Sunday May 12, 2013 Kick off: 10:00 Day 37 Villa Park

Countdown: -346 Days

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  1. Well done Chelsea!! Congrat. Super Frankie Lampard!!­ -CFC Legend-

    From Bsun, on Sun 12 May 10:06
  2. A point or an Arsenal win, come on you gunners. With­ Benteke banned from the Wigan game doesn't really­ help. That's Villa's biggest problem, conceding­ in the last few minutes.

    From un_too_slow, on Sun 12 May 7:00
  3. well done Lampard, glad he finally got the record

    From Chris, on Sat 11 May 19:58
  4. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Anybody... even my 83 year old grannie, can score from­ the penalty spot . No big deal .

    From ALUCARD, on Sat 11 May 17:38
  5. Well played Villa lads just fell short at the end. No­ shame though, you got beat by a wonderful player in­ Frank Lampard.

    From red devil, on Sat 11 May 17:10
  6. Villa, you Suck!

    From Dr I P Freely, on Sat 11 May 16:14
  7. x

    From Ray, on Sat 11 May 15:52
  8. That was intense!

    From A Double, on Sat 11 May 15:32
  9. Arsenal will give the final story tomorow

    From Amandi, on Sat 11 May 15:30
  10. well, it defines chel season...losing, then got lucky­ by somebody send off or some situation...just­ couldn't truly win it

    From bruce, on Sat 11 May 15:27
  11. Why o why cannot this Villa team protect a lead or see­ out a game to the end for at least a draw for a­ safety,,,

    From PAUL, on Sat 11 May 15:19
  12. will harzard play against benfica on wednesday

    From Jerome, on Sat 11 May 15:14
  13. What happened at half time we are 1-0 up controlling­ the game, Chelsea are a player down, and in the second­ half it looked like we were the team with 10 men, 45­ mins away from confirming our premier league status for­ another year and we allowed Chelsea to dominate the­ game, know we have a nervous Tuesday night coming up­ hoping Arsenal do us a favour, have to hope Tottenham­ win tomorrow at Stoke, so Arsenal will have to win­ against Wigan on Tuesday, don't want to be going to­ Wigan needing a result next Sunday.

    From craig, on Sat 11 May 15:12
  14. Frank lampard a Chelsea legend who will forever be in­­ Chelsea history, legend leader & warier.

    From RAOUF, on Sat 11 May 15:08
  15. By By Tothnham no Champion Leage football again for­ you guys. Blue all the way to final of Europe Leage

    From RAOUF, on Sat 11 May 15:05
  16. Frank lampard a Chelsea legend who will forever be in­ Chelsea history,he has been a fantastic servant for­ Chelsea& At some point in the future will a great­ ambassador for the club...

    From waltjabasco, on Sat 11 May 15:04
  17. Headline writers should use English. " ...second­ half double that sunk..." is American. For­ English, use sank.

    From Harry B, on Sat 11 May 14:59
  18. and send Wigan down.

    From un_too_slow, on Sat 11 May 14:55
  19. hhahah were are the yids now most likely crawled­ back into their little shacks and hang there heads­ in shame no need to thank me Chelsea fans im the one­ who brought hazard and Oscar here but guess what im­ still giving frank a contract tehe

    From Ooh Arrrrrr, on Sat 11 May 14:52
  20. Never mind, Arsenal will do the Business on Tuesday.

    From un_too_slow, on Sat 11 May 14:52
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