Saturday December 8, 2012 Kick off: 15:00 Day 16 Emirates Stadium

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  1. Can't see how WBA can moan about diving when they­ had a player diving in the same match.Don't throw­ stones in glass houses Clarke

    From JULIAN B, on Sun 9 Dec 23:31
  2. Why did Arsenal sell van Persie to the Premier League? ­ Were they in need of money or couldn,t they afford­ him no more? Please help, I am stunned

    From Oliver, on Sun 9 Dec 19:45
  3. Yes for Arsenal...^^

    From Rennati, on Sun 9 Dec 15:54
  4. Just watched it on MOTD, - out and out cheating, feel­ sorry for WBA

    From Tartan, on Sun 9 Dec 9:35
  5. cheating arsenal prat but probably pay back for­ ridgewell dive???

    From welly, on Sun 9 Dec 8:45
  6. Poor old baggy pants,I tried to warn you that a couple­ of lucky victories does not constitute winning­ anything.When you danced and kissed in the ground and­ streets and your players did laps of honour­ recently,all you did was humiliate yourselves and now­ the chickens have come home to roost.Realistically,mid­ table at best and relegation next year.Far cry from­ your shouting about winning the league and european­ places,no chance,but maybe the mickey mouse cup semis­ one day.Leave the long term winning of trophies to the­ big boys.

    From Oosthat, on Sun 9 Dec 8:17
  7. I don't think diving is a part of crime of­ sport,,,its an art buddy ...come on Santi do your best­ and bravo for the good Arsene we support you­ 100% just get rid of your bit of ego...

    From Yanuar, on Sun 9 Dec 1:29
  8. Its 3 points and that is what counts.

    From A AUSTIN, on Sat 8 Dec 23:24
  9. Many commentators at this site would have hoped to see­ this guy insured or being carry out on the stretcher. ­ Because the ref called the physical and brutal tackles,­ we call him a diver. We sincerely hope that team that­ hire butchers to hurt opponents take a notice. ­ Physical and brutal tackles as well as dives are­ against the rules and must be punished. WB have no one­ to blame but the facts that the team lined up butchers.

    From Jack C, on Sat 8 Dec 22:33
  10. Arsenaol back to cheatin ways to win a game­ low.....hope your proud!

    From ANDREW, on Sat 8 Dec 20:48
  11. Podolski = Champion !

    From New, on Sat 8 Dec 19:11
  12. I'm an Arsenal supporter, and I say diving is­ wrong. I didn't like it when Pires used to do it,­ and I don't like it from any player in any team.­ But there's another way of looking at it. First,­ every bad decision that goes against one team goes for­ another. I'm looking forward to the day when a team­ that's been given a decision turns it down because­ it was wrong, and then complains about the ref­ afterwards. Second, what lost the game for WBA was not­ having a penalty awartded against it unfairly, but its­ inability to attack and to score. I've always­ disliked it when Wenger finds excuses for losing, WBA­ shouldn't use this as one. The only way to get over­ a bad decision is to play good football.

    From , on Sat 8 Dec 19:01
  13. @Michael Rather than God you should thank the ref.

    From wrongpixel, on Sat 8 Dec 17:49
  14. Neutral, but not when cheating is involved. Cazorla is­ a dirty rotten cheat, should have seen red.

    From EDWARD, on Sat 8 Dec 17:17
  15. Good win even the 1st penalty touch is soft. Arsenal­ can do better if never wasted so many chances. ­ Gervinho cant play at center because not strong like­ Giroud. Giroud never get any open chances which wasted­ by other team mate but play good in front to control­ the ball. After such a long time Arsenal play positive,­ not pass the ball backward and built the game. Also­ defended well from up, made WBA can built the game and­ often get the ball. Overall still have to improve and­ score. Its not easy create so many chances like today.­ Hope players learn from today's game and improve.

    From Pillai, on Sat 8 Dec 17:08
  16. is there anyone on the arsenal team that has a pair of­ balls?

    From Morty, on Sat 8 Dec 17:07
  17. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    hope they will continue to give high performance for­ the next coming matches .\ only arsene wenger can­ tell when the gunners will a get some winning medal.

    From Anaas, on Sat 8 Dec 17:05
  18. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Thank God for the GUNNERS win..

    From Michael, on Sat 8 Dec 17:04
  19. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    well Done boys.

    From AB, on Sat 8 Dec 17:03
  20. Not a great game in terms of confidence in front of­ goal but at least, we have the 3 points. Gervinho was­ hard working but he missed good chances. He needs his­ confidence in front of goals. We were gifted with the­ pens anyway Next games will be Bradford (league cup)­ and Reading. COYG!!!

    From Sere, on Sat 8 Dec 16:57
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