Saturday March 2, 2013 Kick off: 10:00 Day 28 Villa Park

Countdown: -418 Days

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  1. m.c. can won

    From , on Fri 15 Mar 5:50
  2. I find it hilarious "always a blue", well­ since they had a few quid anyway lol

    From MICHAEL, on Tue 5 Mar 9:46
  3. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Loser pool, get yourself a season ticket and stay off­ yahoo., you a fool.

    From alan, on Mon 4 Mar 22:19
  4. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    City till I die, once a blue always a blue, Mr Rooney.

    From alan, on Mon 4 Mar 22:16
  5. JUST WIDE FROM GARCIA! He flew in with a right-foot­ volley after pulling off Lowton............MATRON!!!!!

    From robert s, on Mon 4 Mar 22:13
  6. £10.00 win double city = win , now come on real­ madrid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    From Richard, on Mon 4 Mar 22:11
  7. all city fans were once chelsea fans.

    From callum, on Mon 4 Mar 22:08
  8. Do it this week fergie it is Red Nose soon after all

    From Alex Funguson, on Mon 4 Mar 22:06
  9. I see the knuckledraggers are out in force tonight.­ Best get busy with the elastoplasts.

    From Bender, on Mon 4 Mar 22:06
  10. Anybody got any idea when Villa were in the second tier­ of English Football? The old 2nd Division as it was­ then.

    From Ken, on Mon 4 Mar 22:05
  11. That keeps the title race alive, but even if United­ were to blow up - and worse than last season- to be­ caught on points, the 4-0 win v Norwich compared to­ City's 1-0, has at least helped their goal­ difference. Utd need 19 points from 10 games to be­ sure, but even if City win all their remaining matches,­ 18 may still be enough

    From sansho, on Mon 4 Mar 22:03
  12. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Sad utd fans moaning all night, get yourself a season­ ticket you sky reds.

    From alan, on Mon 4 Mar 22:03
  13. Just shows how bad Liverpool are when the Villa beat­ them.

    From Billy, on Mon 4 Mar 22:03
  14. This commentator is a cliche repeating uninformed­ opinions he's read. Bit of a #$%$ Clarke was fouled &­ stopped from getting up after he slipped for the goal,­ & there are no senior central defenders that are not­ being played except through injury. Yahoo standards­ are getting worse, complete leeches

    From Ian, on Mon 4 Mar 22:02
  15. Lisa keep on shouting when you have won 5. Your club­ clinch so much on the old and refuse to move on. Look­ at United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs though may have not­ won a lot but they are not left behind. Thank God­ liverpool board does not have low mentality like you.

    From Onyedikachi, on Mon 4 Mar 22:01
  16. Villans going to win championship next year

    From Goran, on Mon 4 Mar 21:58
  17. wow bbc radio 5 live 2 faced coverage....

    From Anthony, on Mon 4 Mar 21:57
  18. @richard comment 170, City didn´t manage 1-0 but the­ Ref gave them 3 point.

    From Onyedikachi, on Mon 4 Mar 21:56
  19. Lisa #163: Comment on here when you learn to spell.

    From Magpie, on Mon 4 Mar 21:56
  20. Good win for City 1 - 0 as predicted but we were made­ to work for it,good game.

    From Gary, on Mon 4 Mar 21:55
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