Sunday December 23, 2012 Kick off: 16:00 Day 18 Stamford Bridge

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  1. thats why we are chelsea wreckon its hard luck aston­ villa its your manager that makes your religation LEE 8

    From Graham, on Wed 10 Apr 21:25
  2. Marin is the best !!!

    From Doctor, on Thu 27 Dec 9:40
  3. CFC4ever66 sums up the feelings of many loyal Chelsea­ fans, I wish others would stop telling us what we­ should feel and how we should behave, As for George and­ John....what a pair of hamptons!

    From Worlds End lad, on Tue 25 Dec 1:57
  4. This alters nothing as far as I am concerned with­ Benitez. We have had good managers, Mourinho,­ Ancelotti but have also had grim managers, Grant and­ AVB. Some we have loved some not. It matters not about­ results for Benitez, it is personal between him and the­ fans and it is not because of Liverpool as such but his­ personal jibes at the passionless rubbish fans. And how­ he would never lower himself to manage such a club.­ Pundits can go on saying he will eventually be­ accepted... Not by many Chelsea fans. Benitez does not­ care what we feel, fine, but don't Whinge about it.­ His only hope is to eat some humble pie and publicly­ apologies. As he never will he must take the flack.­ Arrogant in the extreme.

    From CFC4ever66, on Tue 25 Dec 1:13
  5. A stellar shining, heroic conquest and masterful­ outclassing the unlucky guest. Lambert and Aston Villa­ should be pitied they encountered Chelsea at a bad­ time.

    From Amir, on Mon 24 Dec 14:51
  6. Andy. 228. Birmingham. Northern? You thick d**khead.­ Chelsea have zero credibility. Their success is all­ bought. Chelsea and Man City are where they are because­ of money. Not really big clubs. Just clubs with obscene­ amounts of financial imput which elevates them above­ their true status. Medium sized clubs who've been­ lucky beyond belief. ANDY. CAN YOU REMEMBER THE DAYS­ BEFORE ABRAMOVIC WHEN YOU WERE A "UNITED"­ SUPPORTER? NO MORE LONG TRIPS UP NORTH FROM EUSTON NOW­ THE RUSSIAN'S HERE EH MATE?

    From SHAUN, on Mon 24 Dec 14:04
  7. How can a team that scores 8-0 goals, it could have­ ended 12-0 be "lucky", John?

    From FowlerLegend, on Mon 24 Dec 13:41
  8. Paul Lambert has just been seen throwing cases of­ chocolate covered mints squares into the local canal.

    From BLUEBULLY, on Mon 24 Dec 12:19
  9. Useless mob could not beat Fulham beat me for £500,.

    From EDWARD, on Mon 24 Dec 12:14
  10. jealous norverners ,cant take being overshadowed so­ they make more noise ! go away

    From Andy, on Mon 24 Dec 11:07
  11. Havent seen a team hammered like that since city­ destroyed utd.

    From a, on Mon 24 Dec 10:33
  12. Lamberts house this morning. mrs lambert shouts paul­ are you getting up its past 8 ? He replies oh god­ they havent scored again have they.

    From a, on Mon 24 Dec 10:32
  13. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    I think there should be an FA investigation. With so­ much money in today's game, I wouldn't be­ surprised if Chelsea paid Villa to lose this game. Call­ me a conspiracy theorist but something doesn't look­ right here. The Chelsea fans hate Rafa and to prevent­ futher dissent and to avoid further embarrassment on­ the part of Chelsea's owners, what's to say­ that a big financial carrot was dangled in front of­ Villa to lose the match?

    From GEORGE, on Mon 24 Dec 10:11
  14. Rafa devered the respect as coach at chelsea as he­ change Luiz at middle

    From Wani, on Mon 24 Dec 9:49
  15. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    da #$%$ moses did in this match ?? ... nothing!!!

    From Tony, on Mon 24 Dec 9:39
  16. A glamorous performance, supreme revelry, crushing rout­ of Aston Villa, revival of lost hopes and getting back­ the engendered 3th position. The true Chelsea all wish­ was the very overwhelming team we saw the last night.­ Now the top holders must be awed.

    From Amir, on Mon 24 Dec 9:39
  17. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    frank lampard looks a right fat #$%$

    From CHARLENE, on Mon 24 Dec 9:18
  18. Absolute class Chelsea. theres games when you play­ well and theres games when you absolutely destroy­ teams, this was what you would call a ' Absolute­ Demolition job '.

    From chicolew, on Mon 24 Dec 9:08
  19. A memorable happy thriller, spectacular goal festival,­ solid moral boost and night of power show at the­ Bridge. London Blues stole the show. Bravo Chelsea.

    From Tooraj, on Mon 24 Dec 8:55
  20. Frank Lampaed is a great player who plays the game at­ his own pace he would have been a success in any­ country.....He has been linked with QPR working with­ his uncle Harry Redknapp and he really should stay in­ the game in some capacity

    From Raymond, on Sun 23 Dec 22:55
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