Wednesday January 23, 2013 Day 19 Finished Emirates Stadium

Arsenal 5 - 1 West Ham United

  • Podolski 22’
  • Giroud 47’, 57’
  • Cazorla 53’
  • Walcott 54’
  • Collison 18’

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  1. Premier League - Arsenal flurry destroys West Ham

    Premier League - Arsenal flurry destroys West Ham

    An amazing second-half salvo gave Arsenal a resounding 5-1 victory over fellow Londoners West Ham at the Emirates Stadium. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Arsenal
    • West Ham United
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    • 90+12 Full-time. Arsenal hammer the Hammers in a match where the final period of stoppage time was longer than the period it took the hosts to kill off their London rivals with four goals. The stoppage time was for an injury to Dan Potts, who thankfully has come to in the ambulance on his way to the hospital.
    • 90+10 Cazorla has another effort flash wide of the goal before Santos fires well wide from 25.
    • 90+8' Cazorla has another strike put behind by Noble and Arsenal are ending this one in high spirits.
    • 90+6' The Ox skins Taylor and tees up Walcott... side-footed effort comes off O'Brien.
    • 90+4' Arsenal are pressing for a sixth, but Gibbs' gross is saved after Cazorla has an effort blocked.
    • 90+2' Jaaskelainen strays off his line and is almost caught by Walcott, whose effort bounces short and is protected by Diarra until the keeper claims.
    • 90' We have a monster 12 minutes added on. If the score was even remotely close, I'd applaud their insistence on getting every last minute.
    • 89' Mertesacker flicks on the near-post delivery but it's beaten away.
    • 88' Taylor somehow puts an overhit cross out for a corner, despite having plenty of time and space to start again.
    • 87' Potts has yet to regain conciousness, we're hearing. He's on his way to the nearest hospital.
    • 86' After an initial half-clearance, the ball comes back to Tomkins, who is offside.
    • 85' West Ham win a free-kick about 40 yards out with Noble will send long into the danger zone.
    • 84' WILSHERE! Jaaskelainen parries and Diarra cleans up!
    • 82' And after over 10 minutes of treatment for Potts - who will be taken to the hospital - we are finally back up and running. The result of course has already been settled.
    • 81' In the meantime, Chelsea are down to ten men and still need two goals with eight minutes left. Why are they down to ten? Because Eden Hazard kicked a ball boy. Yep: Swansea City v Chelsea | Live | Score | League Cup 2012-2013 - Yahoo Eurosport UK
    • 80' Apologies for the lack of coverage at the moment but we will of course have 10 minutes plus of stoppage time because of this.
    • 77' "1-0, and you messed it up" chants fill the empty time as Potts is treated. And yes, I was paraphrasing. Still treatment for Potts who lays prone.
    • 74' Oxygen mask and neck brace for Potts. Arsenal and West Ham players alike look concerned. Long pause in play because of this, and can only hope the prospect will be ok.
    • 73' While Potts is treated, Giroud is withdrawn by Wenger - meaning no hat-trick - and on comes Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.
    • 72' More bad news for West Ham as moments after using a third sub, one of them - Potts - is knocked silly by an innocuous challenge with Sagna and may have to come off.
    • 71' A good move forward by the Hammers but Demel is offside on the right before he can get a low cross in.
    • 70' Standing ovation for Podolski - one great goal and three assists in five minutes - as he is replaced by Andre Santos. West Ham also make their final change with Mo Diame on for Vaz Te.
    • 69' Ball into the six yard box from Noble is cleared and Arsenal counter with a 3-on-2 advantage. So much for five at the back... but Walcott's cross is blocked by Diarra.
    • 68' Giroud comes back to defend and 'bumpercars' Nolan off the ball. Free-kick is 20 yards out and to the left.
    • 67' Walcott goes for goal from a 25-yard central free-kick... Jaaskelainen saves.
    • 65' Hammers have switched to five at the back, which shows that Big Sam has given up on trying to get something and now has his eyes on the Irons' goal difference.
    • 64' @ForeheadHD: " 7-1! could be on the cards now!" - it could indeed. How about a Giroud hat-trick, too? @EarlofJersey: "Your info bar is starting to look like 101 Dalmatians" - indeed it is! Keep your comments coming to @liamhappe
    • 63' Alou Diarra is on for Reid and goalscorer Collison makes way for Dan Potts.
    • 62' Short to Wilshere whose cross is headed clear. Second ball in is looking for Mertesacker but Tomkins clears for another corner.
    • 61' West Ham are prepping a double change as Tomkins concedes another corner.
    • 60' Sagna has a cross headed clear by Taylor after a wonderful chipped ball to his feet by Cazorla.
    • 59' Vaz Te puts Noble's lofted through ball wide, but was offside anyway.
    • 58' Podolski again in miles of space on the left and he lays it on a plate for Giroud to double up. Podolski has three assists in little over four minutes.
    • 56' Tomkins looks to get West Ham back in the game with a surge forward but Cole puts his square pass straight at Sczcesny.
    • 55' Two in two and three in eight. Podolski has one great goal and two assists now.
    • 54' WALCOTT! TWO IN TWO MINUTES FOR ARSENAL! Podolski with ANOTHER assist in 120 seconds to cross low for a great Walcott finish. 4-1!
    • 53' GOAL ARSENAL! The hosts quite literally walk the ball into the back of West Ham's net as the three summer signings combine. Giroud to Podolski, who from six yards out selflessly squares under pressure for Cazorla to get in on the act. 3-1!
    • 52' Arsenal are still turning the screw here and O'Brien again intercepts a ball from the right.
    • 50' Sorry @simon_conn ...! "2-1 west ham" - though @brad_2_7 and wrosario_98 are on course for their 3-1 claims... keep em coming to @liamhappe
    • 49' That fast start from the hosts means a few of these half-time prediction tweets will already be out of date before I can publish them. Sorry about that. If you want to amend your picks or just get one in now, tweet me @liamhappe
    • 48' Gibbs forces another corner which Walcott delivers to the near post for GIROUD! Half-volley into the roof of the net. 2-1 Arsenal!
    • 47' Within seconds of the restart Walcott blitzes down the right and his low cross is slide behind for a corner by Tomkins - could easily have been an OG!
    • 46' The home side get us back underway.
    • - We'll be back in 15 minutes for the second half, but until then follow us on Twitter if you don't already. The online team can be found @eurosportcom_EN and if you want to tweet some predictions for the second half over, follow @liamhappe. I'll publish the best ones.
    • 45+4' No, he goes for goal but it's a dribbling low effort which is saved. And there's half time. A great first 45 with both Collison and Podolski burying scintilating left-footed drives and we remain deadlocked at 1-1.
    • 45+3' Now West Ham break from the flag kick and win a similar set piece, though at a bit further back Taylor looks set to deliver this one for a head.
    • 45+2' Cazorla to shoot... curls for the roof of the net and Jaaskelainen dives perfectly to catch it... but he can't hold on! A pile of bodies scramble for it but it ends up into side netting for another corner!
    • 45+1' Arsenal have a chance to snatch the lead before then with a free-kick just behind the right-hand edge of the box.
    • 45' Three extra minutes before the interval.
    • 44' Cole holds up a clearance well but cannot get the breakaway going as his pass in search of Noble is short.
    • 43' Pulsating stuff so far but Vermaelen took a heavy bump off team-mate Ramsey during that goal-line drama and is struggling. A sub may be forced upon Arsene Wenger.
    • 42' Arsenal counter... it's two on two but West Ham get the ball back and launch their own surge forward! Vaz Te is offside though and is booked for stupidly kicking the ball away.
    • 41' Demel with an early ball from the right, which Sagna heads straight into Taylor... it falls for Cole! Lifts it over Sczcesny but Ramsey gets it off the line!
    • 40' Arsenal bring the ball forward after Vaz Te fouls Sagna, which leads to Cazorla dragging a shot wide.
    • 39' ...but despite Demel being out of position, the away side are set up well enough to stop the counter and force Arsenal backward.
    • 38' Demel feels he is fouled as he comes forward to help a West Ham attack, but nothing given and the hosts will break...
    • 37' A good ball from Ramsey as he comes in from the right but Walcott has run ahead of it.
    • 35' Dazzling passage of passes from Arsenal and Gibbs is through on the left... pulls back for Wilshere! Off the line by O'Brien!
    • 34' The corner is cleared into Wilshere's path on the right, but upon cutting inside he fails to release the ball until he's dispossessed.
    • 33' Cazorla decides he wants some fun with O'Brien after seeing Walcott's success with him earlier, but the full-back does well after being beaten to come back and slide the ball out for a corner.
    • 32' Taylor whips in the free-kick from the right but Cole is unable to guide it toward goal.
    • 31' Podolski gets a verbal warning for a shirt pull on Demel and an unpleasant reaction to being penalised for the foul.
    • 30' Walcott makes O'Brien look absolutely knackered as he skins him with little effort on the right, but his cross is cleared close to the goal line by Tomkins.
    • 29' Wilshere takes on three men but shoots tamely for Jaaskelainen to collect without fuss.
    • 28' Both sides have see-sawing waves forward but cannot make anything from them.
    • 27' West Ham can certainly take something from the success they've had from set plays. Goal from one and chances from three others. Despite being pegged back they can possibly score again from dead balls.
    • 25' Vaz Te now giving Mertesacker a sly little dig in the leg after the two go for the ball. Lucky that wasn't caught.
    • 24' Taylor wins the visitors a corner, but Vaz Te heads off-target from Noble's delivery.
    • 23' Arsenal, like West Ham before them, also look for two in two minutes but are thwarted by the offside flag on the left flank.
    • 22' GOAL ARSENAL! Podolski shows Collison how it's done! A superb drive from 25 yards! 1-1!
    • 21' Podolski spots a good through pass for Gibbs but Reid in well to intercept.
    • 20' The Irons look to attack from the off, but Cole is penalised for a shirt pull. He feels he was the victim, not the guilty party.
    • 18' Reid wins another corner from that flag kick, and it's only cleared into the path of COLLISON! What a hit! West Ham go ahead 0-1!!
    • 17' West Ham free-kick from their own half is poorly cleared, allowing Taylor to have a shot from the edge of the area deflected by Ramsey, up and over for a corner.
    • 16' The Gunners spring forward but Podolski's attempt to play Walcott in on the wing is off-key.
    • 15' West Ham get forward but Nolan and Cole are boxed out of the box and the striker's 20-yard effort is easily blocked off.
    • 14' Wilshere with a lovely through ball for Walcott, and the first touch is lovely but Reid's last-ditch interception is better! He's won the goal kick off the striker, too!
    • 13' Collison looks to spring a break on the right but is quickly dispossessed.
    • 12' Cazorla is pulling the strings well in midfield with some neat passes, but his drive from 20 yards isn't quite as pinpoint and goes over.
    • 10' Don't forget we also have updates of the Capital One Cup game between Swansea and Chelsea, where the Swans are on the verge of Wembley: Swansea City v Chelsea | Live | Score | League Cup 2012-2013 - Yahoo Eurosport UK
    • 9' Arsenal win a corner, which Wilshere takes and Collison clears. He's proving quite the bane for the England youngster early on.
    • 8' Wilshere goes to the touchline, but he'll be back on. His ankle a bit sore, but he's quickly back into action.
    • 7' Crunching tackle from Collison on Wilshere, who goes down in some pain. What is it with Wilshere and attracting those kinds of challenges?
    • 6' Tomkins trying to spread the play from deep in defence. West Ham really struggling to go anywhere for the moment.
    • 5' Walcott nips in and bounds to the byline - his cutback isn't up to much, however - that's probably why he's spending less and less time on the wing these days...
    • 4' Podolski gives away a corner and West Ham throw the bodies forward. Taylor's delivery is too deep and out at the far side without any harm done.
    • 3' Late tackle from Ramsey on Noble, and the Arsenal midfielder can consider himself lucky not to pick up a card.
    • 2' Arsenal make a bright start in front of a relatively quiet crowd. Quite a few empty seats tonight for this rescheduled game.
    • 1' Kick off! West Ham get going at the Emirates.
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    • 19:35 The omens are good for Arsenal in this one: Arsenal have won eight and lost none of the last 10 matches in all competitions against West Ham. (Opta)
    • 19:30 Sam Allardyce on an unhappy Alou Diarra: "He is obviously clear, without telling me, that he is not happy with the situation, which is understandable. You get this all the time as a manager when you bring a player of his experience and calibre over from France. It hasn't quite worked out and he feels a little disgruntled in terms of playing more, this or that. It is a fact of life, whereas I look at the situation and play what I consider the best team."
    • 19:25 Arsene Wenger: "It's a very important game for us, of course. We have to transform the potential we have shown in the [last] two games into points and that is a good opportunity tomorrow to do it. What is worrying is just that we do not win the big games. That at the moment we do not get the results we want. That is more worrying than the difference in points. The difference in points mathematically is not dramatic, but the consistency of our performances within games is what is worrying."
    • 19:20 Good news for the Hammers earlier - defender Guy Demel put pen to paper on an extended contract. Full story here
    • 19:15 Victory for Arsenal in this game would not move them up the table, but it would move them to within a point of Everton in fifth, and within four of Spurs and the Champions League places. West Ham could jump as high as 10th. Table
    • 19:10 Strong line-ups for both sides. Walcott and Giroud both feature up front for the Gunners, although that means there is no out-and-out striker on the bench. For West Ham Diame, reported to be an Arsenal target, is a substitute.
    • 19:05 ARSENAL: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Ramsey, Wilshere, Cazorla, Walcott, Podolski, Giroud - Subs - Mannone, Koscielny, Jenkinson, Santos, Frimpong, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Arshavin /// WEST HAM: Jaaskelainen, Demel, Reid, Tomkins, O'Brien, Noble, Collison, Taylor, Nolan, Vaz Te, C. Cole - Subs - Henderson, Potts, Diarra, Diame, O'Neil, J.Cole, Jarvis
    • 19:00 Welcome to live text commentary of the rearranged Premier League game between Arsenal and West Ham at the Emirates.
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