Saturday April 13, 2013 Kick off: 10:00 Day 33 Goodison Park

Countdown: -370 Days

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  1. 2-o win for everton

    From Abebe, on Mon 15 Apr 19:47
  2. A bad manager always blames his tools and lets face it­ he has a team of tools.

    From Mr Football, on Mon 15 Apr 14:01
  3. An easy-earned home win, three point addition and­ expectation to finish the season hopeful. That is a­ pity that deserving Evertonians didn't manage to­ needle their way to Champions League.

    From Amir, on Sun 14 Apr 9:42
  4. thank a lot Gibson keep up the good job

    From apadou, on Sun 14 Apr 3:11
  5. So many pricks on here!!

    From stewart, on Sat 13 Apr 22:55
  6. I think most of you forget that harry took over half­ way through the season. IF he had taken the helm at the­ beginning QPR would not be in the situation they are­ in!. Harry for England the best manger we have!!!!

    From stewart, on Sat 13 Apr 22:54
  7. HR looks like a "SPECIAL" . . .special needs!

    From HEISENBERG, on Sat 13 Apr 20:32
  8. Samba....what an excellent value for money purchase !

    From RICHARD, on Sat 13 Apr 19:41
  9. Oh dear Harry, not quite the miracle worker you thought­ you were...

    From kevin, on Sat 13 Apr 18:58
  10. Remember the press and most football fans were sure­ that Harry was the right man for England ? Well, the­ current manger is NOT much of an improvement over­ shifty eyes !!

    From Fat Tony, on Sat 13 Apr 18:23
  11. Loic Remy - the grass is not always greener :-)

    From no-one-is-no-one, on Sat 13 Apr 17:11
  12. Warnock will sitting with a glass of bubbly laughing­ his head off.

    From no-one-is-no-one, on Sat 13 Apr 17:07
  13. QPHaha what a shower :) COYW

    From Stalins Ghost, on Sat 13 Apr 17:02
  14. merseyside generosity all travelling QPR fans where­ given a hot soup on arrival it was made with laughing­ stock!!!!!!

    From delazzuro, on Sat 13 Apr 16:46
  15. Lets all laugh at QPR!!!! Hahahahaha. What a­ laughing stock you are!!!!

    From Will, on Sat 13 Apr 16:40
  16. For all the money spent (wasted!), the hype (BS) about­ the mangers, current & previous, etc. in some ways­ they were better under Warnock. What a mess QPR!

    From Ivan K., on Sat 13 Apr 16:34
  17. Goodbye QPR and your #$%$, ha, ha, ha, ha, and his dog.

    From no-one-is-no-one, on Sat 13 Apr 16:18
  18. I think Moyes will take Fellaini off as another booking­ would mean a send off, they are obviously man marking­ him, All in all the Blues seem to be making it hard­ for the selves, but another couple of goals in the­ second half should kill them off

    From DOROTHY, on Sat 13 Apr 16:11
  19. N.S.N.O. Everton. Don't take it as a easy game.­ They have nothing 2 lose. It's up to us 2 win this­ game.

    From Ne, on Sat 13 Apr 14:52
  20. I think QPR'S mission is too not finish bottom of­ the table. No doubt they will stay in the bottom 3.

    From Convey, on Sat 13 Apr 14:46
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