Saturday April 27, 2013 Kick off: 10:00 Day 35 Etihad Stadium

Countdown: -354 Days

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  1. dont laugh at me joe

    From Blackcat, on Sun 28 Apr 18:22
  2. dont laugh at me joe

    From Blackcat, on Sun 28 Apr 18:22
  3. At the end of the season city need a new number 1­ keeper.

    From Daniel Lenegan, on Sat 27 Apr 21:14
  4. I hear today the shity player and their boss shout off­ their bum hole again. yes we will win next season, win­ next season???????????? really are u going to but the­ spainish international or Germany or brazil or the­ arggie bargie as u has a few allready. I think u should­ by all 4 then rotate. dtream on u shity boys

    From the angery man, on Sat 27 Apr 18:17
  5. not long ago when man shity beat man U I hear their­ player and staff shout off their bum hole that we can­ will the league and the silly "kid" said man u will­ suffer a jitter oh yes yes yes it right they have a­ jitter but on the dance floor of a night club last­ week. I am pity the"kid" he learn his trade with Fergie­ which is great but what a pity he is sucking to a #$%$­ #$%$ who alway thinks he is the best manager in­ English football. Best my #$%$ you #$%$ and on your­ bike for for next season #$%$ off.

    From the angery man, on Sat 27 Apr 18:06
  6. luck

    From #No1Boss SEYI, on Sat 27 Apr 16:09
  7. Its not an irrelevant match. City are still not­ mathematically guaranteed 3rd place, never mind 2nd.­ And why did Joe Hart play on with an injured back with­ a two goal cushion going into injury time? This injury­ could now keep him out of the Cup Final

    From Philip, on Sat 27 Apr 15:43
  8. ha ha ha ha lol lol lol city are trying their best to­ win the wooden spoon lol lol lol oh my cup runeth over

    From James, on Sat 27 Apr 15:28
  9. i still remember last year when City fans were saying­ that Man Utd's era has ended when City won the­ premiere league...guess what??? wrong! Man Utd wins the­ premiere league again!!! ...this time wins with style..­ 10pts....not based on goal

    From RedDevils_ManUtd4Life, on Sat 27 Apr 15:14
  10. Why irrelevant Mr commentator. Is guaranteeing 2nd­ place not important. If irrelevant why did you even­ bother reporting on it. poor attitude.

    From STEPHEN, on Sat 27 Apr 15:00
  11. stupid joe hart

    From Rafiz, on Sat 27 Apr 14:54
  12. #$%$ hell,the gaff cleared out like Jo brand had just­ taken her kit off...

    From waltjabasco, on Sat 27 Apr 14:50
  13. greedy #$%$ are lucky again

    From Michael, on Sat 27 Apr 14:48
  14. Did you know that Manchester City is in Manchester,­ because Manchester City is in the City of Manchester­ City. From a Man U supporter

    From Random, on Sat 27 Apr 14:44
  15. I just watched the second half and what a second half! ­ bravo for andy carroll for gei tting a consolation­ goal. i think that roberto mancini will be very­ relieved about the three points that are definitely­ needed. well done bobby!

    From Colin, on Sat 27 Apr 14:44
  16. What's an even better way to get 2lb of meat from a­ fly??get Philip to undo morty,s zip...he'll swallow­ it,with it touching the back of he's throat..,

    From waltjabasco, on Sat 27 Apr 14:43
  17. An irrelevant match? This is not good refporting here.­ These teams are trying hard to gain some respect. ­ People still hold tickets for the season and calling­ the match irrelevant is too simplistic if not­ disrespectful

    From Jack C, on Sat 27 Apr 14:43
  18. @Philip..i,I'm no dirty greasebag­ northerner,I'm a londoner born&breed..and as­ for leyton orient,that was my 1st Chelsea game way­ back in 1977,long before the scousers had­ mullets&fanny hair lips....

    From waltjabasco, on Sat 27 Apr 14:37
  19. dont worry dennis west ham fans will be laughing as­ much when forest thrash you later ha ha

    From Mark Moore, on Sat 27 Apr 14:37
  20. Play as been halted Joe Hart is having his hair washed

    From Shafted from every angle, on Sat 27 Apr 14:36
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