Sunday January 13, 2013 Day 22 Finished Old Trafford

Manchester United 2 - 1 Liverpool

  • van Persie 19’
  • Vidic 54’
  • Sturridge 57’

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  1. Premier League - Manchester United hold off Liverpool to stay seven clear

    Premier League - Manchester United hold off Liverpool to stay seven clear

    Manchester United strengthened their position atop the Premier League with a 2-1 victory over perennial rivals Liverpool. More

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    • Manchester United
    • Liverpool
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    • 90+5' No need! The whistle goes before the free-kick can be taken and United hold on to extend their lead atop the Premier League table to 10 points for at least a couple of hours!
    • 90+4' Agger fouls van Persie on the wing and is booked. This should be United's chance to burn the final seconds.
    • 90+3' RVP does really well to keep the ball alive on the Liverpool byline but cannot pull it back for Welbeck.
    • 90+2' Borini and Suarez get in each other's way allowing a lumpy ball forward to go straight back to De Gea.
    • 90+1' Four minutes of added time. VAN PERSIE TRIES ANOTHER BACKHEEL FLICK! Held well by Reina at the far post. The man is shameless.
    • 90' Liverpool take a centre-circle free-kick quickly but Sturridge fires off-target.
    • 89' Johnson has a shot closed down before Gerrard needlessly fouls. End of this wave of pressure.
    • 88' Sturridge and Suarez each hold the ball in the area but cannot turn for a shot.
    • 87' 70% possession of the last 10 minutes for the away side. United really sitting back and it could cost them. Between that and Sturridge's inclusion, Pool have given a greater account of themselves in this half.
    • 86' Johnson trips Valencia rugby-style, and the sub is furious. It not only ends the pressure but the right-back is on a yellow... but he gets away with a final warning. That would surely have been a yellow if he wasn't facing an early bath. Bit of a bottlling by Webb.
    • 85' Still not clear and Sturridge strikes! Just over!
    • 84' Suarez almost steals an opportunity for a leveller! Complacency at the back allows him to sneak into possession in the area, but he takes too long to either shoot or square the ball!
    • 82' That corner/goal kick controversy has a few of you talking. @silvas_eyes21: "Funny how everything is to United's advantage isn't it?" @kosta96: "Congrats to Howard Webb for an amazing performance for United yet again!!" and @arnold_layne: "same conspiracy therorists that made no comment when suarez scored a goal by handball ?" - keep em coming via Twitter @liamhappe
    • 81' Welbeck bursts down the left flank after a nice give-and-go with van Persie, but stumbles at the byline and lets the ball run out for a goal kick whilst landing on his backside. He saw the funny side, at least.
    • 80' Liverpool conclude the changes with their own third switch moments later as Allen ends a tough shift by coming off for Jordan Henderson.
    • 79' Vidic, who is being credited for the second goal now, makes way for Chris Smalling in a like-for-like. Precautionary move after that head clash earlier.
    • 78' And it's going to be a quick-fire double change, United about to make their third and final sub.
    • 77' And in an effort to help slow the game down further, Ferguson withdraws Kagawa and brings on Phil Jones.
    • 76' Now Johnson sees yellow for a foul on Evra. The game is breaking down a bit here which is to United's advantage.
    • 75' Vidic heads the free-kick behind. A goal kick is given. CUE THE CONSPIRACY THEORISTS!
    • 74' Webb delays the Gerrard delivery of the free-kick to give Vidic and Skrtel words of warning for handbags inside the box.
    • 73' Downing is fouled by Evra and the Frenchman is the first United player in the book. Replays show contact was actually minimal. Hm.
    • 72' Close! United get caught playing their way out of danger again and Sturridge stabs the ball into the path of Borini, whose decent 20-yard effort comes close to the target.
    • 71' Valencia sweeps up the latest Liverpool pressure, though Kagawa almost gives it away to Gerrard.
    • 70' Sturridge picks up a crisp cross-field pass from Suarez and keeps Ferdinand at bay well, only to fire wide rather than look for a square pass as his team-mates arrived in the box.
    • 69' The away side have actually had more of the second half possession thus far but it will feel like a snatch if they can get an equaliser here. Thoughts, people? Twitter me @liamhappe
    • 68' Sturridge is the first Liverpool player to score on his Premier League debut for the club since Suarez against Stoke in February 2011.
    • 67' Good period of Liverpool attacking possession ends when Johnson comes in from the left wing and fires a low drive wide of the near post. Goal kick.
    • 66' Both players return to the field and play resumes.
    • 65' Corner comes in and is cleared before play halts due to a clash of heads between Vidic and Wisdom.
    • 64' Welbeck's pass is blocked into the path of Kagawa! Beautiful curling effort is parried for a corner by Reina!
    • 63' The invisible Sterling makes way for Borini in Liverpool's second switch.
    • 62' Ferdinand mis-judges a header, but as Suarez capitalises, the offside flag goes up.
    • 61' Van Persie fires it at the wall, but it trickles through and Evra just doesn't see it in time to pounce! Reina claims.
    • 60' Gerrard brings down van Persie on the edge of the area and it's another chance for United to pull away coming up.
    • 58' Liverpool are preparing another change and it's Borini getting ready. The Evra/Vidic goal suggests that there are issues defensively moreso than up top now, especially with them pulling one back.
    • 57' GOAL LIVERPOOL! Hope for the visitors as De Gea saves from Gerrard in the aftermath of their prolonged attack. Sturridge nips in to convert the rebound. 2-1!
    • 56' Suarez looks to burst past the United defence but Evra ends that.
    • 55' That one's going to the dubious goals panel, for sure.
    • 54' GOAL UNITED! 2-0 as Evra heads the set-piece home at the far post. Poorly-marked by Liverpool but a replay shows perhaps Vidic had the final touch..?
    • 53' Evra with a ball over the top for Welbeck, who has a half-yard on Skrtel... but the defender pulls him to the floor! Just a yellow though as Skrtel had cover.
    • 52' Suarez with a neat through ball to send the overlapping Wisdom free into the penalty area.... but the right-back is far from first choice to be in front of goal and loses balance, sending a shot miles wide.
    • 50' Johnson has a cross headed away from danger. Kagawa gives away possession but Liverpool cannot make a second chance.
    • 49' He sends it harmlessly off-target.
    • 48' Allen clumsily sends Kagawa to the grass and United have a 30-yard central free-kick. Van Persie stands over it. Allen really has struggled today after an authorative first 10 minutes.
    • 47' Bright start to this period as Sturridge strides forward into space before being dispossessed, and at the other end Welbeck lashes a shot wide of the near post.
    • 46' And Liverpool get us back underway for the second half.
    • - Unsurprising half-time changes: United bring on Valencia for Young, who took a few hard knocks in the first 45 and didn't appear able to shake them off completely. Liverpool meanwhile bring on Daniel Sturridge for Lucas as they strive to increase their attacking abilities.
    • - Half-time thoughts - @jamespipe2: "i feel that with Van Persie on the pitch, Liverpool will struggle to get 1 point let alone all 3 points" @geo123456: "47 minutes Suarez will score" @yombays: "now I'm worried. United are too dominant...and not scoring a 2nd goal. Anything can happen..." @zac_mic: "Rodgers needs to bring on Sturridge and Henderson/ Shelvey! Suarez needs some support!" @soccerboydormon: "Plain and simple. United are bossing this fame. Carrick is very underrated but World class"
    • 45+5' United's free-kick is cleared and play bogs down until the half-time whistle finally comes. RVP is the difference, again, with an RVP special finish. Expect Brendan Rodgers to shake things up offensively in the second half, though.
    • 45+4' Lucas late in on Young. Clumsy and careless. It's our first booking of the match.
    • 45+3' Also worth noting that Kagawa looked odds-on to convert the rebound after Skrtel cleared van Persie off the line, only for Wisdom to shield him away superbly.
    • 45+2' We've had our regulated two minutes of stoppage time but it's almost entirely been treatment for the Liverpool goalkeeper to this will drag on.
    • 45+1' Liverpool counter comes to nothing before play is stopped as Reina hasn't returned to his feet after that van Persie chance.
    • 45' Superb touch by Rafael to bring down Carrick's long pass and leave Johnson in his wake! Low ball in for RVP... audacious back-heel finish but Skrtel is there to stop it going over the line!
    • 44' Now Wisdom gets caught in possession and Welbeck wants a free-kick off Skrtel but it was a good challenge to rescue the situation.
    • 43' Sterling is finally pushing a little more forward now and picks up Gerrard's ball on the right well, only to be outnumbered before he can get a cross going.
    • 42' Liverpool have a corner cleared by Ferdinand.
    • 41' CLEVERLEY! Volley from Allen's half-clearance flashes across goal as United continue to press for a second.
    • 40' Kagawa's decent headed flick-on almost creates a chance. Liverpool deal with it.
    • 39' Zero chemistry between Gerrard and Suarez on a one-two attempt shows perhaps why the Liverpool midfielders are reluctant to provide chief support for the forward.
    • 37' @chelsea_chelsy offers an impartial view: "LIverpool 3points?..well, I dun think so...looks like they won't get anything, LOL"
    • 36' Better from Suarez and Johnson this time to win a throw, which the right-back sends for the striker to turn past Rio and fire over. Bit alarming that Pool are so reliant on the full-backs to feed Suarez, though. Allen, Gerrard and Lucas are all marshalling and at least one should be trying to create play from the middle.
    • 35' Welbeck makes another chance for himself after collecting Cleverley's forward pass and evading Skrtel long enough to blaze off-target.
    • 34' A Johnson-Suarez link-up on the edge of the United 'D' fails.
    • 33' Big error from Allen lets Welbeck in! He skips to his left to find space for a shot inside the area but Agger makes a vital block on the shot!
    • 32' Play resumes and moments later, Young gingerly re-enters the fray.
    • 31' While treatment continues, I want to know who still fancies Liverpool for three points in what would be quite the result now. Let me know via Twitter @liamhappe
    • 30' Young goes through the wars twice in as many minutes, innocently clashing hard with Agger. The winger remains down and despite Welbeck Kagawa and RVP carving out an attempted attack near the area, they eventually put the ball out.
    • 29' Taken short and possession continues until Johnson brings down Young on the right, by the halfway line. Rinse and repeat.
    • 28' Lucas clatters Kagawa who continues to run more centrally. It's paying off as the passes are crisp and they're reaping chances and free-kicks like this one.
    • 27' Only 10% of the match has thus far been spent in United's final third. 27% in Liverpool's.
    • 26' Almost a second first-time left-footer for RVP! Young cuts inside on his run from the right, Welbeck with a good dummy run to take defenders away and allow van Persie to latch onto the Young ball but his rushed effort goes over the bar.
    • 25' Replays of the goal show just how majestic it was. First time, one leg over the other finish across Agger and beyond Reina. The FIFA team of the year was always going to have heavy Spanish influence but how RVP did not make the side is beyond me.
    • 24' Johnson shanks a cross from the left. Was a little off-balance for the delivery but had limited time and space to make it happen.
    • 23' Plenty of space afforded Gerrard and Wisdom, with the latter's low cross easily dealt with by the United defence, who have strength in numbers.
    • 22' Now almost a mistake by Gerrard, but the skipper makes amends by sliding in to get the ball back from the pouncing van Persie. The Merseysiders are on the ropes a little here.
    • 21' Almost a dangerous back-pass by Johnson with Welbeck sniffing around Reina, but the keeper gets it clear.
    • 20' United were getting little success out on the flanks against Wisdom and Johnson, but took their approach more centrally to draw their visitors into a more narrow defence before sending it out wide for the crosses. The second instance of this reaped the opening goal.
    • 19' GOAL UNITED! Guess who? Van Persie with a well-placed first time finish on Evra's low cross. 1-0!
    • 17' United counter quickly as Liverpool begin to increase their own attacking intent, but RVP has a cross from the left-hand byline closed down inside the box.
    • 16' More predictions: @th0tmaster: "skrtel header from corner, rvp penalty, chicharito goal at 90min. Man Utd 2 - 1 Liverpool", @johnbrondo: "united 3-1 win rvp 43,85 young 72 and suarez 64" and @matthayesy: "i think if anyone scores an important goal, it will be RVP or Suarez, on the other hand, i wouldn't rule a header from Vidic"
    • 15' Decent outside-curler of a cross by Rafael is headed away by Skrtel before Johnson clears up the danger and wins a free-kick in the process.
    • 14' Liverpool build a reasonable succession of short passes from the free-kick but cannot make a serious crack at goal and the hosts re-take control.
    • 13' Evra and Suarez renew acquiantances. The French defender comes into the back of the Uruguayan as they compete for an aerial ball.
    • 12' Gerrard sends the ball long into the United danger zone but the visitors soon concede a free-kick themselves and that ends the attack.
    • 11' Late challenge by Young on Sterling as the youngster looks to beat a second man on a cross-field jaunt. No cards early on, the right call. Just bad timing there.
    • 10' The ex-Dortmund man scupprers the set piece by fouling Sterling but United continue to control the early stages and almost punish some Liverpool dawdling when van Persie has a shot deflected into Reina's clutches.
    • 9' Wisdom again stands up Kagawa on the left-hand side but United win the game's first corner as a result.
    • 8' Allen comfortably dispossesses Young before salvaging possession in a 50-50 moments later.
    • 7' Suarez cuts a lonely figure early on trying to bring down Skrtel's hoofed clearance. Every other black shirt back inside their own half.
    • 6' @louis7xavier thinks the focus will NOT be on Suarez or RVP at the end of the match. "i dont think RvP or Suarez will score, 1-1 gerrard and young i think" - send your thoughts via Twitter to @liamhappe
    • 5' Great hold-up play by Welbeck keeps Skrtel at bay before a tee-up for a Young cross ends with a clearance. Evra with a centre of his own from the other side but Reina claims.
    • 4' Liverpool's first attempt at attacking momentum comes as Suarez collects the ball on the left, but Ferdinand snuffs out the pass attempt to Sterling.
    • 3' Early surge forward by United sees Kagawa's cross from the left deflected into Reina's arms by Wisdom, who did well to keep with the Japanese star's surging run.
    • 2' Jose Mourinho is in the VIP area today. His Real Madrid side play Man Utd in the Champions League last-16 next month... though it's easy to imagine the gaffer in England for more than just scouting.
    • 1' And here we go with the home side kicking off the first half!
    • 13:29 The teams are on the pitch and the atmosphere is rising nicely at the Theatre of Dreams. Feel free to keep your thoughts coming via Twitter @liamhappe, we will publish some more when we can during the coverage. Follow us @eurosportcom_en as well for all sports coverage and reports.
    • 13:28 @wazza_mutd10 says "Hernandez should have started. I believe whoever scores first wins the game." and @colinlahann says: " I think the team will do the job but I would've picked Chicharito over Welbeck, but he's a great option to have on the bench."
    • 13:27 PREDICTIONS: @Hitman_Hzm says "Definitely an early red card for Suarez, a hat trick for RVP. Man utd to win 3-0" while @Zac_Mic says "I reckon united will break Liverpool hearts and snatch a 3-2 victory at death. At least one red card." and @ralphmondonedo suggests: Evra hat-trick...."
    • 13:26 Moments to go until kick-off now. Of course another big topic heading into the game is the appointment of Howard Webb as match official. Early Doors, however, feels the ship has sailed on 'Webb is a United employee' jokes... Howard Webb jokes aren’t funny
    • 13:25 And Pool supporter @azia-alwi has thoughts on his side's own striking options: "i would go for Sturridge rather than Borini. Borini is a poacher type not a winger" - keep 'em coming to @liamhappe on Twitter, including any score/scorers predictions. Who fancies a 3-3 - RVP and Suarez hat-tricks?
    • 13:20 United fan @zakdaulby says: "I think that chicharito should start instead of welbeck. He is just a better player." Follow @liamhappe on Twitter and send your thoughts over to get them published, too.
    • 13:15 For those of you residing either on #TeamRVP or #TeamSuarez today, here are some interesting head-to-head stats: GOALS 16-15 to RVP, APPEARANCES 21-20 to RVP, ASSISTS 6-3 to RVP, CONVERSION % 25-16 RVP, CHANCES MADE 40-57 Suarez.
    • 13:10 United fans, do you agree with Welback starting with RVP rather than Chicharito? Liverpool fans, hoping for some cameo magic from Borini and/or Sturridge? Any other gripes with the team selections? Predictions? Messages of support? If you follow me on Twitter and send your thoughts over, we'll publish them here on the matchcast.
    • 13:05 Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers: Brendan Rodgers: "Both clubs are institutions in the game, this club has had great achievements, Manchester United have had achievements over the last 20 years, but this club is at the elite level of the game also, people will knock LFC now because of the standards that have been achieved here in 70's and 80's but that doesn't stop us being a massive club."
    • 13:00 Man Utd manager Sir Alex Ferguson: "It is Liverpool. A derby game. That never changes. It is always an immensely important game. It is intense and emotional. Everything you can think of in a derby game will probably be there on Sunday."
    • 12:55 Get involved in today's coverage in one of three ways: leave your thoughts in our comments section below, rate the players as the game progresses once we kick off, and if you want to get your comments published here on the 'cast, simply send them over via Twitter! You can do that by following me at @liamhappe - be sure to follow our official website Twitter @EurosportCom_EN while you're at it, if you don't already.
    • 12:50 MANCHESTER UNITED: De Gea; Rafael, Vidic, Ferdinand, Evra; Carrick, Cleverley, Kagawa, Welbeck, Young, Van Persie. Subs: Amos, Jones, Valencia, Anderson, Giggs, Smalling, Hernandez. /// LIVERPOOL: Reina, Wisdom, Johnson, Agger, Skrtel, Lucas, Gerrard, Allen, Downing, Sterling, Suarez. Subs: Jones, Carragher, Henderson, Sturridge, Borini, Shelvey, Robinson.
    • 12:45 Good afternoon and welcome to Eurosport's LIVE Premier League matchcast as old rivals Manchester United and Liverpool collide at Old Trafford. Team news will follow very shortly!
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  1. Nvm

    From Jason, on Thu 31 Oct 17:56
  2. We didn't play that well but kept going. Salford­ were haing on for a good 25 mins, that's hanging­ on, not containing us, this isn't something­ you'd expect from a team at the top of the prem and­ aiming to claim their right as "champions". ­ A flattering position for them I think.

    From MICHAEL, on Sat 19 Jan 17:54
  3. The Red Steam-roller crushed up every things on his­ way. His old and exhausted Man Driver has woken up on­ the end, because, he is going to retire on a pension­ and to give up the Wheel to Pep Guardiola!

    From Bogben, on Wed 16 Jan 10:07
  4. soz gearoid that last comment should have read 624

    From Chris, on Tue 15 Jan 15:30
  5. 625..seems like you know more about sucking dingalings­ than football,maybe its best you stick at what your­ best at

    From Chris, on Tue 15 Jan 15:27
  6. Funny to hear Istina Boli saying that Webb favoured­ United when Wisdow clearly shoved Kagawa from behind in­ the penalty box. That should have been a sending off­ for denying a goal scoring opportunity and a penalty.­ In the same incident he let Liverpool play on with­ their keeper injured but as soon as United won the ball­ back he blew up for the injury. If anyone thinks­ Howard Webb has contributed anything to United's­ points tally remember, that's only the second time­ he's reffed United in the league. The other time­ was in Newcastle where United played them off the park.­ In this game he favoured Liverpool in every decision.­ You have nothing to complain about.

    From Vidic wasn't offside, on Tue 15 Jan 13:01
  7. Liverpool fans are lucky that United played­ Fergie's bum-boy Welbeck. Had he played Hernandez­ you scousers would of been slaughtered. Welbeck must be­ sucking Fergie's shrunken ding a ling, for him to­ be continually on the start-up side. Come back Rooney,­ dump Welbeck and let him such Mancini's ding a­ ling.

    From David, on Tue 15 Jan 3:00
  8. united should have been 3 up by half time welbeck had a­ great game gave scouse midfield no peace at all and ran­ his socks off,johnson should have been sent off kagawa­ should have had a pen.liverpool looked really­ threatening when sturridge came on,scousers should­ enjoy suarez while they can cause he aint going to be­ in liverpool next season,i'de bet on 2 1 but it was­ touch and go in last 20 mins

    From Chris, on Mon 14 Jan 22:32
  9. danny welbeck had an excelent game,he's a different­ type of player than chicarito,he was given a job to do­ and disrupt the scouse midfield,he ran his socks off­ and did just that.

    From Chris, on Mon 14 Jan 22:09
  10. you mean to tell me the welbeck is a better footballer­ than chicharito??? badbeck was in the game 90min but­ actually only played 10min. chicharito you need to grow­ some balls and ask to get traded, Im sure Spain or­ Italy will be more than happy to have you. GROW SOME­ BALLS

    From Mass F, on Mon 14 Jan 20:12
  11. why welbeck why but now i dont give a #$%$ cuz we won­ lol

    From Adam, on Mon 14 Jan 18:34
  12. good sec half but again one week link downing get rid­ of him or just dont play him he has one good game and­ everv one thinks hes great he is #$%$ sell him on

    From MERVYN, on Mon 14 Jan 13:24
  13. 618: finally a Liverpool fan saying it as it is,­ although I dont agree Saurez would score 50 + at­ united.I am not going to say I am an expert on the lad­ as I havent watched him much but from what I have seen­ he seems a very greedy player that woudl get on better­ on his own like a defoe.

    From Christopher, on Mon 14 Jan 13:00
  14. It breaks my heart to admit it but Manure were the much­ better team and Yes probably deserved to win.­ Unfortunately we don't have a Quality 11 to play in­ these matches. Our midfield is a shambles - Lucas -­ still not fit, but definitely not good enough and­ Allen, way, way out of his depth. We have Suarez who in­ a manure team would score 50 plus goals a season, gets­ played up top on his own with the useless Downing and­ the very weak Sterling in support help out. He actually­ had no chance and the more this happens the quicker­ we'll drive him away. Sturridge came on and was­ twice as sharp as any of them. I will back Brendan­ Rodgers to get it right, but time is running out and­ the more games he plays with Downing, Allen and­ Sterling the wider the door is opening. The plan­ Rodgers had when he came and the 200 page document­ which he created on how to win the league - doesn't­ work.

    From chicolew, on Mon 14 Jan 12:10
  15. if utd were paying the ref agger would have been sent­ off 3 times in that game the dirty c%nt. ive never seen­ a player so sly an dirty as him an he gets away with­ it every game. an where was suarez was he on the pitch­ ha ha

    From Craig, on Mon 14 Jan 11:33
  16. not sure there is anyone more bitter in this world than­ a Liverpool fan after getting beaten by united again.

    From Christopher, on Mon 14 Jan 11:29
  17. SUPERMAN Next season , we bags Webb and Clattenburg­ for Liverpool , so that no Mancaster clubs can'­ bribe and seduce ' the refs. , irrespective of how­ much is being offered by the TWO ................its­ preposterous how , whenever the big clubs play in big­ matches we seem to get the refs.who are '­ highlighted with bad , prejudiced and obvious wrong­ decisions ' ................why they don't ref.­ Southampton v QPR or Aston Villa v Wigan­ ......where there is nothing at­ stake.......................BIG GAMES FOR BIG MEN WITH ­ BIG EGO'S AND BIG APPETITES TO SATISFY?

    From Stanislaw, on Mon 14 Jan 10:10
  18. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Welbeck is just a #$%$ and a piece of #$%$ !! United­ fans hate him

    From Pierre, on Mon 14 Jan 7:54
  19. now we are going to take the shield with fresh???????

    From Robert, on Mon 14 Jan 7:13
  20. I keep wondering what excuse Liverpool and other fans­ have when they lose against other teams than united­ other than "the ref has been bribed". I also­ wonder what excuse Liverpool fans have for their­ supposed big club being a whole 24 points behind Manu­ already!!! I suppose thats Webbs fault as well. at this­ rate they will be over 50 points behind at the end of­ the season. Liverpool have apparently been in­ transition for over 20 years now and only once come­ close to winning the league.. manu and others have also­ been in transition in that time also and have­ challenged or won it .. strange that !!

    From robert, on Mon 14 Jan 6:29
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