Monday September 12, 2011 Day 4 Finished Loftus Road

  1. Newcastle hold QPR on Barton debut

    Newcastle hold QPR on Barton debut

    Joey Barton captained a new-look QPR side that were held to a 0-0 draw by his former club Newcastle at Loftus Road in the Premier League. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Queens Park Rangers
    • Newcastle United
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    • 90' Well it's unfortunate we couldn't provide any goals here but it was still a very entertaining contest. Thanks for joining us here on Eurosport, be sure to be back tomorrow for plenty of Champions League action.
    • 90+5' There is the full time whistle. QPR had the better chances but they couldn't convert any of them. They will be pleased by the potential their side ahs shown here though.
    • 90+4' Taarabt tries to link up with Puncheon on the left but his ball is too long and it goes for a goal kick, time is almost up here.
    • 90+3' Kenny sends it long, but too long and Krul comes out to claim it easily.
    • 90+2' Tiote goes in pretty late on Derry and is a bit lucky to avoid a second booking there, free-kick though.
    • 90+1' There's going to be four minutes of time added on here as QPR still search for the winner that ahs evaded them thus far.
    • 90' Bit of a scuffle between Sammy Ameobi and Barton in the corner as the ball goes out for a throw-in but nothing comes of it in what has been a quiet man for the QPR skipper.
    • 89' Barton very nearly catches Steven Taylor in possession at the back and he would have been in there, the centre back just recovers in time though and clears the danger.
    • 88' On comes Sammy Ameobi for Newcastle in place of Obertan and Wright-Phillips ends an excellent debut as a fellow debutant replaces him in the shape of Jason Puncheon
    • 87' Decent effort but the wall did its job and got up well to block the shot, Steven Taylor gets in a header but it is easy for Kenny, then as the keeper goes to clear it the Newcastle man trips him up and receives a booking for his efforts.
    • 86' Phil Dowd takes his time to give the decision but eventually gives Newcastle a free-kick for a trip on Obertan from Faurlin on the edge of the D. Great position for a free-kick here, Ryan Taylor is getting ready to strike it.
    • 85' Campbell pops up on the right and does well to beat Taylor his cross is poor though and Newcastle clear the danger.
    • 84' More good work from Wright-Phillips as he beats Tiote 30 yards out, advances and hits a strike that flies just wide of Krul's left hand post.
    • 83' Best has had a very quiet second half and is taken off for Marveaux
    • 82' Newcastle showing soem good intent here, Ryan Taylor gets forward and tries to pick out Obertan with a cross from the left, the Frenchman gets up well but his header is wide of the target.
    • 81' Early action for Campbell as he mis-controls a Taarabt pass and as Ryan Taylor pinches the ball off him he trips the Newcastle man and gives away a free-kick.
    • 80' Off goes Bothroyd who really should have opened his QPR account tonight, he is replaced by DJ Campbell.
    • 79' QPR win yet another corner and work this one short, Barton eventually swinging it in left footed but it goes straight out of play.
    • 78' Bothroyd jsut looks a bit slow on the ball at times, there was the chance for a counter attack there and he took forever to play the pass before sending a terrible ball straight into the hands of Krul
    • 77' Looked like quite a blatant dive their from Bothroyd but he wins the free-kick off Ryan Taylor just inside the Newcastle half.
    • 76' Down the other end and QPR were getting forward in numbers, Faurlin takes too much time in getting his shot off on the edge of the box though and loses out, the game is opening up again now.
    • 75' Half a chance for Gutierrez as a Gabbidon tackle on Best falls for the Argentine on the edge of the box, he is being closed down though and mis-hits his shot which flies wildly wide of the post.
    • 74' The Ryan Taylor free-kick goes nowhere as QPR continue to defend well but at least Newcastle are out of their own half for the first time in a while.
    • 73' Demba Ba wins a free-kick as he gets on the end of the long goal-kick to offer the visitors some respite.
    • 72' Another good chance for Derry as this time he gets free from Tiote, he is nearer the edge of the box this time but he makes a poor contact with the header and it goes well wide.
    • 71' QPR stay on the attack, Newcastle can barely get out of their own half at the minute and they win another corner off Ryan Taylor down their right.
    • 70' So close Bothroyd!!! Fabulous ball for Wright-Phillips from Barton into the box down the right and he tries to flick it over the keeper with the outside of his right boot, Krul gets a hand to it and it very nearly drops to Bothroyd for an open goal but Taylor gets across well to put him off and he can only put it wide.
    • 69' Ball from deep towards Bothroyd is awkward for Steven Taylor to deal with and he is forced to head it out of play. The resulting throw is eventually claimed by Krul and he clears.
    • 68' Twice in quick succession Wright-Phillips is caught just offside, much to his annoyance.
    • 67' The referee spots some pushing and shoving between Bothroyd and Steven Taylor and has a word with them both, Barton delivers the corner and Derry gets up well after getting away from Cabaye, he heads it into the ground and it bounces narrowly wide of the left post, good chance.
    • 66' Taarabt comes across to take the corner and again it is aimed at the back post, it isn't properly cleared and eventually Coloccini is forced to concede another corner.
    • 65' Taarabt delivers the free-kick to the back post and Best turns it behind for a corner.
    • 64' Change for the visitors as Ameobi goes off and on comes Demba Ba.
    • 63' Barton breaks down the right and typically Tiote goes in hard and late, Barton goes down and Tiote goes into the book.
    • 62' Newcastle win a corner which Cabaye swings in from the left, Coloccini was the target but yet again it is well defended in the air.
    • 61' The Argentine is fine as he is up and tries to find Leon Best over the top but Gabbidon defends well as he has all game and clears.
    • 60' Gutierrrez is down again and holding his right ankle, it doesn't look like he will be going off though.
    • 59' Wright-Phillips continues to make clever runs, Faurlin very nearly picks him out again down the middle but Taylor defends it well.
    • 58' Clever ball down the right channel finds Bothroyd but he is a bit ponderous on the ball and is eventually dispossessed by Coloccini, good defending.
    • 57' The corner is comfortably defended and the attack comes to an end, Colccini wins a free-kick midway into his own half to completely avert the danger.
    • 56' Faurlin plays in Taarabt on the left he delivers a cross but Simpson does well to cut it out and it goes for a corner
    • 55' Some more good build up from Rangers but it is wasted as Bothroyd tries to play in Connolly down the left but over hits it and it goes for a throw-in.
    • 54' Good work from Barton on the right and he gets in a dangerous cross on the volley with serious pace, Newcastle defend well though and clear the ball.
    • 53' QPR having the better of the possession at the minute as they probe for some space behind the backline, Faurlin eventually tries to pick out Wright-Phillips who tries a first time volley but fluffs his lines and it goes for a goal kick.
    • 52' Long ball into the QPR box, Ameobi and Gabbidon tangle while going for it but the Newcastle man is penalised for backing in.
    • 51' Traore is struggling with something, quite possibly a hamstring injury and it looks like he can't continue. Matthew Connolly is on to replace him.
    • 50' GREAT CHANCE FOR NEWCASTLE!!! Obertan crosses from the right and first best misses his header at the front post but then Gutierrez had an even better chance at the back but mis-hit his shot as the ball fell just behind him and the chance was over.
    • 49' More end-to-end stuff as Barton slides it to Taarabt in the box, he twists and turns and gets a cross-come-shot off from the right but it misses everything and goes for a goal-kick
    • 48' A long ball forward is brought down by Gutierrez who chips it over the defence for the run of Ameobi, he seems to be pulled back by Ferdinand and is run is cut off as a result but the referee gives nothing.
    • 47' QPR pick up where they left off. Barton finds Wright-Phillips in the box who eventually lays it off for Taarabt, his strike is well hit but straight at Krul who holds well.
    • 46' Rangers get the second half underway.
    • 45' It has been a really engaging first 45 minutes here and the only thing we have missed is a goal. It seems only a matter of time till we get one in the second period though.
    • 45+3' Barton is played in on the left of the box but he is closed out well by Simpson as he took too much time on the ball, it's cleared and the referee brings the first half to an end.
    • 45+2' Gutierrez is struggling with an injury, not clear where he picked that one up, he will soldier on till half-time though
    • 45+1' Wright-Phillips for once can't get his cross in on the right as Ryan Taylor defends well and allows Tiote to carry the ball away from danger.
    • 45' There's going to be three minutes added on, largely due to the Best injury.
    • 44' Another great chance for Rangers as both Bothroyd and then Ferdinand narrowly miss getting on the end of the cross, it evades everyone and goes for a goal-kick.
    • 43' Wright-Phillips continues to be a nuisance on the right, good tenacity wins his side a free-kick which Barton will take.
    • 42' The visitors do have a brief spell getting forward there though but can't find the final ball, Simpson eventually tries swinging in a cross but it floats harmlessly out of play.
    • 41' Best is back on the field now, but he isn't getting much service at all so far, QPR continue to create the majority of the chances and it is just a surprise they haven't taken the lead yet.
    • 40' CLEARED OFF THE LINE AGAIN!!! For what seems like the hundredth time Taarabt does well to make space and plays in Wright-Phillips on the right. Coloccini makes a well timed challenge but Wright-Phillips is up quickly and Krul is rushing out of his goal, the winger gets his chip just right but Steven Taylor is back to head it off the line, great defending.
    • 39' Ryan Taylor sends the free-kick long, but Kenny is out quickly and claims it comfortably.
    • 38' Best is hobbling off now, he hasn't been substituted as yet but he looks in a fair amount of pain.
    • 35' Bit of a pause here as Best receives some treatment, the crowd by the dugouts are entertained though as a cat runs around there, not sure where that football fan of a feline came from.
    • 34' Bit of a wild lunge from Derry there on Best, he catches him late with his studs on his right knee. It wasn't intentional but he gets a booking for the result nontheless.
    • 33' Taarabt and Wright-Phillips continue to develop their blossoming relationship as the Moroccan plays a diagonal ball from deep looking for the run from the England man down the right, it evades the head of Stephen Taylor but also just skips away from SWP.
    • 32' Taarabt is disposessed on the edge of the area but it bobbled up nicely for Wright-Phillips to strike on the volley, he gets it all wrong though and it flies over the bar.
    • 31' Tiote does really well out on the right, playing a one-two to get behind Traore. He gets a dangerous cross in looking for Best but Gabbidon does well at the near post to get a clearance in.
    • 30' Good delivery from Taylor but it is well defended again in the air by Rangers and they break with Bothroyd but he can't find the run of Taarabt, throw-in to Newcastle.
    • 29' The visitors win a free-kick as Simpson is felled as he advances down the right, Ryan Taylor is over it.
    • 28' It really is all QPR here, Newcastle trying to play on the counter attack but Rangers are well organised at the back and are mopping everything up very easily.
    • 27' The resulting corner finds Bothroyd and his header is kept out on the goal line by Simpson!! QPR getting closer and closer here and it looks like a matter of time before they score.
    • 26' ANOTHER GREAT CHANCE FOR QPR!!! Yet again Taarabt finds Wright-Phillips and he drills it in towards Bothroyd. He has his back to goal and can't get a shot off so lays it off to an advancing Faurlin, he strikes it from eight yards out and Taylor does brilliantly to make a block.
    • 25' Ferdinand sprays the ball out from centre-back to an advancing Luke Young, he tries a first time header down the line to Wright-Phillips, but the winger hadn't read his intentions and it runs out for a goal-kick
    • 24' It doesn't get them anywhere in the end though as Simpson's throw is wayward, QPR continue to be on top here.
    • 23' Cabaye working very hard high up the pitch putting pressure on the QPR back line and it pays off as he wins his side a throw-in deep inside the home side's half.
    • 22' QPR are certainly creating enough chances here, Wright-Phillips is proving extremely dangerous on his debut, the more they miss the less comfortable they will become you would think though.
    • 21' Bothroyd a whisker away again!!! More brilliance from Taarabt in the centre of midfield, again he finds Wright-Phillips and this time he fires it in across the six-yard box low, Bothroyd stretches for it but can't quite reach the cross, so close to the opener again.
    • 20' Barton has been pretty quiet so far, he puts an end to a promising move there by giving the ball away when looking for Taarabt. Surely he can't go a whole 90 minutes without some kind of controversy?
    • 19' The pace of the game has settled down a bit now, it was some what frantic before, this is more manageable.
    • 18' Traore gets caught on the top of his boot by Simpson's studs, he is struggling a bit but I think he can run it off.
    • 17' The noise inside the ground is reflecting the lively football on the pitch, neither set of fans has shut up since the opening whistle
    • 16' Both teams clearly are going to be going all out for the win tonight, it has been end-to-end stuff so far.
    • 15' More adventurous play from QPR as Taarabt shows some lovely skill in the middle of the park and plays in Wright-Phillips on the right, he hits it early and it flies just wide of the ner post.
    • 14' Should have scored!! Great stuff from QPR going forward, Taarabt plays in Wright-Phillips on the right and he picks out Bothroyd on the edge of the six-yard box. The big striker tried a first-time volley but was off balance as he hit it and sent his effort over the bar, great chance.
    • 13' The resulting corner is headed behind for another, but Gabbidon is there for the second and heads it clear.
    • 12' Great Save!!!! Leon Best does brilliantly on the edge of the box, twisting and turning and making himself some space before hitting a shot that was destined for the bottom left corner, Kenny got down in the nick of time though and turned it round the post.
    • 11' The corner is well defended, as is the follow-up long throw from Ryan Taylor, good solid stuff at the back from the home team
    • 10' Really open stuff here, Ameobi very nearly spins away from Gabbidon inside the area but the Wales international does well and knocks it out for a corner
    • 9' First real chance of the match as Faurlin plays in Traore advancing down the left, he delivers a pin-point cross onto the head of, surprisingly enough, Shaun Wright-Phillips at the back post. He leaps to meet it but puts his header over the bar, he really should have scored.
    • 8' It has transpired that Shola Ameobi picked up a yellow card for decent after the previous free-kick.
    • 7' Taarabt gets on the ball 30 yards out and he never needs a second invitation to shoot, his shot is on target but never really troubling Krul as he holds it down to his left.
    • 6' Barton swings in the free-kick to the back post, but for some reason everyone went to the front, it rolls away harmlessly
    • 5' Wright-Phillips knocks the ball past Ryan Taylor on the right flank, the Newcastle man sticks out a leg and brings him down, free-kick in a dangerous area.
    • 4' It looks like QPR are trying to play with a very fluid forward line, the front three and the midfielders behind them are interchanging positions regularly even at this early stage.
    • 3' Bright start to the match from the visitors, Obertan makes a burst down the right wing at pace and drives a cross-field ball towards Best, he controls it with his arm in the area though and is penalised for it.
    • 2' Faurlin brings down Best in the centre circle after just 30 seconds, Ryan Taylor tries an outrageous shot from just inside the opponents half, it doesn't trouble Paddy Kenny.
    • 1' Newcastle get the game underway and the atmosphere is a lively one at Loftus Road.
    • 19.58 The teams are out on the pitch and we are just moments away from kick-off now.
    • 19.55 Rangers have only scored one goal in their first three games, Tommy Smith's strike against Everton. Only Swansea have a worse record as they have failed to break their Premier League duck in any of their opening four games.
    • 19.50 Neil Warnock’s men are without a win in their last five matches at Loftus Road in all competitions, losing the last three.
    • 19.45 Newcastle are unbeaten in their last six league games, winning three but they have not gone seven without defeat in the top flight since April 2008.
    • 19.40 No player has had more shots without scoring a goal this season than Adel Taarabt (14).
    • 19.35 The home side are favourites for the contest tonight with the bookies, but not by much, suggesting that they think it is going to be a really tight one this evening.
    • 19.30 Newcastle have had their best start to a Premier League season since 1995 and they are not going to quell their attacking tendencies just because they are away from home. They are fielding two strikers and two wingers, it could be an open and attacking game tonight.
    • 19.28 So it's debuts for five of the QPR team tonight, with another new signing in Jason Puncheon on the bench. It's an impressive group of new recruits, but can they all gel together this early in their Loftus Road careers?
    • 19.26 Team News: Newcastle: Krul; Simpson, Coloccini, S Taylor, R Taylor; Gutierrez, Tiote, Cabaye, Obertan; Shola Ameobi, Best
    • 19.25 Team News: QPR: Kenny; Young, Gabbidon, Ferdinand, Traore; Barton, Faurlin, Derry; Wright-Phillips, Bothroyd, Taarabt.
    • 19.22 Big news tonight is that Joey Barton will be captaining QPR tonight on his debut against his former club.
    • 19.20 Good evening and welcome to our coverage of QPR v Newcastle at Loftus Road
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