Saturday May 4, 2013 Kick off: 10:00 Day 36 Anfield

Countdown: -352 Days

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  1. if they get into Europe its a joke there living on the­ past move over red #$%$ the blues are the pride of­ Liverpool ste

    From STEVE, on Mon 6 May 16:14
  2. 123. The Editor is a Liverpool supporter From­ Raymond, on Sun 5 May 16:44 IS HE FROM TORQUAY

    From windswept, on Mon 6 May 11:29
  3. 128.windswept.....The Birdman of Anfield Road can do­­ anything on the edge of the law and Gerrard always­ gets­ away with it ARE WE TALKING ABOUT THE SAME MAN­ CHEATING STUDS UP STEVIE STARFISH DJ BASHER WITH THE­ CHEATING WIFE

    From windswept, on Mon 6 May 11:28
  4. this was ensuring that liverpool get into europe for­ being second to arsenal in the FAIR PLAY­ LEAGUE.......what a farce with them having suarez the­ cheater diver stomper cannibal......what a­ f''''' joke..

    From Kenneth H, on Mon 6 May 9:18
  5. When will the FA clamp down on ref harrassment ,­ especially verbally ,by Carra & Stevie G(BH) the refs­ in Rugby get called Sir, Stevie Me was clearly seen­ mouthing to the ref calling him a #$%$ bag . A 3 ­ match ban for verbal abuse would stop that in 2 weeks.­ L'pool & chelsea & MU are masters at surrounding the­ ref until the ref caves in !

    From phil, on Mon 6 May 3:58
  6. Odd the way the commentary team say L'pool play­ pin point, sweeping 40-50 yard precision passing­ football (Stevie me's long range passes) but­ Everton play the 'long ball' implying the hoof­ ball !!!! nob- eds

    From phil, on Mon 6 May 3:53
  7. Everton the original and true football team in­ Liverpool with no biters n cheats. The family club with­ no billionaire backers to fetch in foreign mercenaries.­ All that and still top team in Scouseland.

    From Thomas Paine, on Sun 5 May 23:02
  8. windswept.....The Birdman of Anfield Road can do­ anything on the edge of the law and Gerrard always gets­ away with it

    From Raymond, on Sun 5 May 19:50
  9. Gerrard raises his leg extremely high when challenging­ Osman and concedes a free-kick. Would have been a­ booking in most countries. DO YOU THINK IF STUDS UP­ STEVIE SHOT SOMEONE HE WOULD STILL NOT GET A CARD , IT­ WOULD SEEM HIS WIFE HAS SLEPT WITH EVERYONE NOT JUST­ HALF OF DERBY

    From windswept, on Sun 5 May 18:51
  10. Good goal ruled out. loserpool were their usual shyte.

    From no-one-is-no-one, on Sun 5 May 16:58
  11. Liverpool second best again lfc your #$%$ ste

    From STEVE, on Sun 5 May 16:57
  12. The Editor is a Liverpool supporter

    From Raymond, on Sun 5 May 16:44
  13. Be interested to see the Disallowed 'Goal'­ again

    From Raymond, on Sun 5 May 16:43
  14. Sack Brendan Rodgers now.

    From Tom, on Sun 5 May 16:02
  15. Liverpool have taken 5 steps backwards since employing­ Rogers as their manager. Lost the League Cup, Lost to a­ second division team in the FA cup, out of Europe early­ and out of Europe for next year, 7th in the Premier­ League, only beat one team all season in the top 8, is­ this the pedigree of a good manager? I think not. It is­ time to call on an experienced manager if the Fenway­ Sports Group are serious about bringing success back to­ Anfield.

    From david, on Sun 5 May 15:45
  16. Proud of Everton.....A battling performance and a win­ against West Ham at Goodison should see the Blues­ qualify for Europe....While it seems likely David Moyes­ will leave the club at the end of the season this­ performance shows Moyes is 100 Per Cent committed to­ Everton Football Club.....If we qualify for Europe I­ think Moyes will stay a while longer

    From Raymond, on Sun 5 May 15:45
  17. Is there a burgaler in Liverpool? Cos Everton just got­ robed 2 points....

    From Drum Pro, on Sun 5 May 15:31
  18. no goals boring boring football

    From blackknight, on Sun 5 May 15:29
  19. What a boring pile of scouse s(h)it.

    From General Melchett, on Sun 5 May 15:29
  20. A bit disappointed that it finished goal-less but i­ guess that shows that both goalkeepers had a good game,­ just a shame there was no goals oh well come on­ liverpool!

    From Colin, on Sun 5 May 15:29
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