. third divi team beating prem divi team unheard off? but­ rangers you have to win this to get ineurope

    From Harry Scott, on Wed 26 Sep 21:23
  16. is your MOTHER WELL WATP

    From Sam, on Wed 26 Sep 21:23
  17. The top SPL side humbled by a 3rd Divison side. The­ lower SPL sides must be terrified! The Mighty Gers ­ PRIDE OF SCOTLAND

    From Mark, on Wed 26 Sep 21:22
  18. Third Div. Rangers 2 v Top of the Premier Div.­ Motherwell 0 Crowd 30,000 ! with Rangers top two­ strikers not playing. Celtic 4 V Raith Rovers 1­ ......Crowd 17,000 ! Whats wrong with this picture­ ?

    From Scotty., on Wed 26 Sep 21:19
  19. Hat off to Rangers for this win. But Motherwell, are u­ serious ? If Celtic take 10 off u this weekend it is­ the LEAST u deserve. What an embarassment.

    From AJ, on Wed 26 Sep 21:08
  20. Motherwell are u for real with this result ? What an­ absolute joke - u have made a laughing stock of the­ SPL.

    From AJ, on Wed 26 Sep 20:55
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