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  1. How did Stoke play 2 matches simultaneously ?

    From VEXED OF DONNY, on Wed 18 Dec 21:55
  2. Come on Yahoo. How can Man U be playing Norwich and­ Stoke on the same night and Stoke be playing Birmingham­ as well. Whoever is providing the written commentary­ is consuming ileegal substances.

    From David, on Wed 18 Dec 21:52
  3. Chelsea and stoke in the last 8 ? yeh right ,usual #$%$­ from yahoo .

    From Keith, on Wed 18 Dec 21:51
  4. Best 'live commentary' ever......

    From Peter, on Wed 18 Dec 21:40
  5. be nice to have commentary for this round' not the­ last!

    From Edith, on Wed 18 Dec 21:39
  6. What planet is the person who rites the live cometary­ on? when he says things like" FT’ So that ends­ all the action for tonight. Chelsea, Manchester United,­ West Ham, Leicester City and Stoke City move into the­ last eight." How can Chelsea, West Ham and­ Stoke be in the last eight when they got beat?

    From Stephen, on Wed 18 Dec 21:25
  7. FT’ So that ends all the action for tonight. Chelsea,­ Manchester United, West Ham, Leicester City and Stoke­ City move into the last eight. WRONG

    From Michael, on Wed 18 Dec 21:25
  8. Maybe you can get your football news up to date

    From Stuart, on Wed 18 Dec 21:25
  9. Yahoo? Ya boo is more to the point.Pathetic support yet­ again!!!

    From Len F, on Wed 18 Dec 21:25
  10. Your 'FT So that ends all the action' came on­ at half time yesterday! And it wasn't even correct.­ Sort yourselves out!!

    From IDQ, on Wed 18 Dec 21:07
  11. Sort out your live commentary its not showing details

    From Adam, on Wed 18 Dec 20:43

    From jeepster, on Wed 18 Dec 20:21
  13. Yahoo this is #$%$. The report is ages old etc..

    From BOB, on Wed 18 Dec 20:09
  14. Chelsea aren't through yet,are they ?

    From Daniel, on Tue 17 Dec 21:34
  15. The clubs owned by Random Billionaires have bought­ their way through again.

    From 1878, on Tue 17 Dec 21:31
  16. look at the time this report is historic.

    From jeepster, on Tue 17 Dec 21:14
  17. wow, the two teams who can buy success have succeeded­ again.... zzzzzzz

    From , on Tue 17 Dec 21:13
  18. #$%$ yahoo, you cant even get the fact that Leicester­ are out not into thenext round. So anti City. Did­ Leicester play fulham then. Oh dear very poor­ reporting.

    From PAUL, on Tue 17 Dec 21:07
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