Wednesday November 28, 2012 Day 14 Finished Goodison Park

Everton 1 - 1 Arsenal

  • Fellaini 28’
  • Walcott 1’

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  1. Premier League - Everton hit back for draw after Walcott's early opener

    Premier League - Everton hit back for draw after Walcott's early opener

    Theo Walcott scored early but it was Everton's Marouane Fellaini who put the brakes on Arsenal in a 1-1 draw at Goodison Park. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Everton
    • Arsenal
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    • 90+3' There goes the final whistle! A 1-1 draw at Goodison Park. Probably about fair on the night.
    • 90+2' Arsenal all over at the back as Wojciech Szczesny makes a hesitant punch before Phil Jagielka is forced to dash back to make a fine tackle on Gervinho.
    • 90+1' Francis Coquelin has replaced Cazorla for the visiting side.
    • 89' We are into three minutes of time added on. Not sure where they came from.
    • 88' Jelavic and Marouane Fellaini almost combine before Jelavic is caught offside. Both sides looking really tired out there.
    • 87' Howard forced to get a move on before he thumps the ball clear under pressure from Giroud.
    • 86' Osman down on the deck looking a bit dazed near the centre circle. Gets back to his feet somewhat groggily.
    • 85' Marouane Fellaini knocks the ball back to Thomas Hitzlsperger, but he smashes the shot miles over the bar.
    • 84' Walcott sees a shot spin off a blue shirt before falling in favour of Everton. Marouane Fellaini lifts a corner straight out of play at the other end.
    • 83' Neither side look in the mood to lose this. Lovely cross by Hibbert, but no takers on hand to convert.
    • 82' No player in Eurpoe’s big five leagues has created more chances than Leighton Baines - 50. In the Premier League, Santi Cazorla is second to Baines in terms of chances created - 39. Can either of them work their magic now?
    • 81' Vermaelen late on Oviedo and that will be a free-kick to the home side in their own half.
    • 80' Giroud pops the ball into the middle, but just over the head of Gervinho. Should have rolled it across the box for a tap-in there.
    • 79' Ramsey is going to depart the action to be replaced by Gervinho for the Gunners.
    • 78' Jelavic lifts the free-kick over the wall, but all too easy for Szczesny to make the save diving across his line.
    • 77' Vermaelen catches Fellaini with a loose arm in the air. Free-kick now for Everton from 30 yards out or so.
    • 76' Hitzlsperger tries a similar effort at the other end, but Szczesny is well placed to prevent that from finding the net.
    • 75' Cazorla thumps the shot at goal from distance, but Howard stands tall to make the save. Easy enough for the US goalkeeper.
    • 74' Change then for Everton as Gibson departs to be replaced by Thomas Hitzlsperger.
    • 73' Ramsey smacks an effort at goal from distance, but leans back and lifts the shot miles over the bar.
    • 72' Jelavic avoids a booking for a late challenge on Wilshere. Clumsy one really.
    • 71' Howard forced to scramble down to nudge the ball wide after Cazorla had deflected the ball towards goal.
    • 70' Oviedo has been booked for taking out Walcott with a late tackle from behind.
    • 69' Gibson is down on the deck after being taken out of the play late by Giroud.
    • 68' Giroud nods the ball wide of goal from Walcott's little chip. Decent effort, but wide of goal. Howard happy to see that sail wide.
    • 67' Osman clips Cazorla with a late one from behind. Could feel the pain in that from here on such a cold night.
    • 66' Jelavic tussles with Sagna before Fellaini is penalised for pulling back Mertesacker.
    • 65' Major escape for Arsenal as Baines swings the ball into the box from the corner. But it wheeled out of play first. And that is the goalkick to the visitors.
    • 64' Arteta seemed to pull back Pienaar. Huge claims for a penalty, but the referees instead awards a corner-kick.
    • 63' A change coming for Everton as Naismith departs to be replaced by Bryan Oviedo.
    • 62' Marouane Fellaini tries to replicate his goal of the first half, but can only drill the shot straight down the throat of Wojciech Szczesny.
    • 61' Szczesny forced to come off his line to punch clear a dangerous cross. Everton not frightened to stick that ball into the mixer.
    • 60' Gibbs picks out Ramsey in the middle, but he can't get the shot beyond Distin as Everton again hold firm. Nice play by both Arsenal players.
    • 59' This match could yet go anyway, but Everton looking likelier at the moment to add to their own tally.
    • 58' Wojciech Szczesny makes a superb stop to keep out the header by Sylvain Distin. Fine save as Everton are denied a 2-1 lead.
    • 57' Steven Pienaar sees the ball break into his path of Per Mertesacker, but he ends up knocking the shot straight off Szczesny.
    • 56' Marouane Fellaini again failing to look along the line as he is caught offside.
    • 55' Sagna brings the ball forward before Arsenal switch the play with Ramsey collecting the loose ball.
    • 54' Everton break at pace. Lovely ball across the face of goal by Jelavic, but Gibbs is back to make a brilliant last-ditch tackle on Naismith.
    • 53' Wilshere on the charge for Arsenal. Decides to pick out Ramsey to keep possession.
    • 52' Jelavic caught offside seconds later for the home side.
    • 51' Wilshere with a nice enough run through the middle. Attempts a little chipped through ball, but Phil Jagielka not hanging around as he wallops the loose ball long down the park.
    • 50' Everton have taken the most shots (excluding blocked) in the Premier League this season with 183 so they know the way to goal.
    • 49' Baines picks out Pienaar, but he can only plant the shot wide of goal. Should have done better with that one.
    • 48' Lovely ball into the box by Ramsey to pick out Giroud, but he can't connect with the cross as Everton clear the danger. Arsenal looking to get on the front foot.
    • 47' Walcott sees a shot from distance charged down. Not going to start the second half with such an early goal in this half then.
    • 46' We are off and running then in the second period. This should be interesting.
    • 45+3' Everton working so, so hard to close down space. But nothing more to show for the three added minutes as the teams head up the tunnel with the scores level at 1-1.
    • 44' Looks like 1-1 at the break in this match. Has been a decent first half between these two sides. Nothing much to split them. Cazorla flashes a shot well over the bar. Three minutes to be added to the first period.
    • 43' Baines raced through the middle of the Arsenal defence, but Jelavic was offside as he touched the ball. Baines cutting a frustrated figure.
    • 42' Phil Neville looks as he continues his recovery from a knee operation. He is expected to be missing for six to eight weeks with that problem.
    • 41' An offside flag goes up against Jelavic after he set off too early.
    • 40' Sagna can only pick out Distin with a hopeful cross. No real direction on the delivery. All too easy for Everton to clear the danger.
    • 39' Glorious chance for Jelavic to add the second. Lovely skill to beat Mertesacker, but rushed the volley as he lifts the ball over the bar. Arsenal all over the place at the back.
    • 38' Arsenal finding very little room in that Everton rearguard after such a bright start to the match.
    • 37' Sagna forced to make a no-nonsense tackle to win the ball from Jelavic as he threatened to burst clear.
    • 36' Gibson with a late tackle on Wilshere. He has to watch his step having already being booked.
    • 35' Mertesacker has missed only one Premier League game this season for Arsenal. A real constant for Arsene Wenger.
    • 34' Arteta found guilty of elbowing Fellaini, who is outjumped by Mertesacker in the Arsenal box seconds later.
    • 33' Distin and Giroud competing for a loose ball in the Everton box. Arsenal will have another corner here from the other side to be thrown in by Walcott, but again Everton deal well with the threat.
    • 32' Walcott's delivery is given short shrift by Phil Jagielka. Poor stuff from the corner. Should be doing better than that.
    • 31' Ramsey earns a corner after some vibrant play out wide. Corner here for the visiting side. Walcott to take.
    • 30' Maroune Fellaini scored his seventh Premier League goal of the season, and fourth in his last four Premier League matches.
    • 29' Walcott down on the ground needing a spot of treatment for his injured ankle. Arsene Wenger looking a spot perplexed in his technical area.
    • 28' Gibson picks up a yellow card for a poor challenge on Walcott. Ill-advised challenge really. A bit rusty and that showed there.
    • 27' Marouane Fellaini goes to salute those Everton fans. And little wonder. The goal came against the run of play. But Ramsey and Sagna really brought that on their own team.
    • 26' GOAL! Marouane Fellaini levels for Everton after Arsenal give the ball away cheaply. Arsenal penalised after some really sloppy play. Ball broke to him off Sagna. Great finish from distance. 1-1 now.
    • 25' Arsenal keeping the ball with some ease here. Knocking it around on what is a lovely night for football. Super stuff by Arsenal.
    • 24' Thomas Vermaelen thumps the ball through the wall, but a fine take by Howard in the middle of the Everton goal. Kept his eye on that effort well.
    • 23' This game simply oozing pace. Racing from end to end. Osman mistimes a tackle as he fells Sagna. A free-kick for Arsenal 25 yards from the home goal.
    • 22' Wilshere back with a timely tackle on Marouane Fellaini. Nobody picking up the big forward. Dangerous moments for Arsenal there.
    • 21' Gibbs can't beat the first man with the attempted cross as it deflects safely into the arms of Howard in the Everton goal.
    • 20' Pienaar backs into Sagna. Didn't take long for the referee to notice the foul. Clear foul. Arsenal with the free-kick deep in their own half.
    • 19' Gibbs forced to race back to tug back Naismith. Clear tug of the shirt. And he is booked for that effort.
    • 18' Fellaini bundles Arteta to the ground and Arsenal have their own free-kick just inside the home half.
    • 17' Pienaar get himself into a really good position, but lacks the required composure as Szczesny collects with some ease from the weak shot.
    • 16' But Walcott’s goal was the third-fastest conceded by Everton at Goodison Park and fastest since Steve Sidwell’s after 34 seconds for Aston Villa in December 2008. Everton keeping possession here.
    • 15' Bit of news from elsewhere. Robin Van Persie now with the fastest goal of the night. 33 seconds for his opening goal against West Ham United.
    • 14' Naismith looking to scamper down a flank, but the visiting side have plenty of bodies back to deal with the danger.
    • 13' Baines throws in the free-kick looking for a team-mate, but Mertesacker is on hand to make the headed clearance.
    • 12' Arteta bundles Osman off the ball and the home side will have a free-kick here 25 yards from goal.
    • 11' Giroud deemed to have fouled Jagielka after some more fine play by Walcott out wide.
    • 10' Steven Pienaar sees a shot blocked before Marouane Fellaini's header is collected by Szczesny.
    • 9' Arsenal in no rush to go anywhere with the ball. Sagna doing well to halt the progress of Baines.
    • 8' Walcott’s goal was the fastest by an Arsenal player since October 2011 when Robin van Persie scored after 29 seconds against Sunderland.
    • 7' Pace of this match galloping by as Jelavic tries to nod home a Baines cross, but Wojciech Szczesny stands tall to make the block. Super piece of goalkeeping.
    • 6' Marouane Fellaini caught a couple of yards offside as he meandered up the park without much thought. Arsenal playing a high line.
    • 5' Theo Walcott officially scored after 52 seconds – the fastest Premier League goal of the season and fastest since Daniel Sturridge (45 seconds) for Chelsea v QPR on April 29.
    • 4' Laurent Koscielny is going to have to exit the action. Damaged a thigh muscle in his own box with Kieran Gibbs brought on by manager Arsene Wenger.
    • 3' The Arsenal fans singing "Theo, Theo"...and little wonder. Meanwhile, Laurent Koscielny is needing a spot of treatment here.
    • 2' GOAL! Walcott scores for Arsenal and the visiting side have the lead. What a start to this match. His ninth goal in 11 games. Decent finish. Deflected finish from Ramsey's pass. 1-0.
    • 1' A bitter cold night at Goodison Park. Arsenal get the match off and running.
    • 19.40 Teams out on the park here. And we are almost ready to go with this one.
    • 19.35 Arsenal have inflicted Everton’s two biggest defeats in the Premier League - 6-1 in August 2009 at Goodison Park and 7-0 at Highbury in May 2005. In the last 21 games against Arsenal (in all comps), Everton have only managed more than one goal in a game on one occasion.
    • 19.30 Arsenal have won eight and lost none of their last 10 Premier League meetings against Everton. Arsenal have scored 81 goals in Premier League history against Everton; only Man Utd (82 v Everton) has seen one team score more against a single opponent in the competition.
    • 19.25 Arsene Wenger: "We have built a team (where) we have a lot of young English players, or British players like Gibbs, Chamberlain, Wilshere. We still have the case of (Theo) Walcott, Aaron Ramsey. You want them all on long-term contracts. If the quality is local, it is of course even better because it gives you more guarantee of stability because the players who are English who play for Arsenal are more likely to stay for a longer term than foreign players, but we look first at quality."
    • 19.20 David Moyes on Mikel Arteta: "He is a great lad to work with. I think the manager (Wenger) was probably surprised what he offers: he is a great professional, a really good footballer and I'll be delighted to see him back - just disappointed it is in an Arsenal jersey. I see Mikel now and when they are having a bit of a huddle he is the one who is the leader and I think they look to him, he has taken on a lot of the leadership qualities in that side."
    • 19.15 Arsenal have forward Theo Walcott back from a shoulder problem for Wednesday's trip to Everton. Czech midfielder Tomas Rosicky (Achilles) is back in full training after his long injury lay-off, but starts on the bench. Defender Andre Santos (stomach muscle) remains out, while midfielder Abou Diaby (thigh) continues his rehabilitation.
    • 19.10 Everton midfielder Marouane Fellaini returns from suspension to face Arsenal. Manager David Moyes also hands a start to Darron Gibson, who has been out since early September because of a thigh problem. Seamus Coleman, Victor Anichebe, Phil Neville and Kevin Mirallas were all unavailable for Saturday's draw with Norwich and remain on the sidelines this evening.
    • 19:05 Teams: Everton: Howard, Hibbert, Baines, Gibson, Jagielka (c), Jelavic, Naismith, Distin, Osman, Pienaar, Fellaini...subs: Mucha, Heitinga, Oviedo, Hitzlsperger, Gueye, Barkley, Vellios////Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen (c), Koscielny, Arteta, Wilshere, Giroud, Walcott, Ramsey, Cazorla. Arsenal..subs: Rosicky, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Coquelin, Jenkinson, Gervinho, Gibbs, Mannone
    • 19:00 Good evening and welcome to LIVE coverage of Everton against Arsenal at Goodison Park in the Premier League.
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