Sunday May 12, 2013 Kick off: 10:00 Day 37 Goodison Park

Countdown: -340 Days

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  1. The reaction of the Everton fans to David Moyes today­ was incredible- they are a credit to football, I know­ he merited the applause but was still surprised by the­ fans reaction. Top club- top chairman- top supporters ­ Really hope the new manager does the business- I have­ said it on this forum before, I took my then 13yo son­ to his first FA cup final at Wembley in 1985- after­ beating Everton 1-0 we were congratu;ated by Everton­ fans after the game, as I said top fans.

    From JOHN, on Sun 12 May 23:10
  2. champions of merseyside again

    From windswept, on Sun 12 May 17:23
  3. @ JOHN BARRON....Remind us what exactly Moyes has­ achieved in over 11 years? Not getting relegated? In 11­ years we've won the Uefa cup Champions league Fa­ cup carling cup super cup, etc etc. If Finishing above­ a Liverpool side thats rebuilding is classed as an­ Achievement, get ready for more of the same next­ season. Everton will be relegation candidates next­ season.

    From Q,Q, on Sun 12 May 16:59
  4. So is Manchester City boss???

    From JOHN BARRON, on Sun 12 May 16:46
  5. Will David Moyes recommend Steve Kean as his successor­ ? S.K. is available immediately !

    From filho da puta, on Sun 12 May 16:36
  6. Fat head Ron Evertons next manager

    From Anthony, on Sun 12 May 16:35
  7. WHU 8pts from relegation and they still want to give­ that fat, useless excuse of an manager another­ contract; bang goes another season expecting to see­ football played; typical fat Sam tactics of hoof it as­ far as you can and chase as hard as you can; utterly­ clueless and in the same class as Pardew

    From bobby, on Sun 12 May 15:50
  8. get stuffed yahoo i am going over to the bbc

    From , on Sun 12 May 15:41
  9. COYI..............

    From uglytroll, on Sun 12 May 15:36
  10. wow - yahoo excell themselves yet again with their­ incise, up to the moment commentary . . . . .

    From Ben, on Sun 12 May 15:16
  11. David Moyes legand. thanks & good luck. Phil­ Neville. Step up EVERTON NEXT MANAGER.

    From Ne, on Sun 12 May 15:15
  12. Trust yahoo to make another #$%$ up with the commentry

    From , on Sun 12 May 15:14
  13. come on west ham big result today!

    From James, on Sun 12 May 15:08
  14. COYI's. Let's make sure of a top ten finish. ­ A few more away points would be good!! Great to not­ be sweating over the last few games though. A good­ season.

    From PAUL, on Sun 12 May 15:07
  15. Moyes has been the best manager Everton could possibly­ have. He has brought results from poor players and no­ money to spend. He could be even greater than Sir Alex!­ Give him the respect he deserves. What would you do in­ similar circumstances. Thank you David for what you­ have achieved with Everton and good luck.

    From JOHN BARRON, on Sun 12 May 12:17
  16. C O Y I

    From Paul Gingell, on Sun 12 May 9:00
  17. Maybe Everton will finally win a trophy now Moe­ Szyslakis mooching off toOld Toilet, seeing as­ they've won nothing in 11 years of his being there.­ Even Wigan won the FA cup.

    From Paul, on Sun 12 May 2:15
  18. I hope that Everton can complete the season in style. A­ decisive win tomorrow and then an away win against­ Chelsea who we deserve to beat after they mugged us at­ Goodison Park. Send Moyes off in style up the East­ Lancs Road.

    From WILLIAM, on Sat 11 May 15:41
  19. Hoddle to Everton?

    From me, on Sat 11 May 10:44
  20. With moyes taking over , Furgason will be a large flee­ in in his ear-ol ALL the time.

    From Roy, on Fri 10 May 17:23
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