Saturday March 30, 2013 Kick off: 10:00 Day 31 Villa Park

Countdown: -386 Days

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  1. Can the Liverpool stop using Lucas Leiva , have been­ noted if LL in the game are 10 mens playing and unable­ to win,pls pls pls.

    From , on Sun 7 Apr 5:54
  2. Guzan deserves to be the United States number 1. He is­ miles ahead of Tim Howard...

    From Matteos Maserati, on Tue 2 Apr 16:23
  3. Armchair phony #$%$ fans banging on about Liverpool­ being awarded pens? lol, scraping the bottom of that­ complaining barrell now.....

    From MICHAEL, on Mon 1 Apr 10:17
  4. This was a good win for Liverpool even though we were­ very lucky to win it in the end. Please we don't­ want to hear neither the manager nor the players about­ this win will now lead us to conquer the EPL and­ qualify for the Champions League. Please I beg you ­ don't do it. Every time you boast we will do and we­ will do that, we have gone on to lose a match that we­ should have won with all eyes closed. Remember no one­ plays football with their mouth.

    From O.S., on Mon 1 Apr 2:53
  5. I've always rated Benteke, he is top draw.

    From MICHAEL, on Sun 31 Mar 20:44
  6. Decent game to watch, Benteke would look good in scouse­ red! YNWA!

    From Anfieldstar, on Sun 31 Mar 19:53
  7. yo benteke

    From , on Sun 31 Mar 19:46
  8. So Aston Villa surrender to an average Liverpool side­ today at Villa Park in front of almost 43,000 hopeful­ fans. It is incredable so many fans turned out to­ watch their beloved team, and even more incredable,­ that Randy Lerner has let this giant of the English­ Premier slide to such depths! I ask myself, would even­ Liverpool or Arsenal pull so many people for a­ relegation fight?! Surely it proves to any doubters­ that Villa is still a huge sleeping giant?! I love­ Aston Villa, my father did, so did his father, and his,­ it sickens me to see such a wonderful old football club­ on the brink of ruin

    From Declan, on Sun 31 Mar 17:38
  9. So one of the three richest clubs clubs in the world is­ going to win the EPL again.No doubt we will have all­ the press telling us how great they are.(If they don't­ they get barred from press interviews).Then we will­ have the M/U fans telling us how wonderful their team­ is..How they are in the C/L again.What they omit to­ talk about is when they meet one or other of the other­ two richest clubs in the world in the C/L.They get­ their #$%$ smacked and get sent home to England looking­ like a rag tag and bobtail outfit.

    From peter f, on Sun 31 Mar 17:31
  10. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Nice to see Liverpool in the top 4 again, that is of­ course penalties awarded to them.Whats that 6 penalties­ this season ? , the difference between mid-table and a­ relegation battle,very poor side for a Liverpool team.

    From peter, on Sun 31 Mar 16:33
  11. another mesirable n boring season 4 aston villa

    From samir, on Sun 31 Mar 15:44
  12. Revenge is sweet. Aston Villa should know that we are­ not in their class. Be busy with your relegation­ battle.

    From Hiscoming, on Sun 31 Mar 15:34
  13. "Carragher doing some admirable work to halt the­ run of Agbonlahor." .. RUGBY TACKLE WAS IT ?.

    From phil, on Sun 31 Mar 15:32
  14. Nice to see my 'negative trick' worked once­ again. Well done to Liverpool, taxi still waiting for­ Lambert:)

    From bobby, on Sun 31 Mar 15:29
  15. A Collectors Item this season anyway..... A Liverpool­ game where Suarez didn't score a goal

    From Raymond, on Sun 31 Mar 15:27
  16. 3 to go down , aston villa, sunderland and reading

    From TREVOR, on Sun 31 Mar 15:25
  17. BLUEBULLY. correct, you are much nearer to winning a­ title than we are. the way things are going, it will­ probably be the CHAMPIONSHIP title. at least you will­ get the birmingham v villa derbies back.

    From Tony, on Sun 31 Mar 15:25
  18. Well done again Liverpool....I can now go and visit my­ son, I am banned from his place when you are­ playing....he reckons I am a jinx.

    From Liz, on Sun 31 Mar 15:25
  19. awww poor little brummies

    From Mark, on Sun 31 Mar 15:23
  20. Downnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    From Goran, on Sun 31 Mar 15:22
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