Saturday February 9, 2013 Kick off: 10:00 Day 26 Old Trafford

Countdown: -431 Days

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  1. Manchester United on top always

    From Lekan Adeyemi, on Sun 17 Feb 14:13
  2. OMG man shity hahahahahaha we are 15 points ahead­ now!!!!! hahahahaha OMG I am gonna die laughing

    From ,, on Tue 12 Feb 20:49
  3. Man Utd keep winning the rest keep losing i dont care. ­ I also think we will give Madrid a game on wednesday­ Jones will mark ron out of the game the same way­ fellini

    From keith j, on Mon 11 Feb 19:29
  4. Fergie knows what he wants. Apparently by buying RVP­ from Arsenal he not only signed a best striker in­ England but touched a trophy already then in summer­ 2012.

    From Roxana, on Mon 11 Feb 15:40
  5. If united get beat so what get a life you sad low­ lifes i just cant understand why so called fans sing­ about the dead you must be sick in your head

    From ALAN B, on Mon 11 Feb 8:36
  6. 216 comment from mike yes me im from manchester ancoats­ and yes im a red M U F C FOR LIFE

    From ALAN B, on Mon 11 Feb 8:28
  7. 217, Mike has no base just like his plastic club Man­ City or Chelsea that don't have foundation or­ direction, not to talk of managers that will win them­ trophes. The more you hate man U the more your soul is­ in trouble, because you will always be troubled within­ you which is not good for your health.

    From Bobby, on Mon 11 Feb 8:00
  8. Most of chelsea and man city fans don't even know­ the location of their club house, city or where the­ Standford bridge is. Football is fun so stop the hate­ of Man U it will do u people more good.

    From Bobby, on Mon 11 Feb 7:54
  9. Is it all the people supporting plastic chelsea that­ are from Standford bridge? Most of them don't even­ know their club house location, let it then be their­ stadium. champion of europe that were at the bottom of­ the champions league table.

    From Bobby, on Mon 11 Feb 7:48
  10. A tragic slide on the table, desperate farewell with­ Champions League and lagging behind opponents. Everton­ must appear braver. When we miss points both at home­ and abroad, lower-ranked teams overtake us.

    From Amir, on Mon 11 Feb 5:58
  11. 217 Mike, What's your point? Do you have to be­ from Manchester to appreciate a great club?

    From Vidic wasn't offside, on Mon 11 Feb 5:09
  12. giggsy still doin the buiss

    From PAUL, on Mon 11 Feb 3:45

    From ALAN B, on Mon 11 Feb 0:03
  14. First time on this site...most of you couldn't find­ Manchester on a map let alone Old Trafford! For the­ real Man U fans...fully deserved today

    From malcolm, on Sun 10 Feb 23:11
  15. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    "Gary Neville makes Rafael 'Man of the­ Match', not sure I agree with that." ­ That's because Gary Neville is a stupid­ ¢|_||\|7

    From BeatSteaks, on Sun 10 Feb 19:54
  16. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    are their any united fans here from the city of­ Manchester????????????????

    From Mike, on Sun 10 Feb 19:10
  17. sx

    From , on Sun 10 Feb 18:53
  18. Well done Manchester United,The Reds go Marching on.

    From Jane Maskell, on Sun 10 Feb 18:48
  19. al.....Manchester United win everything do­ they?.....Good side though they are (very good) Wayne­ Rooney has never been an FA Cup winner

    From Raymond, on Sun 10 Feb 18:42
  20. I really think that Man U are the best and Ferge did­ the best thing today to put on his best team to­ distance Man U from Man City now the team and manager­ can partly relax in the England cames and now set their­ sights on Madrid. John Crompton Saudi Arabia

    From John & Isabella, on Sun 10 Feb 18:39
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