Saturday April 20, 2013 Kick off: 10:00 Day 34 Old Trafford

Countdown: -363 Days

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  1. @Don 460 fair enough. But if you take away RVP 24 goals­ this season, Rooney has had 12 goals Hernandez 8 goals­ Kagawa 5. Basically whether you united fans admit it or­ not and RVP goals single had gave you the league. plus­ remember when RVP had a goal drought he had had like 19­ goals already which was hardly a big deal, plus you had­ won the league by then. And for record check yahoo top­ goal scores if you don't believe me. But to prove­ that i am not bitter congratulation and this is coming­ from a rival fan.

    From , on Thu 25 Apr 6:44
  2. As usual the best cheats win.

    From , on Wed 24 Apr 10:47
  3. Villa get rid off that horrible GREEN shirt no good­ will come with Green on our backs.

    From Geoffrey, on Tue 23 Apr 19:23
  4. Sean of the 361 a basic understand of the English­ language is not what I expected to see coming from a­ super intelligent person like yourself , should it be a­ basic understanding? poor Karen wont know who to­ believe.

    From beverley, on Tue 23 Apr 17:00
  5. Thank Man Utd Win Avfc For Wigan Fans

    From kate, on Tue 23 Apr 15:00
  6. @Lubov, 466. "RVP won the­ tittle for you guys­ with his goals..." he got the goals in the AV game­ but who was scoring during his barren spell? I think­ those players helped Utd reach the point where Utd won­ with RVP's goals against AV. Are you saying no-one­ else could have scored against AV if RVP wasn't­ there?

    From Don, on Tue 23 Apr 11:13
  7. Congratulations Man UTD on winning the Premier League­ again. Now can you lend us Sir Alex for the last few­ games of the season? From an Aston Villa fan.

    From Troika, on Tue 23 Apr 11:05
  8. Congrats to Man Utd. Shame your supposedly fans on here­ had to spoil it with their foul and childish comments.­ Not to worry though, their back to school tomorrow.

    From no-one-is-no-one, on Tue 23 Apr 10:57
  9. Comment 462 stick to being a glory hunter because you­ say arsenal are a one man team but remember RVP won the­ tittle for you guys with his goals yet they said will­ never finish in the top four without RVP yet we are­ third going for second place. so who is a one man team­ now. Plus this season we have had about 10 different­ goal scores

    From , on Tue 23 Apr 10:10
  10. I guess I need to change my profile picture then. GGMU!

    From Kelso, on Tue 23 Apr 10:09
  11. Alroy are you thick in the head you live in the im a­ no body world as well as being a shity #$%$ fan

    From ALAN B, on Tue 23 Apr 8:54
  12. @468, we're gonna have the same amount of trophies­ this year, so I'm alright with it.

    From jimminy, on Tue 23 Apr 8:39
  13. Glory Glory Man United, Glory Glory Man United, As­ the reds go marching on on on. Oh yeah, this proves­ Arsenal are a ONE man team (RVP), wheras utd arent, as­ weve proved 19 times before

    From , on Tue 23 Apr 8:37
  14. I am a gunners...congrats to united to be a champions­ of this season well done and good luck for RVP...

    From Yanuar, on Tue 23 Apr 2:51
  15. RVP's 20 goes so good with the 20 titles! After­ all, he's the one who made it possible, arguably.

    From -?Cr?yonics?-, on Tue 23 Apr 0:33
  16. We are the Champions!!!!!! Mancini are you­ listening....its now 20 and still counting....

    From CHI WUN, on Tue 23 Apr 0:20
  17. Championé championé are we are we are we,championé­ championé are we are we are,championé championé are wa­ are we rae we,championé championé are we are we are­ we,championé ,championé championé are we are we !!!!

    From Oakland, on Tue 23 Apr 0:19
  18. Well Done, congratulation To Sir Alex and the team.­ Only the best will do. Hope for better game next year.

    From Abdul, on Tue 23 Apr 0:07
  19. Are you watching .....are you watching .....are you­ watching merseyside,are you watching merseyside

    From farima, on Tue 23 Apr 0:03
  20. congratulation from a Chelsea fan . you deserve the­ title for your consistency. you have a the best Manager­ in PL and may be in the world. Good luck for my Chelsea­ next year.

    From HERO, on Mon 22 Apr 23:38
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