Saturday April 27, 2013 Kick off: 10:00 Day 35 Villa Park

Countdown: -359 Days

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  1. villa stayed up where are the pundits now

    From , on Mon 20 May 19:17
  2. a.villa are one of the biggest and best team in­ Europe. they have one of the the best younger­ superstars in England football. they will be title­ contenders next season for champion league spot. UP THE­ VILLA!!

    From Ryan, on Fri 3 May 11:26
  3. Gherkin, assuming NUFC stay up !!!

    From Joseph, on Tue 30 Apr 17:57
  4. Sunderland should of won or gotten close to winninthis­ is just like Liverpool and Newcastle all over­ again.Good WIN FOR NEWCASTLE!

    From Debbie, on Tue 30 Apr 15:36
  5. Bwaaaaahahaha .......The mackems had barely finished­ crowing from the rooftops about what they were going to­ do to everybody next season ......then along comes a­ gutter team , "championship fodder " ,as Julia or­ Josephine refers to them, Slaps them full in the face­ and puts 6 in the nettie. Dont worry lads.... #$%$­ happens .....even to the big teams like Newcastle. ­ We've had wa share this season . Mind , it begs the­ question .....what ya ganna dee now the honeymoons ower­ ? If its right what ive heard from the media, it­ sounds like mr Lambias has been talkin t mr Wenger . I­ doubt if its aboot the weather .So if we do manage to­ stay up , yus lot (assumin ee stay up)might be facin a­ different 'toon' next season .

    From JohnnyGurkha, on Tue 30 Apr 12:41
  6. Floreal. 310 - how could Swansea go down if the last­ game is between wigan and aston villa! not mentioning­ other games in the botton half. Get your facts right­ mate

    From Simon, on Tue 30 Apr 11:32
  7. Benteke will wreck they !!!!

    From The Football Guru, on Tue 30 Apr 11:31
  8. Where was his mother,she must have been making pasta­ for the boys thinking it's alright we will win how­ wrong her and her son were welcome to the real world

    From SWEETNUT, on Tue 30 Apr 10:23
  9. Blobby, 308, Sorry but as I told you your team is­ average and played to that v SAFC ,against Liverpool­ you were complete poo ! Last night we started well and­ Ist half weren't that bad. Disallowed goal should­ have stood. Second half we just imploded, as I said­ Villa without being brilliant were given the game by­ non commitment, pi55 poor defending and nothing up­ front, difference between us is WE haven't been­ banging on about what a great team we are, injuries or­ not !!!! You lot have, yet are in the mire with your­ great French signings, how good are they now ??

    From Joseph, on Tue 30 Apr 9:35
  10. the fascist fails

    From , on Tue 30 Apr 6:52
  11. Julian, one correction to your apt description of our­ two teams, there is no steam in or around those piles.

    From Rich W, on Tue 30 Apr 6:17
  12. Colback is a pub player!

    From Slatka, on Tue 30 Apr 2:42
  13. the sacking of martin- a villa legend- for a crazy­ fascist will come to haunt safc. he is a div 1 manager­ with an expensive suit, no more. same old story for the­ north east- wonderful fans , great stadiums poor teams­ , mjg villa fan

    From M, on Tue 30 Apr 1:01
  14. Beat by a better team on the night ...they played the­ conditions and put thier chances away ....we were not­ good , but take nowt away from Villa.....youngsters­ looking good in a pressure game. wrong result for both­ NE teams ....lets see what we are made of for the Stoke­ game....and yes we will miss Sess who was harshly sent­ off....mistimed not malicious and again an over the­ top drama queen reaction from the lad.....who fell like­ his leg was amputated & less than 2 mins later was­ sprinting like a lunatic....fed up of the­ histrionics....just an observation re Sess ...he never­ plays these conditions well ....Whickham gets a go with­ Wor Danny ....nice touch for Rose goal.

    From KELVIN, on Tue 30 Apr 0:26
  15. Jonny-it's all ifs and buts ! But if we can agree­ on one thing mate, we are followers of two , steaming­ piles of shyte teams, with bits of sweetcorn and tomato­ skin,complete with flies buzzing around , and I'm­ sure Joseph would say the same. Still , tomorrow is­ another day!

    From julian, on Tue 30 Apr 0:08
  16. Joseph- Paulo will be sorting out a review of the red­ card and it should be downgraded to yellow, but I­ thought that load of shyte might have kept things going­ for a couple of more games. Still , PDC managed to get­ 6 pts out of 4 games , if O Nelly was still there , we­ would be all but down. Big clear out needed, but­ attracting real quality to Safc ain't going to­ happen anytime soon. Jonny, Newcastle are in 17th­ place, one place above a relegation berth and­ your'e talking about a Newcastle team not at their­ best when they played Sunderland? Which game were they­ ever at their best ??? Ha ha ha where would you be if­ you were playing at your best? Top 4?

    From julian, on Mon 29 Apr 23:33
  17. Amazing to think that even Swansea could mathematically­ go down !!

    From Babygyps, on Mon 29 Apr 23:25
  18. Wow what a match! As a Toon fan I really didn't­ want either side to win, especially Villa by 5 goals. ­ Still, I hope our players can see the benefits of a­ "pass and move" approach to play and playing­ with drive and passion. Sadly I doubt whether Pardew­ has picked up any clues from the match. It's going­ to be a squeaky bum end to the season for both North­ East teams. Luckily for SAFC & NUFC, Wigan have a­ really tight schedule (5 games in 15 days) and still­ need 6 points to get above us.

    From William H, on Mon 29 Apr 23:09
  19. Julian, as I said in another post just WHO have we got­ to come in with Sess out ??? Disgusted at that­ performance tonight, its alright people criticising­ PDC,what options did he have ? The players must hang­ their heads in shame !! Who was on the bench that he­ could turn to to change things ??

    From Joseph, on Mon 29 Apr 22:48
  20. Blobby, your team was at home, biggest defeat since­ 1925,Liverpool are no world beaters but as I said we­ were complete shyte, and Im not gonna bang on about the­ disallowed goal, shyte happens ! How can a team­ perform like they did against NUFC and Everton and then­ do that . Bet you would swop us fixtures, after youre­ last two games where will you get a result, having said­ that ,we dare not play like that again ! Cuellar????­ he makes Williamson look good !! The man was a joke, ex­ Villa man Hmmmmm ??? Cant believe an ordinary team­ like Villa got 6 goals !!! Sorry Villa fans,it­ wasn't youre brilliance that won the game ,more a­ load of garbage you played against !!

    From Joseph, on Mon 29 Apr 22:41
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