Sunday May 12, 2013 Kick off: 10:00 Day 37 Emirates Stadium

Countdown: -340 Days

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  1. what goes round comes around...bye bye wigan

    From L.G.H.U., on Wed 15 May 13:46
  2. Arsnal keep the fire burning you will make it

    From Fatmata, on Wed 15 May 13:12
  3. Wenger ,just set your boys according to their ability,­ you will surely see a good finish with no disturbance­ from the neighbours at the back

    From Fatmata, on Wed 15 May 12:25
  4. From ARSENAL 4-1 To Ruttenham with love ......

    From AB, on Wed 15 May 9:54
  5. Podolskiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Krzysztof, on Wed 15 May 9:44
  6. Now we can go for Third! Go Arsenal

    From BigAce, on Wed 15 May 7:46
  7. @Yanuar, it would be nice if arsenal would actually win­ the UCL rather than always going out at the knock out­ stage!!!!

    From , on Wed 15 May 6:24
  8. Go gooners fight till the end at st james park, show­ them we are permanent history of champion league team­ bravo

    From Yanuar, on Wed 15 May 5:24
  9. bye bye sagna

    From Shahab, on Wed 15 May 4:55
  10. A message to all you slumderland supporters next time­ you vist our beautiful city please use modern transport­ and leave your donkey's at home thankyou. This­ message was from the rspca newcastle office and was­ wrote in capital letters so your neanderthal­ race could comprehend

    From NOVOCASTRIAN, on Wed 15 May 2:48
  11. So sad we have to play the neanderthals of slumderland­ next season i was hoping they would go down and never­ to be heard of again

    From NOVOCASTRIAN, on Wed 15 May 2:28
  12. Wigan gone to the championship. Thx arsenal.

    From Rahim H, on Wed 15 May 2:23
  13. well ta ta wigan and we hope we wont hear from your­ deluded owner in a long time gob #$%$

    From NOVOCASTRIAN, on Wed 15 May 1:43

    From Anthony, on Tue 14 May 23:12
  15. Nice one you gooners hope we can return the favor at­ the week end

    From Anthony, on Tue 14 May 23:09
  16. So if both Arsenal and Spurs win their last game -­ Spurs go out. All that cheating for nothing, eh Bale?

    From Dr I P Freely, on Tue 14 May 22:52
  17. Sorry to see you go Wigan, you've been a joy. It­ was Sunderland for me who were the third worst team.­ Hope you come straight back up.

    From DAVID, on Tue 14 May 22:43
  18. Stew Boy When did you last win a trophy ??????????????

    From Greg, on Tue 14 May 22:19
  19. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    where is so call Tottenham boss Andre Villas, watch­ your and don't play with fire it burn you all with­ Wigan player every one who was backing Wigan should­ shut up and go sleep like monkey. wigon is a new born­ team can't much with Arsenal club .

    From Samuel, on Tue 14 May 22:16
  20. Well lets see how Whelan responds when some­ championship journey man puts his studs in McManamans­ knee. Im sure Whelan will respond by saying how good­ the tackle was and his player made a meal out of it. ­ Yeah right Mr Whelan. Used to have respect for Wigan­ and their Manager and Chairman but not any more. Well­ deserved relegation.

    From M, on Tue 14 May 22:16
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